CNY 2015 Batam Trip – Day 1!

This year’s CNY escapade was to Batam again~! Though we all know that there’s nothing much there and I have been there like 3 times last year, it’s the cheapest getaway we can find involving a country that doesn’t celebrate lunar new year…haha! It’s the company that matters most of the time anyway (:

Cam-whoring in the ferry with awesome girlfriends!
 photo IMG-20150222-WA0002_zpsgixcualv.jpg
 photo IMG-20150219-WA0031_zpsqnp2fq4p.jpg
 photo IMG-20150219-WA0030_zpsska5p5vx.jpg

And the 2 hiao char boh decided to put on their shades to hide their tired eyes~ Unfairrrrr! Cause my right eye was kinda swollen with a painful small bump (I don’t know why) and my 大小眼 is damn obvious in some of the pictures! T.T
 photo IMG-20150219-WA0033_zpstnsr6mmb.jpg

Miss Wan disturbing our photo again -_- The eye size difference is quite obvious here!
 photo IMG-20150219-WA0029_zpsvump1bjk.jpg

Arrived at our hotel – Pacific Palace after a 45-minute ferry ride + 5 minutes cab ride!
 photo IMG-20150220-WA0004_zpsiyquxqve.jpg

 photo IMG-20150220-WA0000_zpseqzuhlqx.jpg

Our neighbours at 616!

 photo IMG-20150220-WA0005_zps4mzuehb6.jpg

Our room – 617!

We almost changed room, or rather, we did change room after seeing 2 small cockroaches (1 dead 1 alive) in the wardrobe!!! So we were changed to the room opposite the 2 ladies’ instead and 5 minutes later, we saw a small cockroach crawling on the wall!!!!!!!! WTFFFFFFFFFF.

So we decided to change back to our original room and got the cleaners to clean up the wardrobe, though they could only find the dead one by then…Zzzzzzz. On the subsequent days, we spotted like another 2 cockroaches in the bathroom and apparently, the ladies’ room next day also has these tiny cockroaches! ARGHHHHH!!!!!

Seriously disappointed with Pacific Palace Hotel this time because it wasn’t like this the previous time we stayed with Anna!!! I actually quite liked the interior of the hotel but after this experience, I doubt I will wanna be back anymore. Guess I am going back to Harmoni One for my next trip!

Despite the paranoia of having cockroaches around, this is a mandatory bedroom shot, with me photobomb-ing this time 😛
 photo IMG-20150222-WA0040_zpsiyxmvhec.jpg

 photo IMG-20150222-WA0001_zpsmqmggj7v.jpg

Heading out for lunch!

Mad mad mad hungry and I insisted on eating Ayam Penyet because the previous time Kai Bin and Co tried it, it was for dinner and I was too full to try! Haha!
 photo 20150219_144551_zpsynpzsfl6.jpg

Shopped around Nagoya Hill after that before heading for our long-awaited massage! Okay, it was our long-awaited one except Lyn’s, because she was reluctant to strip for the massage…hahaha! But in the end she conformed since all of us chose the “Stressless Full Body Massage“~

The poor little girl was obviously so nervous that she kept asking me what are the procedures! Quote of the day – “This is not stressless massage at all. Cause this is so stressful!!!” LOLOL!

The massage wasn’t as shiok as we expected since they focused more on legs instead of shoulders and neck, which are most of our problem areas~ But still so much cheaper than doing it in Singapore so yea, it’s a must-do in Batam!

Went for our favourite supermarket shopping after that and we shocked the 2 seniors with our tibits war…hahaha! I kept trying to stop myself from buying so much because out of sight out of mind when it comes to junk food, but I still unconsciously ended up with a big bag! T.T

Back to hotel early because we had a surprise CNY dinner in the hotel which we didn’t know of until we were checking in! It’s buffet style with lohei as well! Yay~! Had my first lohei just on the first day of CNY! 😀
 photo 20150219_202107_zpsfrcwegu6.jpg

Mother hen preparing the lohei while we tried to come up with 4-character words, if not it will become her version – @#$&!
 photo 20150219_202121_zpsl6rhyteo.jpg

Cam-whoring with my selfie stick!
 photo 20150219_202538_zpsblhsiwv9.jpg
 photo 20150219_202539_zpsrvgndeoo.jpg

We were all too full to finish the lohei but as usual, Mommeyyyyyyyyy was busy clearing it while saying she’s full…LOL.
 photo 20150219_204501_zpshfcosu1u.jpg

 photo 20150219_204504_zpse8uskgpl.jpg

Yes, very full xD

Gathered in the ladies’ room for our party night but we were all too full!!! So Lyn and I ended up gluing our eyeballs to the TV instead…hahaha! Re-watched so many nice movies there including this one – The Girl In Pinafore! Can’t believe it’s been 1 year plus since I first watched it~ Felt like it was just a while ago =/
 photo IMG-20150219-WA0014_zpslm6zqk8j.jpg

Our drinks for the night!<3 my cranberry vodka!!! And it’s only like $1.30?! Wish I could smuggle some back!
 photo IMG-20150219-WA0015_zpsdztn1nzp.jpg

 photo 20150219_215721_zps8r2tgiod.jpg


 photo IMG-20150219-WA0016_zpsfplzpd4r.jpg

Lovely girlfriends! ❤

 photo IMG-20150219-WA0022_zpsblxdune5.jpg


 photo IMG-20150219-WA0026_zpssnvynjli.jpg

The Alcoholics

Back to our room and continued watching TV till like 2am (which is SG 3am)!!! Pretty tired but couldn’t help it, because it was one of my favourite comedies – The Millers! I kept giggling and LOL-ing like an idiot especially because I knew when all the jokes are coming up, but poor Lyn was too sick (with flu) to really be bothered by my 自-high-ness! HAHAHAHA.

 photo 20150220_003619_zpsaouumpxk.jpg

The scene that left a deep impression in me! xD


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