Last of 2014!

The last week of 2014 was pretty good~ Apart from having to deal with despicable people (just can’t stand seeing my colleague getting bullied!!!), it was pretty much a pleasant week! I’m glad that I have grown from the one who used to be defended to someone who’s able to defend others now (:

Joined Kai Bin & Co for desserts after their dinner at Holland V and we attempted to fulfill Abby’s wish of checking out Sunday Folks before she flies back to UK! A pity it was already super crowded by the time we reached and we could only get ice-creams and cake for takeaways 😦 Could only drool at others’ waffles…boohoooo~

But at least we still managed to try the interesting ice-cream which has different toppings like llao llao!
 photo 20141230_211755_zps0e13e257.jpg

 photo 20141230_204800_zps4eb35370.jpg

Looks damn yummy, isn’t it?!

 photo IMG_20141230_211516_zps25475dab.jpg

Summer Strawberry & signature Salted Caramel Gula Melaka!
Still prefer strawberry…hehe~

As usual, we stood at the station to chit-chat for like more than an hour! And then we came up with the idea of doing this Before & After thing for Chii Hian! Hahaha! Don’t you seriously think she looks much much much better now with the bag that we chose for her and the top that she got when shopping with us?! xD
 photo CH_zpsaa77b194.jpg

 photo IMG-20141231-WA0007_zps411849e9.jpg

Gift from client~

 photo 20141231_194412_zps1d254b9f.jpg

First 爱心 meal! Finally (((:

 photo 20141231_202026_zps9d181d31.jpg

My Mahjong khaki!

 photo 20141231_201852_zps1d55c323.jpg

Because 三缺一! xD

I know right! When was the last time you hear me playing Mahjong?! I actually like to play but clique wouldn’t wanna play with me cause I am too slow D:

So glad that I finally got a chance to “practise“! Hehe! Even though I lost, it was still a happy loss and I also won a few times! That makes me happy liao~

 photo 20141231_202031_zpsc0b4119c.jpg

Serious game~

Had a surprisingly happy New Year’s Eve this year! 😀 I had never really looked forward to NYE in the past because from the first time I can recall “celebrating” NYE, look how I spent them:
2009 – Spent it clubbing.
2010 – It was a failed BBQ with the coven (failed because we did not book a pit…Zzzzz) and I spent 12am alone buying Yakult.
2011 – Spent it at home because stuff happened.
2012 – Spent it working with Mommeyyyyyyyy at the bar because I didn’t want another sad NYE.
2013 – A teary NYE because stuff happened and I think I ended up spending it with Trinity + alcohol.

Yea so I guess this year is really like one of the best NYE I had so far! Though there was no major celebration or any of that sort, I got to spend it with the people I love and that’s enough for me ((:

 photo 20141231_201544_zps5c1594af.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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