Clique’s Reunion Dinner 2015!

Sunday was spent baby gift-shopping with Ah Tiff & Ah Lyn because the latter and I both needed to get gifts for babies’ full-month~ Seems like everyone has been working hard for a SG50 baby uh!

 photo 20150201_135134_zpsbiegu21e.jpg

Volcano Ramen!

 photo 20150201_135142_zpsa2uolswv.jpg

Peek-a-poo~! xD

Initially plan was to cross the border but since it’s kinda rush for me, I suggested going Novena area instead since they have lots of baby stuff there and most importantly, llao llao!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOL.

It’s the little girl’s first time trying and as expected, kids prefer ice-cream over yogurt~ But it was total YUMS for Tiff and I! ❤
 photo IMG_20150203_085710_zps8qm60kcy.jpg

 photo IMG_20150201_154544_zps1pajbqqo.jpg

Atas chocolate from Ah Tiff’s recent Taiwan trip!

 photo IMG_20150202_175718_zps6vym0phc.jpg

Super cute macarons from Ah Lyn!

And someone was so so so delighted when I mentioned that I brought my selfie stick -_-
 photo 20150201_172420_zpstdbiwx1m.jpg
 photo 20150201_172353_zpsb7qm3ofy.jpg
 photo 20150201_172330_zps2nmdqopr.jpg

In the midst of shopping~! Hahaha!
 photo 20150201_172503_zpsxf4uwcs0.jpg

Acting like tourist, cam-whoring in the middle of the mall xD
 photo 20150201_172512_zpsdsezy0l1.jpg

Off for reunion dinner with Clique, which was held at Yishun’s Bei Sheng Restaurant again! The guys had started digging in by the time Queen and I reached, so we had to catch up and that’s why I did not take any food pictures until the food war was over! Hahaha!
 photo 20150201_191156_zpsynrgpuhi.jpg

 photo 20150201_194003_zpsvynf7xyf.jpg

Selfie stick cam-whoring with le Miss Phone Addict!

 photo 20150201_194050_zpsnvavke51.jpg

Finally got her attention! xD

 photo 20150201_194219_zpskqm6c5ue.jpg

Mandatory annual group photo!
Credit goes to my mighty selfie stick! 😀

I realised this is like our 7th year having our annual reunion dinner! The other day I was looking at the guys all in office outfits now and thought to myself – I watched them from school uniform to lok-kok outfit (poly days) to army uniform and now office wear!

Our friendship is definitely much longer than 7 years by now, and although we have come to the point whereby everyone’s busy with work and dating now, we still did not drift apart much. We still meet up every now and then to rant about things, talk about work and etc. And even if it’s a few meeting up most of the time, we still hear from each other about one another’s lives. We are still a clique till now ❤

Did not let the night end just like that since it’s rare that everyone gets to gather together, so we decided to go somewhere to chill~ WJ suggested a place in Sembawang Park which he had not been to before and Kai, who was the only one who had been there before was strongly against walking in to that place somehow.

So we all took cabs in the end and realised why Kai was so reluctant to walk. Cause we had to pass through this really long, quiet, eerie and poorly-lit road before we could finally reach the ulu bar! I don’t even know why people would know of such a place!!!

It was supposed to be a bonding session but being the Y-generation, we started playing phone games like Charades and QuizUp! Hahaha! But at least we played them together so I guess that’s our way of bonding? xD

 photo 20150201_204654_zpsnwijowc7.jpg

Adios Motherfucker
Too strong for my liking~


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