Christmas Pressies!

Had my very first try on 擂茶饭 and I actually love it!!! Okay technically, I did not eat 擂茶饭 because I had a sip of the soup and it tasted horrible, so I refused to put any into the rice, but I like the rice on its own! Super nice and perfect when topped with my favourite eggplant 😀
 photo 20141216_142501_zpsa7d9f259.jpg

 photo IMG_20141221_102857_zps269d5c1d.jpg

Pressie from Bee Pooh!

 photo 20141217_135012_zps3f601c1b.jpg

Eggplant again! ((:

 photo IMG_20141217_142749_zps296ff45a.jpg

Ping’s room just became our favourite place!
Hello massage chair~!!!

 photo 20141217_195007_zps7a8a7d23.jpg

Pressie from Eric~

Caught Stand By Me with the Mr., who is also a great fan of Doraemon~ I seldom pay to watch cartoon, but it turned out that it’s not exactly cartoon but more of 3D, and the Doraemon just looks super duper cuteeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

 photo 20141218_155500_zpscc79fb6f.jpg

My new toy at work – a humidifier! 😀

Impromptu movie date – Hobbit! Hmmmm…although I don’t quite remember the story, I remember the prequel was much more exciting~

 photo IMG_20141218_145603_zps59245376.jpg

The 2-hour lunch with Ms. Producer~
We found a new love – Milk & Honey yogurt!!!

Christmas meetup with Kai Bin & co and this year, instead of the usual goodie bags and chocolates (though I still gave them because I love packing goodie bags! :D), we decided to have a proper gift exchange! With the assistance of Kai Bin’s sister, we “drew” lots and were assigned our elf (the person to buy present for) and it’s meant as a secret till the day of gift exchange! (:

Chii Hian was my Santa and I received a box of Beauty Diary facial masks (topped by with Pocky) from her! You know, she actually let out a big sigh beside me the other day upon receiving the message from Kai Bin’s sister, telling her her elf, and it turned out to be me -.- I thought I’m quite easy for presents, why the big sigh?! Hahaha!
 photo IMG-20141218-WA0023_zps80aad46f.jpg

My elf was Kai Bin and we all kinda agree that she’s one of the toughest to buy present for! Because all the stuff she will want or need are usually over the budget! But I still got her something from the Bodyshop which I think is useful…hehe.
 photo IMG-20141218-WA0025_zps1f5aba3c.jpg

 photo IMG-20141218-WA0022_zpsfff6d02d.jpg

Kai Bin with her elf – Limin!

 photo IMG-20141218-WA0027_zpsfcfdfb05.jpg

Limin with her elf – Shuning!

 photo IMG-20141218-WA0019_zps7e0a00b7.jpg

Chii Hian with gift from her missing Santa aka Shuning’s elf – Abby!

Went to queue for llao llao again but this time it only took us like 10 minutes! It’s my second yogurt of the day by the way! Seriously crazy over them!
 photo 20141218_215353_zps13435be2.jpg

After the dinner and dessert, we walked down from PS to Somerset so that Chii Hian has her chance to cam-whore~ Well, of course I borrowed the chance to cam-whore too 😛
 photo 20141218_224059_zpsf50dd127.jpg

 photo 20141218_224352_zps77e9decf.jpg

❤ this! 😀

 photo IMG-20141225-WA0004_zps19ca8291.jpg

Pushcart girls!

 photo IMG-20141225-WA0016_zpsddcf7dc6.jpg

Our cozy swing!

 photo IMG-20141225-WA0009_zpsbf437ddd.jpg

Group photo!

 photo IMG-20141225-WA0010_zps1eddc9e6.jpg

The new Mona Lisa!

I was telling them that Mona Lisa doesn’t smile but I guess I made her look too scary this way…HAHAHA!
 photo IMG-20141225-WA0013_zpsd0d7982e.jpg

 photo IMG-20141225-WA0014_zps1f1e232a.jpg

With my artist!

 photo IMG-20141225-WA0017_zps923d07c5.jpg

Teddy world~!

 photo 20141218_224951_zps735ee807.jpg

Flower girls!

 photo IMG-20141225-WA0002_zpsbdd13cc4.jpg

Surrounded by pretty flowers and 2 photobombers!

 photo 20141218_224921_zps7f536387.jpg

❤ sunflowers!!!

 photo 20141218_224906_zps007e5a6d.jpg

Photo-bombed -.-“

 photo 20141218_230524_zps2c504424.jpg

Welcome to my shop~!

 photo IMG-20141225-WA0003_zpsd4d92c0e.jpg

With the cute Disney characters!

Then yours truly came up with this crazy idea of making this cute video and although it was damn embarrassing having this angmoh guy recording it for us, I think we all had a fun time…HAHAHAHA! So funny when Limin started asking when are we going to stop…LOL! Couldn’t stopped laughing after that!!!

 photo IMG-20141225-WA0006_zps4dbb8774.jpg


 photo IMG-20141225-WA0007_zps6f6f5fa0.jpg


 photo IMG-20141225-WA0008_zps22cf3438.jpg

It’s easy to guess which shoe is mine! Haha!

 photo IMG-20141225-WA0005_zps962250c8.jpg

Merry Christmas everyone!!! 😀

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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