Despite being a busy week, I had a fair share of time de-stressing as well! Had an impromptu dinner session with PPGs at Ichiban again and we celebrated Nad’s birthday in advance!

Finally got the excuse to try Chocolate Origin and OMG~ It’s so so so so so so so niceeeeeeeee! Simply orgasmic and almostttttt comparable with Rive Gauche‘s!
 photo IMG_20150213_094436_zpsgo8mrsgj.jpg

 photo 20150212_212141_zpsl5levgjx.jpg

Happy Birthday to our dearest Nad Nad!!! ❤

Thank you for always being so sweet, buying us snacks from different countries!!!
 photo 20150212_212307_zps4xluworb.jpg

Another one to turn 26 and it will be my turn next T.T
No wonder our topic has drifted from BGR to BTO~
 photo 20150212_212315_zpsbim4ethy.jpg

Despite having the cake, we still wanted to try the tempura ice-cream and I think it’s my first time trying? Not bad, but too full to eat much =/
 photo IMG_20150212_213159_zpstfbxerwy.jpg

Headed over to Nad’s house after that because we couldn’t bear to part so soon but yet we didn’t know where to go…haha! Endless chit-chat over wine and Choya again! If only we all don’t have to work the next day x.x

 photo 20150213_132904_zpsh74yvxll.jpg

In the mood for noodle instead of brown rice! Hehe~

 photo 20150213_132919_zpsdpglnnfs.jpg

Olive is always <3!

Friday with le volunteers at Nickeldime Drafthouse! Didn’t know of this place even though I pass by the area often~
 photo 20150213_215627_zpshrgwdfd7.jpg

Quite cool interior, but we took the outside seats since we are quite a noisy bunch in general xD
 photo 20150213_215643_zpszyqgkulx.jpg

 photo 20150213_235747_zpszvflumkl.jpg

All about beer!

 photo 20150213_235208_zpsyxqs86tj.jpg

Or maybe some burgers and pizzas as well?

Since I am not a beer person, I had white wine as my starter drink before trying this Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar~ It’s not bad; not too gassy but I still couldn’t finish it without sharing with Mr Mah!
 photo 20150213_211517_zpsusq56kbo.jpg

 photo IMG-20150213-WA0008_zpsukzivmfv.jpg

Chillin’ the stressful week away~

 photo IMG-20150213-WA0007_zpstyziapyt.jpg

1-for-1 fries!

 photo IMG-20150213-WA0010_zpssfdwglaf.jpg

Some pizza which I don’t know what it is =X

 photo IMG-20150214-WA0002_zpswfl1xtb9.jpg

金龟 Friday night!

 photo IMG_20150213_013459_zpsaglxmxom.jpg

Letterbox surprise is always the best! (((:


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