When West Meets East

First day of 2015 – Finally tried something I had been wanting to try!
 photo 20150101_190109_zpsb56443db.jpg

Looks damn damn damn yummy right! ♡_♡
Reiko used to buy it occasionally and I will be like drooling at it~ But because usually she gets it after lunch, I am always too full to try!
 photo 20150101_190053_zpsbba904ef.jpg

 photo IMG_20150102_1020471_zps70c0d5e3.jpg

Ladies Nite AP’s Starbucks treat & my otah bread as breakfast! 😀

Had a simple and happy Saturday again starting with filling the hungry tummy! Suggested to visit the new Seletar Mall because I had not have the chance to check it out yet, and my suggestion was approved! Hehe! It’s been so long since the last gai gai session and even though I did not buy anything, I still like to explore and walk around ((:

Then I had my first “breakthrough” for 2015 – getting on the wheels after 8 months!!! It’s my very very first time driving after I had officially passed and no doubt I was mad nervous! Even though it was just for a really short distance, my heart was pounding like mad and continued to even after I got back into my very safe passenger seat!

But ironically, I am actually quite happy to be on the wheels again! I do like to drive but just find it stressful. Surprisingly I still remember the steps and all~ Unbelievable! I guess sometimes I just need a little push to do something that I actually wanna do but lacks the courage. And sometimes, the person who gives you the courage may also be the one who instills your fear…hahahaha! But thank you for always giving me the courage! 😀

Went for the usual 2-hour dance before embarking on my journey to the west! Thank god for circle line, if not I will really, really, really hate to travel to this ulu pandan part of Singapore! Jurong just feels so foreign to me and just getting from Jurong West to Jurong East actually took me like 40 minutes!!! But all’s worthwhile for Auntie Nancy~
 photo 20150103_210236_zpsbd1cbfcc.jpg

For those who have read my blog for years, you may remember her as the auntie at my Chingay whom I always described as very “auntie“~ She also joined me for NDP last year but unfortunately, she got a stroke shortly after that and I only learned about it recently 😦

She’s really, really sad that she couldn’t join Chingay this year as she has been joining for the past at least 10 years and this is her first time missing it! Can totally understand her feeling because I can’t imagine not being able to perform one day too! It’s like you’re forced to let go of your passion…

Visited her at her house and chit-chatted with her, giving endless encouragement because I really wanna see that crazy and confident very “auntie” Auntie Nancy again! I really hope I can at least fulfill her wish of getting her to watch us perform so that at least she can still be part of us, but just as an audience this year.

Glad to know that she’s recovering bit by bit though. At least her face is no longer drooped to one side like initially and she can speak without slurring now. She’s still wheelchair-bounded but I hope she will get well SOON SOON SOON and join us next year!!! 😀

Roamed around Westgate since it’s not often that I will be at that area and then I happened to see llao llao (opening soon) on the store directory! I don’t know why I itchy backside and went to check if it’s opened -.- And it really has!!! Ended up queuing about 30-40 minutes for it on my own…gosh~ I must be crazy!
 photo 20150103_215119_zps96b454ba.jpg

But there’s really nothing else my hungry tummy felt like eating except this! >.<
 photo 20150103_220611_zps98392562.jpg

And how can you resist this?!?! ♡_♡
 photo 20150103_220552_zps0a15c68f.jpg

Finally went back to rest and prepare for the next day’s journey to the east! Starting with a good (and sinful) meal at IKEA!!! 😀 Finally, finally satisfied my craving! They should really open another IKEA in the central! Booooo~
 photo 20150104_143248_zps73ce3366.jpg

After so much fats, it was time to work them off! But it was mad mad mad HOT that we almost wanna drop the idea~ I actually wanted to play badminton more, but it’s quite impossible to get a court at the last minute, so went ahead with our cycling plan eventually!

The little one suggested cycling out of the park to Marina Barrage area and although I don’t feel safe on the road, I always don’t mind exploring and having a “breakthrough“, like she called it. But we ended up nowhere near Marina Barrage…LOL.

 photo 20150104_174148-1_zps27de537d.jpg

Hello! Where is this?!?!

And after much Google-mapping, aimless cycling, lots of pushing and carrying the bikes around steps and busy roads, banging, bruising and dashing, we ended up at the new stadium! I didn’t even know where we were until I was like, “I’ve been here before!” Cause it looks a bit different in the day without the lit-up bridge…hehe~

Spent like more than 1.5 hours to get here, even though Lyn first said we will reach barrage in just 45 minutes -_-|||
 photo 20150104_183748_zps0a4ccd90.jpg

I was quite drained of energy after all the bike-carrying and since we only rented the bike for 3 hours, I figured that we will need time to get back as well, so we decided to just take a break (and cam-whore) before heading back~

 photo 20150104_184424_zps1b91dc42.jpg

Have a break, have a stick!

 photo 20150104_184428_zps43ab2c59.jpg

The only sticks that we smoke xD

 photo 20150104_1845350_zpsce44d041.jpg

那些年,我们一起 REBEL~

 photo IMG-20150105-WA0008_zpsa168dc75.jpg

With the scenery!

 photo IMG-20150105-WA0016_zpsf7402f5f.jpg
 photo IMG-20150105-WA0015_zpsd318cb76.jpg

 photo IMG-20150105-WA0013_zps15e035c4.jpg

Messing around! xD

 photo IMG-20150105-WA0011_zpsbb6bf21f.jpg
 photo IMG-20150105-WA0014_zpsb9ccfc8e.jpg

And guess what, it only took us like 15-20 minutes to get back in the end! Cause we actually made a BIGGGG detour to get to the stadium when we could have taken a much shorter route -_- Thanks to Google Map! And thanks for being too adventurous without any preparation~ Hahaha! I guess we all had a good workout!

 photo 20150104_193024_zps26da6ecf.jpg

Sunset (:

 photo 20150104_212017_zpsdc516174.jpg

Unplanned dessert after dinner!

 photo 20150104_211147_zps4e5f6de0.jpg

Wanna try this cute bee ice-cream one day!!! 😀


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