Everyday Is Christmas ((:

 photo IMG_20141225_191521_zps48eaa351.jpg

Christmas Day~

This kinda reminded me years ago when I told WJ I’m feeling sad and I need to eat ice to “numb my heart“. (That was before we were together by the way~) Now that I think back, shouldn’t ice-cream be linked with happiness instead of sadness??? Why is it opposite for me? Hmmmmm.

 photo 20141226_212622_zps681b4c5a.jpg

Friday night @ Ah Chew Dessert!
Still can’t find any 炖奶 comparable with Hong Kong’s!!! D:

 photo 20141227_102440_zps0a9f4234.jpg

No prata but at least there’s nice Penang laksa! 😀

One of my happiest Saturdays ever, I must say ((:
Snow; sky train; lots of memories! I guess I was really being brought to wonderland! Hehe!
 photo 20141227_110240_zpsedc92999.jpg

 photo 20141227_110803_zpse42ff1f1.jpg


 photo 20141227_110425_zpsee529ba2.jpg

To make up for Christmas! ❤

 photo 20141227_110344_zps3db14416.jpg

Really happy to be there!!!

 photo 20141227_111502_zpsdfe6754e.jpg


 photo 20141227_114008_zps90a5fa23.jpg

我也真的真的很开心 ((((:

 photo 20141227_150521_zpsa556fdec.jpg

Transforming to Vietnamese again?

 photo 20141227_150540_zpsab734f52.jpg

耕田 time~! xD

 photo 20141227_150552_zps6ea76fd2.jpg


 photo 20141227_150642_zps3a4644e4.jpg

Having fun! 😀

Off for K with the volunteers~! Really a fun-filled day packed from morning all the way till night! Too bad I was only left with limited time to sing by the time I reached~ It’s been so long since I last sang K!

 photo 20141227_203930_zps9f7ded42.jpg

Manhattan Fish Market!

 photo 20141227_223711_zps1c10e30d.jpg

Ah Chew Dessert again and I got to try my durian mango dessert this time! Hehe!

Lots of gossiping and confessions, making us know each other better now…haha~  Though there were some awkward moments as well…hmmmmm. Well anyway, overall it was still a happy outing! (:
 photo IMG-20141228-WA0004_zps876b1c3e.jpg

 photo IMG-20141228-WA0010_zps96dadb4a.jpg

Felt like I made many new friends in a day!

 photo 20141228_133358_zpsf130a58d.jpg

Christmas pressie from Sissy! ❤

Achievement of the day: First time spending solo time with the loveboy without the presence of Sis or Vic around! Achievement as in his achievement because I thought the sticky boy would cry and all when Sis left him here to play while she went to run some errands, but he did not!!!

He did ask about why she’s taking so long and all, but he was still happily playing (and eating) most of the time…hahaha! Looking forward to bringing him out on a solo date some day! ❤_❤

 photo 20141228_125100_zps3c28639c.jpg

Happily carrying the banana around…ROFL!

(via littlemisscomplicated.tumblr)

(via littlemisscomplicated.tumblr)


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