TH Camp 2014!

It’s my 7th year in MINDS but it’s actually my very first time to join their camp! Okay reason being, when I first joined, Yinning mentioned that the volunteers gotta shower the residents during the camps, and I wasn’t comfortable doing so, that’s why I had been avoiding it.

It’s only this year that I confessed and voiced out my concern that I got to know that we actually didn’t have to! Most residents can do it on their own and only a few will need help, but I don’t have to do it if I’m not comfortable with it!

Yea so to make it up for my absence for the past years, I had tried to contribute as much as possible to the camp. Found sponsor for our dinner, planned some activities, helped out as the food team and etc. I was actually never really free at all! Which explains why I did not have time to take photos of many parts~

As our camp theme is superhero, PIC 1 started off the camp with a skit and that’s the Captain and Private giving orders to the superheroes to set off to our camp location – Fernvale! xD
 photo 20141220_090249_zps232b46ea.jpg

The first activity at Fernvale was of course for the superheroes to identify their Superhero group and make their identifiers – wrist bands with respective superhero logo!

 photo 20141220_103427_zpsb384062c.jpg

Artist at work~
Drawing Superman???

Missed part of the programme of PIC 1 because it was soon time for me to go get lunch with the rest of the food team~ We had like 60 over packs of lunch to buy! On top of that, we had to take note of food requests like Halal, vegetarian, allergies and etc~

After lunch, it was time for PIC 2 to take over the programme and instead of holding the activities at Fernvale, they had decided to get the residents out to Punggol Waterway! So we hold the heavy responsibilities of bringing the residents to take LRTs and MRT; had to like change to 3 different trains before we could finally reach the place @.@

But I guess we all preferred to have stayed in the trains the moment we stepped out… Cause it was scorching HOTTTTTTTTTT out there!!! The kind of heat that you can really get a heatstroke!

 photo 20141220_144740copy_zps3044c1a0.jpg

One of our cutest residents sheltering our vice-chair! xD

 photo 20141220_150514_zps93076d18.jpg

First station: Spiderweb obstacle course!

The idea is to get through the webs without touching the strings! Challenging much!
 photo 20141220_150519_zps57e48509.jpg

 photo 20141220_145541_zpsedd13cd2.jpg

Walking under the dark clouds + super hot weather~

And then during our third or fourth station, it started drizzling! But on a brighter note, we managed to catch this real beautiful double-rainbow!!! (One in the sky and one above the water)
 photo 20141220_155211_zpsd0801c8e.jpg

I seldom see rainbows because like what Ping would say, I am just not an observant person~ So I am extra happy to not only spot 1 but 2 at the same time! Such a beautiful one some more!!! Genuinely hope that that’s a sign that next year’s gonna be a really good one for me (((((:
 photo 20141220_155223_zpse061b258.jpg

Went back earlier with the other PIC 3 members because we had to take over the programmes after dinner and there were lots of stuff to prepare. My energy was definitely running low due to 4 hours of sleep and all the walking under the hot sun, but I had to keep going because it’s not even our programme yet!

Had to prepare our individual station games, set up the Christmas tree, prepare for lucky draw, prepare the costumes and etc and etc! Basically running around and up and down the stairs the whole time~ My legs were seriously 酸 at the end of the day! Hahaha!

 photo 20141220_221258_zps65c94ba1.jpg

Christmas tree’s up!

As a result of the preparation, I couldn’t help out the food team for the dinner and also missed out on thanking the super kind boss of Kao Gong Fu personally for the sponsorship! The skinny guy with specs on the left is the kind boss – Mr Tan, who readily agreed on sponsoring us when I first approached him
 photo IMG-20141220-WA0011_zps55882b9c.jpg

And they even added 10 packets extra in case we didn’t have enough! Really thoughtful of them!!!
 photo 20141220_183609_zps9bcb8c5e.jpg

What I missed out more was that they actually prepared this HUGE bag of goodie bags specially for the residents! I didn’t know about it at all because I was too busy to check on my Whatsapp, but when I saw this huge bag in the canteen, I told the volunteers “I wanna cry already!” I am really so touched by their kindness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 photo 20141220_204302_zps575a795a.jpg

LOOK HOW HUGE IT IS!!! OMGGGGGG~ 世界上原来真的还有好人的!!!((((((:
 photo 20141220_204327_zps43dadbef.jpg

I really don’t know how I can thank them and even though we had patronised once, I still think it’s not enough!!! So I can only use my humble blog to spread some words that if any of you is looking for a place for gatherings or dinner, do support Kao Gong Fu 烤功夫 at Bugis! Their food are really nice by the way!!!

 470 North Bridge Road #01-02

470 North Bridge Road #01-02 (TopOne KTV that building!)

So moving on the our programme, I had to use the dinner time to brief my 2 station helpers and the individual group leaders for the programmes later because our PIC head aka group leader is not here! Then there were last minute hiccup to take care of like we didn’t expect the playground area to be so dark at night and we had to light up tea lights at the very last minute x.x

But eventually, everything still went pretty well and I’m thankful that I got 2 helpers from PIC4 to help me run my 2 stations, if not I would be still busy running around! Now I only have to take care of 1 station which is also my first – Superheroes Code!
 photo 20141220_195025_zps5e725ad1.jpg

Inspired by our Freeing SG trip, I think my games are a bit more intellectual, testing them on their identifying skill, forming puzzle skill and Mathematics skill! Basically they had to decode my first puzzle to get the answer to their next location, then piece out a jigsaw puzzle there which reveals the last location, where they gotta solve some simple Math questions to unlock the padlock for their “treasure” – their superhero costumes! 😀

Finally had time for a few mouthfuls of dinner after the last group left my station~
 photo 20141220_204452_zps8567cf61.jpg

Then had to rush up to the hall again to prepare for the fashion parade! (I can’t post Superman because they do not have masks and we are not allowed to reveal the residents’ faces.)

 photo 20141220_211627_zps3e40c0c1.jpg


 photo 20141220_211921_zpsd9f29a1a.jpg


 photo 20141220_212049_zps778b0aab.jpg


After the parade, it was time to prepare for lucky draw! It’s actually for us to give the residents’ their individual Christmas present but we just made it into like a lucky draw this year 😀

 photo 20141220_211211_zps167b8a67.jpg

The sleepy Santa Claus who even stuffed a sleeping bag later to fake a belly! xD

Right after lucky draw, it was cake-cutting! We had so many log cakes this year!!!
 photo 20141220_213959_zpsaf01bea8.jpg

 photo 20141220_214007_zps0f6aa716.jpg

3 bought from Qoo10!

 photo 20141220_214018_zps0c24a20e.jpg

2 baked by a volunteer!

And last but not least, it was the residents’ long-awaited disco night!!! They loveeeee this part because they totally love to dance! I also love this part because this is when I finally got to sit down and rest!!! LOL.
 photo 20141220_220851_zpsd2335873.jpg

 photo 20141220_220849_zps688eed74.jpg

They just won’t get tired of dancing, really.

Then finally, it was the end of the night, which means end of PIC 3 programmes! I did not stay overnight because I was way too tired. But I suddenly felt a huge relief like an important task has finally been accomplished! I think it’s because I had been worrying and also busy preparing for the programmes and now that it’s over, I felt that I could finally rest my mind and body~ But of course I had fun throughout this whole journey and was happy that I joined this time! ((:

 photo 20141220_221155_zps4ff5992c.jpg

Shower time~!

 photo 10862602_10152877680371276_3974999252638409826_o_zpscfbaf630.jpg


(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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