2014 may seemed like another fast year that just passed by like that, yet a lot had actually happened. I wouldn’t say that it had been a good year – the “a lot that happened” may not have caused a major difference in my life, but they have definitely put me through a lot of testing, thinking and learning.

Apart from fulfilling my resolution of finally getting my license, there was also not one major thing that happened; just bits and pieces of this and that. But they had still affected me and leading to one thing or another.

So I hope 2015 will have a major difference – a major difference from the past few years. The major difference may be caused by a piece of good news, or it may be bad; it may be an end to something, or it may be a good start to another thing. But either way, I just want it to be different this time. Instead of hoping each year that it will be an awesome year, I wanna like make 2015 awesome instead.

So starting with my first new year resolution: To really fulfill my wish of a Europe trip within the next half year! And I usually make my resolutions come true (:

Another resolution is to be more 坚强, yes, more 坚强 and independent than now, because it may be a tough year ahead. Nevertheless, to make a difference, there is bound to be sacrifices or things that you gotta pull through. So with that, I need to be stronger, more courageous and more determined; less 哭包。

I’m gonna learn to take up more responsibilities too, in terms of work and commitments outside. I’m gonna learn to be a better person than the past 25 years. I’m gonna keep myself even busier and live life to even fuller. I’m gonna make 2015 a memorable year this time! 😀

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My last regular Tumblr post.
(via thezodiaccity.com)


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