Yinning’s 26th!

Officially started on drama and giving my 100% time and attention to it till the project ends~ It’s really gonna be a tough January because we’ve got so much to clear and directors are coming in in less than a month’s time! @.@

 photo IMG_20150102_1938321_zps18d5bcf2.jpg

Hello friends!

 photo IMG_20150105_150432_zps6b7fdf18.jpg

Love this Christmas gift from Cheryl!
Love the words even more!!!

And PPGs finally, finally, finally met up! We kept postponing our gift exchange and it’s all the way till Christmas is over now 😦 But still always a joy to meet my favourite girls!

Took this chance to celebrate Yinning’s birthday in advance too! Always the first to turn 1 year older  amongst us~ And every year I’ll be saying – I’m so not looking forward to mine x.x

 photo 20150106_213400_zpsa73020fc.jpg

Wish we are really just 20!

 photo 20150106_213500_zps837f62d1.jpg

Happy birthday, friend of more than 15 years! 😀

 photo 20150106_213614_zps23bbc35f.jpg

Her wish isn’t to get married soon, but for her brother to get married (and move out) soon…LOL!

 photo 20150106_213736_zpsdea20dbe.jpg

Our pretty “lawyer” friend cutting cake!

 photo 20150106_224623_zpsd7caab64.jpg

Candid shot also so pretty! Like some angmoh model~

Then we finally had our long-awaited gift exchange! 😀 We played Santa & Elf (aka Secret Santa) as well this year and the website we used to pick our elf even has got the wishlist function! That makes us able to get more practical stuff for our elf! (:

Nad Nad was Xiao Qian’s Santa! She got almost everything on her wishlist – mouse pad and light-weight umbrella! 😀
 photo IMG-20150112-WA0020_zpsc910e6ec.jpg

I also got 3 out of 4 items from my wishlist from my Santa – Xiao Qian! 😀 Finally got my selfie-stick, beanie and USB port! All that I needed and wanted! Hehe!
 photo IMG-20150112-WA0019_zpsb9e9949b.jpg

I was so ecstatic about my gifts that I didn’t bother about giving my elf her gift anymore! She gotta self-service and take it from me on her own while I was obsessed with the selfie stick! LOL! But ta-duh~! Here is my elf with her requested purple bedsheet! 😀 She got everything from her wishlist eventually because we bought the rest as her birthday present! Lucky girl! Haha!
 photo IMG-20150109-WA0008_zpsda6fc2e1.jpg

Last but not least, Yinning’s elf – Nadine, who got her atas fluffy towel fulfilled! 😀
 photo IMG-20150109-WA0009_zpsbafa3568.jpg

Excited me giving the selfie stick a try! xD
 photo 20150106_225009_zps2f0d1bc8.jpg
 photo 20150106_225019_zps4a1a03ee.jpg

With Nad Nad’s wide-shot camera!
 photo IMG-20150109-WA0012_zpsa0cca3b3.jpg

 photo 20150108_152942_zps435f0182.jpg

Starbucks 1-for-1 day!

But also a tragic day because it started raining so damn heavily that even after chilling awhile in Starbucks, the rain didn’t seem to get smaller. So we braced through it to deliver the drink back to Ally and halfway, the paperbag broke! –CRY!!!!!

Super 狼狈 because my shoes were soaked with rain water and I was stupidly carrying this broken bag back since I didn’t have extra hand to throw it away x.x
 photo 20150108_160925_zpse2b2e6a0.jpg

But actually it wasn’t a bad week. At least it ended on a happy note! So stay tuned! (:


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