Volunteers’ Chalet!

It has been a busy week rushing to finish up my 6 episodes before the director comes in at the later part of the week! So another drama project is officially coming to an end as well and it’s the time whereby our office starts to get noisier again~ Not a complaint; feels nice to have some laughter (:

 photo IMG_20150128_120613_zpsdkdzhlav.jpg

Another special guest!

 photo 20150126_135353_zpswqiqhfye.jpg

My most regular order – Brown Rice with Popcorn “Chicken”! Hehe!

Even got a free soup!!! That makes it a lucky unlucky day~ Like when something unlucky happened, it’s sweet that people around you try their bit to make you feel better, and that is something lucky to have! (:
 photo 20150130_141500_zpsjlwfz1q6.jpg

 photo 20150129_100306_zpsu74amenc.jpg

Mac breakfast treat to myself!
To prepare for day 1 of director’s cut! 😀

 photo IMG_20150129_202504_zpsaadkc0v0.jpg

Satisfying my ice-cream crave with the atas Japanese ice-cream!

And look who’s back for the week to freelance?! Our favourite gentleman – Uncle J!!!!!!!! 😀 Celebrated his birthday few days in advance since it’s rare that we still have the opportunity to celebrate for him! Hehe! He was mega shocked + stunned + astonished + taken aback when we all barged in with the cake! Hahahahaha!!!
 photo 20150130_173144_zpslzmvmzol.jpg

You know this crazy gentleman is so damn nice to the extent that recently when I was offered a freelance project and I sought for his advice whether to take up the job or not since it’s not that simple. Then he actually offered to help me do the project while I take the money!!!!!!!!! (Of course I did not agree) #sisterhoodtothemax
 photo 20150130_173514_zps1n8hjvpa.jpg

 photo 20150130_173604_zpstkeb7k6f.jpg

Gonna miss him again D:

 photo 20150131_003703_zpsgm7i5aa2.jpg

Done wrapping the prizes for volunteers’ chalet~!!!

 photo 20150131_160611_zps2n5seeyw.jpg

Free fruit juice after dancing! Hehe!

Off to MINDS to meet the rest before cabbing down to the ulu chalet in Changi!
 photo 10959807_10153068214798901_2562404444382016973_n_zpsdkshaluj.jpg

Despite being a bit inaccessible and eerie-looking, the place is very spacious!!!
 photo 10629720_10153068216858901_6489499083746020622_n_zpsmretcjvh.jpg

 photo 10906355_10153068217703901_4852311575140460189_n_zpsdk9rzzk1.jpg

Kitchen looks a bit dirty though =/

 photo 1958391_10153068215513901_81377090131547355_n_zpswbmwnes1.jpg

Second storey which is equally spacious!

 photo 10959566_10153068218373901_8135065657106130078_n_zps3yeeg9pq.jpg

There’s even this huge area where we could play games!

 photo 10406731_10153068222018901_1723487953379623514_n_zpsekdguikd.jpg

The living room area which I did not get to sit! Haha!

 photo 1549208_10153068219013901_7579780897270811987_n_zpso4cpym6b.jpg

One of the 4 spacious bedrooms~

Interior of bedroom! Can be a bit scary when you’re alone inside which was what I experienced when I locked myself inside to label the prizes and etc! Nothing happened but just feels a bit scary =X
 photo 10920928_10153068221298901_114565490036649900_n_zpsc4qvwsnn.jpg

 photo 20150131_183343_zpsebydeczr.jpg

The men working hard on the food!

While the “assistants” are busy playing experimenting with sausages, cutting them in the spiral way that is supposed to help cook faster…haha!
 photo 20150131_183337_zpsjcnostxm.jpg

Done exploring the inside, off to explore the outside and OMG~ Seems like I have found a great chilling place!
 photo 20150131_174903_zpsggkvg7v3.jpg

Super windy, not so noisy, sea-view, good to relax! Love it! Now, if only it’s more accessible 😦
 photo 20150131_175142_zpsxodoudhz.jpg

Changi Beach Club! Looks like a nice resort~ Wish I get to explore the interior and stay for a night!
 photo IMG_20150131_175832_zpsj0bcqgfm.jpg

Photo-bombing my scenery shot -_-
 photo 20150131_175159_zpsruxmjrqq.jpg

Posing for emo shot! Looks a bit 《那些年》somehow…haha!
 photo 20150131_175221_zps3mpnllxe.jpg

 photo IMG-20150201-WA0000_zpsrkumcsiy.jpg

By the super breezy sea!

So breezy that our hair were in a mess during our wefies! xD
 photo IMG-20150201-WA0003_zpsqyhmlmlx.jpg
 photo IMG-20150201-WA0001_zpsbimf9xne.jpg

Managed to catch the last bit of the sunset! (:
 photo 20150131_192619_zpsye4av1ah.jpg
 photo 20150131_192817_zpsb5asooho.jpg

Played some games after we were done eating and drinking and Mr Law was disappointed that his forfeits turned out more like rewards to us…hahaha! Cause the sour candy is pretty nice and so are some of the jellybean flavours! Though I ate a disgusting flavour when my team lost one of the games x.x

I actually think it’s not that bad to have such easy forfeits because I personally dread such team-building games because of the embarrassing and humiliating forfeits that follow. But this time round we all get to play and also enjoy some lighter “punishment“, so I think it’s fun enough!

Though I did not stay over, I still had abundance of fun chatting and crapping with everyone! Great bonding session! ((:


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