Friday party night @ Harry’s! Had such a bad day that all I wanted was a good night to end it~ Waited so long before the Shagies finally started playing and so it was a night of food, drinks, people-watch, music and emotions. Emotions accumulated from all where round… But I was still thankful that the night ended well and it definitely did help me to de-stress (:
 photo 20150123_203312_zpsrsjw7py9.jpg

 photo 20150123_202311_zpsusifi4vf.jpg

Green Lantern again…hehe!

 photo 20150123_203059_zpsy19fasm0.jpg

Love how generous they are with their cheese for the nachos!!!
Gonna be back again for this! ❤

 photo 20150123_203321_zpssfkqs9gu.jpg

Mushroom pizzaaaaaaaaaa!

 photo 20150123_213152_zpshlaukfu6.jpg

Second round: Sunset Paradise!
Love it too!

Thought I would just spend half the Saturday sleeping before going for dance but was woken up by a surprise call! So excited that I said, “Bye!” after less than 1 minute cause I wanted to jump out of bed right away to prepare! Hahahaha!

 photo 20150124_125259_zpsxxlqmkhb.jpg

Asam laksa again!
Short but quality time (((:

Spent the night working on my prop which I had been procrastinating, folding all these flowers from recycle bag and gosh~ I took like so long to finish that my lower back was aching by the time I finished D:

 photo 20150124_204218_zpsv3y5gyic.jpg

2 more small flowers to go~

 photo 20150124_211458_zps9itfmh7w.jpg

Finally done with the flowers! Which means 80% done!!!

 photo 20150124_222019_zpsyq8w0wz9.jpg

Putting on to the hat!

I was so relieved after I finally finished, until my brother pointed out that it doesn’t have enough greens, then I realised that I placed my flowers wrongly, blocking the leaves! It’s gonna take a lot of time to re-position them, so I decided to just 画龙点睛 and added extra leaves instead! xD

 photo 20150124_225340_zpswlxrgpx5.jpg

Finally completed my flower hat!!! 😀

Was feeling so fat after all the good food consumed this week and I just didn’t wanna spend the Sunday lazing around~ Tried my luck and asked Chii Hian for a super impromptu cycling session at Bishan Park since I didn’t feel like travelling so far =/

Luckily, my good neighbour cum friend is free and off we went with our bikes! This is my very first time riding my bike ever since I got it from Mommeyyyyyy because I didn’t know how to cycle at that time. And even after I learned, I didn’t dare to try on it because I remember buddy they all tried it and said it’s damn difficult to control. So this bike had actually sat in my house for more than 2 years before I finally took it out today! 😀

The bike is indeed not as easy to cycle as the usual ones that I rent from ECP, and that kinda made me have the urge to get a good bike! But at least it still served me well today and I managed to cycle 2 big rounds! The second time I took the most outer route which means AMK to Bishan and then around the Bishan flats and finally back to AMK again! (:


Taking a break at the swing! 😀


Joining Chii Hian at her break point!

Did you notice her new haircut?! She is serious about the makeover! I also told her what are the next few steps for her and hopefully my honest feedback and advice will really help her find a good husband (that’s her main motive for the makeover)…LOL.

But first, I think she needs to quit being lazy because 世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人!-_-”

Me: (after much chatting, tanning and resting) So are we going for 1 more round?

CH: Huh! No lah! Go home bah… 都已经休息了~

Me: 休息不是为了走更长的路吗???!

CH: 没有啊。。。休息 means the end 了。


Gonna motivate myself to bring my bike out more often now!
#ActiveSG #ActiveAgeing #Active减肥 #减肥是女人一辈子的职业x.x


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