Happy Foodie!

Finally splurged to try on this new investment! The price of heading towards late 20s x.x
 photo 20150119_2106471_zpsdcivdyc6.jpg

Swam alone this week because my partners were all not free~ I am thankful that I did not 临场退缩 because I actually swam more than usual, since there is no one to talk to! Haha!

 photo 20150120_160014_zpsejnaxxqo.jpg

Look who’s here to 客串!♡_♡

But that scene alone is soooooo long that I wanna go crazy going through the rushes -_- Doesn’t help that my table has like 10 episodes of script scattered all over (that’s like half the drama!)…haha! I was really running out of place to put my script so I decided to make use of my head, and coincidentally, I have 虎妈 staring right at me sternly…LOL.
 photo 20150121_114345_zpsvo5xy7ec.jpg

 photo 20150120_140116_zps2pdao96e.jpg

Happiest time of the day! xD

Topped up with surprise rainbow cake! 😀 I don’t usually mind about the value of the item, it’s always the thought that counts more. But it’s just that when a piece of cake is like $10 and yet someone 舍得 spend it to pamper you, it just makes you feel extra awwwwww ((((:

 photo 20150120_143040_zpsigkaikzt.jpg

❤ surprises!!!

Wanted to eat less by drinking soup only but still ended up very full D:
 photo 20150121_142127_zps5vfywdoo.jpg

 photo 20150121_205258_zps5qxslyzf.jpg

Exploring Sun Ray Cafe!

Matcha Tiramisu~ Not bad but Matcha flavour not as strong as Tiramisu Hero‘s!
 photo 20150121_204624_zpsunbckz3t.jpg

 photo 20150121_205214_zpsgamgremu.jpg

Crème brûlée!

 photo 20150123_143537_zpseoheqypv.jpg

All-time comfort food again, especially for cramps day ((:


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