Ayam Week!

This post is actually a backlog from pre-Batam to post-Batam trip!

 photo 20150217_102903_zpskmlumnbp.jpg

Breakfast prepared by le pig brother!

 photo 20150216_205101_zpsuiatiqpu.jpg

Dinner at Nana’s Green Tea again!

 photo 20150218_100533_zpsytf6hk0z.jpg

CNY week: New addition to the office (:

Didn’t have a good start with CNY, as usual, and neither was I looking forward to it~ Was thankful that I had the trip though!

Finally used up my Chicken Up vouchers that I bought long ago and were expiring at the end of the month! I don’t even know why I bought them when I hate travelling all the way to Tampines so much…Zzzzzz. So this became my reunion lunch on the half-day 除夕~
 photo 20150218_153128_zpsp4fg49ns.jpg

Someone’s greedy and wanted to try the spicy chicken, but couldn’t finish -_- Really so much chicken in a week including 3 days of ayam ayam ayam in Batam that I so am scared of chicken now!
 photo 20150218_155233_zpsxnpum8xx.jpg

 photo 20150218_153201_zpskkppjzb3.jpg

Signature watermelon soju!

 photo 20150218_153250_zpsuyao5nm3.jpg

My 西瓜很甜 smile 😀

 photo 20150218_163757_zpsxgwsjcco.jpg

Bottoms up!

 photo 20150218_161443_zps0xwpmvow.jpg

Can never resist ice-cream sandwich/macaron!!!

Then it was 3 days in Batam before I finally “celebrated” CNY on 初四~ Sis came over and I had my first reunion dinner of the year with my only REAL family members! ❤
 photo 20150222_121921_zpswjrjfwt9.jpg

 photo 20150222_142715_zpsxsu75lkg.jpg

Le loveboy plucked me a flower! So much love!

And look who bought the little prince a castle!
 photo 20150222_132340_zpsb1a5a21e.jpg

The prince started moving everything into his tent, from toys to food -_-”
 photo 20150222_132401_zpssj7v74cp.jpg

 photo 20150222_133332_zpsomtral74.jpg

Camping with Poohpooh!

 photo 20150222_132238_zpspixafepy.jpg

Enjoying his picnic session!

 photo 20150222_191257_zpshiwn1qqn.jpg

Happy with angbaos from Yiyi & 舅舅!<3


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