Celebrations! (:

Started the Monday morning with a mad rush after getting a belated cake for Cheryl! Felt mad guilty that I actually missed this girl’s birthday and I personally don’t like belated celebrations, yet that’s the only way we could make it up for her x.x

At least she was surprised!!!
 photo 20141222_134110_zps0e9a4036.jpg

 photo 20141222_134119_zpseb716eaf.jpg

Paiseh + surprised xD

 photo 20141222_134147_zpsc6cfdc11.jpg

Happy Birthday, favourite girl! 😀

 photo 20141222_134201_zps6a1da556.jpg

Birthdate with handsome Aloysius (in background)…hahaha!

 photo 20141222_134323_zps2678819a.jpg

Dessert before lunch…hehehehe~

 photo IMG_20141222_142259_zpsa4a9c4cd.jpg

Early Christmas gift @ work! 😀

Officially my last week with Ladies Night because the drama side needs me more~ Even though I was complaining about taking on variety again and how much I would miss the flexibility of drama, I am not entirely looking forward now.

It’s gonna be a war zone at drama side without Ping, furthermore after these 2 months, I have grown to like Ladies Night for its humour and tips. Of course the producers and all too, but now I have to give up on this so-called “my project“, definitely kinda 舍不得~

But anyway, I am also worried for drama at the same time and I do believe that my presence is much needed there. I just hope I can do a good job since honestly, I think I am still more suited for variety than drama =/

Gonna be a tough fight! But I will have him with me every day to fight with me ❤_❤
 photo IMG_20141223_091441_zpsf565948f.jpg

 photo 20141223_081811_zps8ee465c5.jpg

Favourite milk to start the day!!! ❤

Breakfast from Ping because she knows I had been coming in early that week to rush Ladies Night and most likely did not have time to get breakfast! ❤❤❤

 photo IMG_20141223_102706_zps6b49e64b.jpg

How do I live without you~ When you go on maternity leave~~~

 photo IMG_20141224_095323_zps1b4b770e.jpg

First Christmas eve surprise from dearest colleague! 😀

 photo 20141225_114241_zps4dfd716d.jpg

The most sincere Christmas gift – hand-drawn bag by Ping! xD

While I was rushing my project, colleague suddenly came in and said, “We are going for a company Christmas lunch. Leaving in 5 minutes’ time.Fainttttttt~ So I went around informing the rest and everyone was as shocked as me, except the preggie who went, “Yayyyyyyy~!!!!” And then her next question to boss was, “Don’t have to bring wallet right?” LOL.

Christmas lunch was held at the same place where we had our reunion dinner last year~ But we girls decided to go for the set lunch instead of the buffet which is close to $70 per head!!! Super boh hua! I know we don’t have to pay a single cent, but somehow we just couldn’t bear to spend such money! =O
 photo 20141224_124700_zps485ce90d.jpg

Anyway we were very satisfied with our set lunch, and we think they look better than the buffet food! Hehe! (Yes I confess that I ate few slices of sashimi, but just a fewwww >.<)
 photo 20141224_122245_zps51d194d1.jpg

 photo 20141224_133310_zps178f116c.jpg

Post side group photo~! 😀

Get to choose my Christmas dinner this year and since I didn’t want it to be an overly expensive meal, plus knowing that everywhere’s gonna be crowded, I chose what I was craving for instead – my favourite Portobello Mushroom Burger! ❤
 photo 20141224_195859_zps2c3ba601.jpg

Forgot to take picture of the drinks and side dish, but it was such a good and happy meal ((:
Wanted to chill out at the beach with my Moscato but I was scared of the roaches at the same time! Ultimate contradiction 😆 But actually the venue doesn’t matter much, I still had a Merry Christmas~!!!

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)Aries


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