Chingay 2015 Full-dress Rehearsal!

After missing it last year, I told myself I don’t wanna miss performing again this year!!! So even though we were a bit disappointed with the costume (I wore this before 4 years ago 😦 ), I am still glad to be a performer again this year! Along with 2 newcomers – Chii Hian & Pris! 😀
 photo 20150207_162102_zpsr8cir8dm.jpg

Reached early to practise on our own before we practised round and round again with the rest~ I am usually more “hardworking” for Chingay because the audience are right in front of you! It would be so embarrassing to dance wrongly! >.<

Arrived at the F1 pit and I thought this was our float!
 photo 20150207_182001_zps7kgbowym.jpg

But no, our float is so much nicer!!! Not being biased, but the 3 of us think that our float is really like the nicest amongst all already~
 photo 20150207_182025_zpsn307x1zx.jpg

Dinner time~! Regret eating because I almost wanted to puke when dancing halfway -_- Because I shouted and ran so much!
 photo 20150207_183233_zpskusxbukw.jpg

Walked around to take photos since we had plenty of time before the rehearsal commenced~ I think our costumes match our float so much!!!!!!!! Ugly costume also became nice luh!
 photo 20150207_184856_zpsrcrt5exo.jpg

 photo 20150207_185316_zpsobinxhmo.jpg

This thing is always within our JAS “package”! 😀

 photo 20150207_185356_zpsa65rpv4s.jpg

The mandatory shot every year! 😛

 photo 20150207_185142_zpsqj8kfyqc.jpg

Strolling under the breezy weather~

 photo 20150207_185138_zps6vvxxva4.jpg

Beautiful sky!

I thought this is our prime minister but it’s not! It’s just some random dude representing the 建国一代…hahahahahaha! But it really looks kinda like Lee Hsien Loong!!! At least I did not guess Lee Kuan Yew like Karen…LOLOLOL!
 photo 20150207_185503_zpsamft6w8w.jpg

 photo 20150207_190357_zpsvc7cgf3h.jpg

With the legendary ROSE-lyn! xD

 photo IMG-20150210-WA0004_zps1bmkdztz.jpg

Always a joy meeting old friends!!!
More pictures next week! 😀

Chii Hian commented that this float looks like it’s Maplestory-themed…hahaha! Even has got mushrooms!
 photo 20150207_192737_zpsp9i5ac9t.jpg
 photo 20150207_192747_zpslyziqx64.jpg

 photo 20150207_192318_zpsblqawjey.jpg

Vintage cars!

 photo 20150207_193340_zpsnviomd9f.jpg

A ride in my red hot car, anyone? xD

 photo 20150207_193114_zps5tcfk07j.jpg

With the car owner but a pity it’s super blur!!! 😦

 photo 20150207_222515_zpsc2dfytxq.jpg

Glowing tree~

Super bored while waiting and waiting for our turn! And we were group number 20! –CRY!!!!
 photo 20150207_194955_1_zps8cz8nrhh.jpg

Always the nosiest, but always most enthusiastic and in-the-mood group! ((:
 photo 20150207_194414_zpshbpy7kz1.jpg

The drummers are really, really cool by the way! And they never seem to get tired somehow!!! Super 佩服!
 photo 20150207_201511_zpsfpjiyufb.jpg

 photo IMG_20150207_234518_zps3pvm7jr2.jpg

Cookies from Sid! :3


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