Happy Farm! :D

Tried to accomplish so much in half a Saturday, starting with Taken 3! 😀 First movie at the new cinema in Seletar Mall!

Not bad, though I personally think the prequel whereby his daughter was taken was better~ That involved lots of intellectuality, something which this lacks. Also less exciting I think, cause the plot is more straightforward this time.

Did not have much time left after the movie but still managed to have a short farm visit! Hehe! The most significant thing I remember about the farm is the “ugly duck” and I thought this is the one, but it’s not!!!
 photo 20150117_125000_zps2eca00be.jpg

This was the duck I am referring to but I think it’s no longer in the farm 😦
 photo 2012-03-10144949.jpg

Spent most of the time, or rather all the time with the parrots after being greeted “Hello!” by them!
 photo 20150117_125421_zps90b5e544.jpg

 photo 20150117_125018_zps4fdac3e8.jpg

So colourful and beautiful, isn’t it!

 photo 20150117_125017_zpsec74cc4e.jpg

“Are you taking photo of me?!”

This is the clever one that kept greeting, “Hello!
 photo 20150117_125405_zps14ff2c79.jpg

 photo 20150117_125353_zps7d89c0db.jpg

耍酷 pose

 photo 20150117_125344_zps018596d6.jpg

可爱 pose

Even got the chance to feed a parrot that is same age as me! It’s my first time feeding a parrot and even though I dropped the sunflower seed on the first two attempts (cause its beak looks so big that I’m scared it will end up eating my fingers!!! >.<), I managed to do it the third time!

The parrot had such a good time “bird-talking” and eating non-stop…hehe! And even when we had to leave, the parrot and the person-in-charge didn’t wanna let us “pang kang” and wanted us to continue feeding…hahaha! Wish I could stay to feed! Had so much fun that I seriously didn’t mind missing my breakfast and lunch this time! 😀

Mistook this as an emu but it’s actually a Cassowary? Looks so fierce and hostile~
 photo 20150117_125601_zpse0469e6b.jpg

Cam-whoring with me with my selfie stick! xD
 photo 20150117_125658_zps156feafa.jpg

The unluckily lucky day! Was waiting for the lift when it suddenly stopped right before it reached level 1!!! It literally stuck between level 1 and 2 and refused to move then. Thank goodness it got stuck few seconds earlier if not I would be stuck inside!!! =OOOOOOOO
 photo 20150117_170436_zps39f39171.jpg

Went out again shortly after to meet the volunteers for their regular dinner! Had not seen them since last year!!! Though it’s just a month ago…hahahaha! The usual card-game session after dinner and although we always play the same game, there’s always something new to laugh about every week~

This time round I think the “joke of the night” was me because I am kinda 洁癖, in the sense that I am easily disgusted by things – something which I haven’t learnt to overcome because part of the quality of being a good volunteer is to be okay with dirt, like when you have to clean up some stuff =/

So I was observing X and saw him dig his nose TWICE but did not wash his hand after that! Then when he suddenly sat beside me in Mac while I was busy talking, I literally jumped up! Everyone noticed my huge reaction and kept asking what happened. I refused to say, until we changed table and I tried all means to avoid sitting beside him again (e.g. put my bag on the chair beside and etc). Everyone noticed that again and went on asking me, so I finally blurt out, “Cause he dig his nose never wash hand! @.@” And they all burst out laughing upon realising the reason behind my big reaction just now x.x
Thank goodness I had the excuse to give force him a piece of wet tissue after he ate the fries (Ewwwww)!

Sunday was spent with loveboy because he looked so sad when Sis dropped me off to go JB last weekawwwww~ So to make up for it, I reserved the whole day for him! 😀

Lunch @ Ma Maison and the silly boy was parroting Sis’s action of calling for the waiter to take order! LOL!
 photo 20150118_113732_zpsed4d88fe.jpg

 photo 20150118_115836_zps57175cd1.jpg


 photo 20150118_121411_zps0fa67bdb.jpg

Yummy Gratin!

And guess what is le boy doing again now?
 photo 20150118_121308_zps6733ba7f.jpg

He was whiny about his ulcer hurting when he eats and we told him to eat with the other side instead. So this was what he did next! Making the food go to the other side!!! LOLOL! And he kept eating this way after that; such a silly boy xD
 photo 20150118_121347_zps9d9ef600.jpg

Brought my selfie stick along to cam-whore with the loveboy but he wasn’t quite fascinated after 2 shots! D:
 photo 20150118_131809_zpsa22c9061.jpg
 photo 20150118_131807_zps6ab569fd.jpg

Spent his nap time playing with his kids’ meal toy and made my very first loom band! Machiam my toy instead…hahaha!
 photo 20150118_163230_zpsec0d29db.jpg

It was actually quite easy and fun to make that I ended up making 4 (1 in the car)! Just that I didn’t know what to do with the loom bands after making cause most likely I wouldn’t wear them, so I told Isaac to use them to 骗女孩子….HAHAHAHA!
 photo 20150118_184943_zps23d8286c.jpg


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