Valentine with Chingay!

This Valentine’s Day was mainly spent on running errands and rehearsing for Chingay, so there’s minimal time for any celebration since the latter already took half the day 😦

 photo 20150214_115533_zpsyz5jtnh5.jpg

Yummy lunch!!!

Did some shopping before heading off for rehearsal~ How does it feel to see your colleague on a non-working day? Stressful!!! They were filming for some Chingay-related programme and I was in it! So stressful to dance with a camera in front of you, seriously! >.<

 photo IMG-20150214-WA0009_zps5zjuenwl.jpg

With my pretty colleague from the other side!

As expected, there were changes after last week’s full-dress and now our dance looks so mundane -.- Rehearsed it through a few times before we left for F1 and I decided to skip my dinner this time after last week’s experience~ More time for cam-whoring that means! 😛

 photo 20150214_1822310_zpsagvecnlg.jpg

Mandatory annual picture with Mr Brown! xD

 photo 20150214_182311_zpslbtzahkl.jpg

With the nicer background! (:

 photo 20150214_182324_zpsb12rmfi5.jpg


With the Meizzzzz!
 photo 20150214_182334_zpsaw3ysyug.jpg
 photo 20150214_182341_zpsiv8hm9bs.jpg

 photo 20150214_182401_zpsb37krcv7.jpg

Under One Roof! (((((:

Wefies with Pris and Chii as well! 😀
 photo 20150214_182503_zpsicv83s9k.jpg
 photo 20150214_182514_zpsk7gvtizr.jpg

And then while walking around, I bumped into Ah Eng auntie!!!!!! Good to see her 从出江湖,performing again!
 photo 20150214_183828_zpszhdnvvml.jpg

 photo 20150214_183421_zpshcsunpdp.jpg

Pretty tree!
(Forgot if I took a picture of it last week…hehe~)

 photo 20150214_183258_zpsfcoi4it0.jpg

Flower dresses!

 photo 20150214_192242_zpspumzftfi.jpg

Meow Meow lighting up!

 photo 20150214_213538_zpsjwrobgbz.jpg

The pretty tree after light up~

 photo 20150214_192838_zpsi2gdenux.jpg

Under the tree!
Couldn’t find the tree with the bees 😦

Still left with a little time after the rehearsal to have a mini Valentine’s Day celebration~ Many places were closing by then, but thank goodness I still managed to have a good dinner!

 photo 20150214_233911_zpsgfr6ox54.jpg

Dinner? 😛

 photo IMG_20150214_232138_zpswjac2pl1.jpg

Singapore Sling & White Sangria!

 photo 20150214_232959_zpsslye9bso.jpg

In a cheesy mood! ❤

 photo 20150214_233135_zpsvniklepl.jpg

Margherita pizza with duo cheese! ❤

While hesitating whether to order the pizza, the staff actually asked if I’m a big or small eater and I said small. So she kinda doubted that the pizza will be finished. But it turned out so damn nice that it was soon wiped out!!! I even ended up eating all the tomatoes from my slices which I usually don’t! Super nice, which was a good way to end off this Valentine’s Day!

 photo IMG_20150214_100556_zpsw7l2ianv.jpg

In my world, Brown belongs with Brown (:

But of course I am still super touched to receive this limited edition Brown & Cony plushies with the handmade card!!! Cause it’s limited edition and many people didn’t manage to get it, which makes it super 有心~ Super touched!!! ((:
 photo 20150215_021554_zpsnjbmk9zc.jpg

So in summary, it was a simple, but definitely a much better Valentine’s Day than last year! ❤
 photo IMG_20150215_030123_zpsmzg8pf7z.jpg


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