Pushed back my Sunday JB plan because le loveboy is coming over! The recent photo of me carrying Ping’s baby got him really jealous that he sent me a voice note the previous night saying, “为什么 Yiyi 不要 love Isaac, 要 love 那个 baby? Why why why? Yiyi 抱 Isaac, 不要抱那个 baby.” Hahaha!!!

Wish I could upload the voice note here and share with you guys! So much love from the possessiveness ❤_❤

Me: Isaac 没有 keep the toys after playing, 没有乖,Yiyi 不要 love Isaac 了,要 love 别的 baby~

Isaac: Isaac 要 Yiyi love Isaac pleaseeeeeeee~~~~~~~

Like begging for love…HAHAHAHA!

 photo IMG_20131111_083014_zps6295eae3.jpg

Off for my curry fish head! 😀

Shopped from City Square to KSL and although I did not have that much 收获,I still spent more than half of my money! That’s the thing about JB – everything’s so cheap but somehow you don’t know where your money end up in x.x

 photo 20150113_173525_zpsd167f776.jpg

Weekend’s over! Back to work!!!
First time taking round 1; first time doing the first episode =/

 photo 20150113_135501_zps36bd1b7d.jpg

Found another new good lunch! 😀

Although I have officially washed my hands off Ladies Nite, I still try to support it every Monday night! Haha! One of the last few episodes that I did (:
 photo 20150112_225946_zpsd306e6ba.jpg

Resumed swimming with Chii Hian since I am feeling superrrrr inactive and fat after my Zumba and hot yoga ended (>.<) and since I think my Keratin treatment is wearing off (or has worn off long ago)~ Eagerly camping for another hot yoga deal! Seriously need it!!! 😦

 photo 20150114_204404_zps71ddcdf6.jpg

My addiction at Ah Chew Dessert – Durian mango sago!
Kai’s treat!!!

And I got a surprise belated Christmas gift from Queen because she didn’t get to see me in time!
 photo 20150114_221822_zpsa113d898.jpg

She only bought for me because she said the rest of the guys wouldn’t appreciate it anyway and indeed! Bought this bottle of Scott’s Vitamin C pastilles for buddy when I saw it the other day because I know he likes it and guess what was his first question?

Buddy: *surprised face* Wah! Where did you TAKE this from?

Me: I bought it lah!!! What TAKE!

Buddy: Ohhhh… Expiring soon ah? *checks expiry*

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! I feel soooo appreciated >.>
So I definitely appreciate Queen’s sweet thought and I ❤ pressies! 😀

It’s a cute rainbow lamp by the way! And it only lights up by sound or vibration…how cool!
 photo 20150114_222703_zps08fb51cc.jpg

 photo 20150114_222715_zps325b1d3c.jpg

My pretty rainbow! (:

 photo 20150115_222317_zps142b01a4.jpg

A mega-ranting session!
So long since I last chilled with good music!

 photo 20150116_194018_zps3327c15c.jpg

Massage after a tiring week! 😀


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