Great World Cabaret with 大喜!

Back to work after the long long weekend but I didn’t feel much of the Monday blues! Cause I had quite a good start of the week (:

In fact, I think I feel happier now than before CNY~ Just generally feel better adopting the Que Sera Sera mentality once again, accepting whatever that may come. Probably also because it had been a busy week, with 3 days burnt with Chingay! So every day of the week was like packed with something 😀

Spent the first day visiting 2 places in a night to 拜年, starting with Ping’s! Finally meeting baby Dylan again after so long!!! Such an adorable koala bear but too bad he got grumpy soon before I could take a picture…hahaha!

The next day was an exciting and memorable day~ Exciting because I am gonna catch a Broadway show for the very first time and I have always been interested to watch one, if not for the pricey tickets! But the super lucky me actually got 2 free tickets from my client!!!
 photo 20150224_193027_zpsew5dj46s.jpg

What happened was I was having re-edit with the EP when she let out a big sigh upon receiving an invitation to Great World Cabaret‘s gala…

EP: Aiyah…invite me on this date again! This date I already got a dinner to attend leh *sigh!*

Me: *kaypoh* What’s that?

EP: Some play but I cannot make it… *shows me the poster*

Me: Wah…looks nice leh~ Why you so good, always got invitation for all these? I help you go lah! *JOKINGLY!!!*

EP: Really ah?! You wanna go??? Okay! I help you ask!


And she really managed to reserve a pair of tickets for me!!!!!!!! I was really just joking and totally didn’t expect that I would really be able to attend the gala! Mad happy and excited! 😀

The show was held at RWS theatre and it was my first time there! I mean, I didn’t even know they have a theatre there!
 photo 20150224_193203_zpsz1v788wl.jpg

We got quite a good seat too; quite centralised (:
 photo 20150224_194726_zps6mradyti.jpg

 photo 20150224_194751_zpsxyho0hez.jpg

Quite a big theatre!

 photo 20150224_212431_zpshm7eb42o.jpg

Waiting for the show to start

The show lasted for about an hour and I can say that I enjoyed every minute of it! The first part with all the songs and dances already captivated me so much, because I really love watching people dance! Not to mention they are all so professional, making me wanna be on the stage dancing along with them! 😀

There was also like mini fireworks during the show which surprised me! Reminds me of the Disney shows I watched in Hong Kong! Pretty spectacular, I would say! Too bad I didn’t capture any photographs during the show because I was busy enjoying and also I didn’t know if photos are allowed or not~

Saw a number of celebrities attending the gala, including 周崇庆, Selena Tan, Nat Ho and etc. Before the show, I was still saying that I don’t feel that excited when I see local celebrities somehow, unlike if it’s Lee Min Ho or Ryan Gosling…

Me: I really can’t think of anyone that will make me feel very excited leh…

And then guess who I met after the show? My 大喜哥!!!!!!!!
 photo 20150224_214101_zpsxhjdzbqm.jpg

I swear that my heart just suddenly beat so fast when he was right in front of me and I just watched him from his back! I guess I just didn’t expect to see Chen Hanwei at a Broadway show!!!

I admit that I wanted a picture with him badly but because in our line, it’s kinda unprofessional and embarrassing to go starstruck, so I refused to ask! I just kept watching him walking around, walking away, then back, then past me, then away, just secretly watching nervously… Fearing that he’s leaving, yet having zero courage to approach him for a picture! Hahahaha!

Then when he walked away, I really thought I had missed my chance and I just accepted it nonchalantly, but actually he had not leave! So after much pondering and stalking, I finally, finally dashed into the place where he is to ask him for a picture!

He agreed right away in his used-to-it tone (Hahahaha!) and ta-duh~! I could sleep in peace that night! So glad that I asked in the end, if not I would probably regret my whole life! All thanks to my forever-Superman who kept pushing me to go, giving me endless supply of courage!!! (((((:

Had company lunch on Wednesday and we had a VIP! He simply looks like a cute ball of flesh!!!
 photo 20150225_115855_zpsrstjibaq.jpg

 photo 20150225_115815_zpsc7syucwi.jpg

Little koala so soundly asleep!

 photo 20150225_124306_zpskdwp5tjy.jpg

Taking the chance to take a selfie with him! xD

 photo 20150225_134500_zpsb6agmnhp.jpg

Lohei time~!

 photo 20150225_141304_zpsjhbz2x1y.jpg

Big lobster! =O

 photo 20150225_145036_zpsbgidtaxr.jpg

With the long-missed Ping!

 photo 20150225_145030_zpsdanrti1v.jpg

Monster attack!

It was a quieter reunion meal as compared to last year, since it was dinner VS lunch this time~ But still a relatively big group with a few new members, some whom I have not met before yet (:
 photo IMG-20150225-WA0011_zpsozwul61j.jpg

Finally squeezed out time to start catching all the movies that I listed on my to-watch list too! And the first was 冲上云霄!

I admit that I am just watching for the sake of Louis Koo, since I haven’t watched Triumph In The Skies‘ drama. But I did hear that it’s a really nice show, that’s why I was hoping that the movie would be nice too.

Hmmmm…it turned out okay-ish~ As in it wasn’t mediocre, just that it seemed more like a few beautiful TVCs put together rather than a movie. Neither does it have much to do with pilots or the drama itself =/

There are some parts that are sweet, some that are cute, but the stories just don’t gel together. Like it’s produced for the sake of producing. But some shots are really pretty and sweet, making you go awwwwww~

 photo IMG_20150227_111810_zpstb0ay42q.jpg

Duckie missing its owner – Ally, who’s in Taiwan!

Rushed down after work for the last full-dress rehearsal of Chingay and look who I met!!! Mickey-san!!!!!
 photo 20150226_195543_zpsq3twsjwb.jpg

If you have noticed, he is one of my biggest fans in Facebook, always liking my pictures…haha! So, so, so happy to see him again this year because he wasn’t involved last year! I have known him since my first year with JAS and it has always been a pleasure seeing each other again after 1 year! It’s really like old friends meeting by now (:

I thought I wouldn’t be seeing him again this year but he actually made an impromptu decision to fly over to join us! Just that this year, he wasn’t playing the guitar nor any instrument, he was just purely helping out as markers and etc.

But I think he still prefers playing the instruments; he couldn’t help but started playing the drum along with the drummers on the float! Haha! And he could just follow the beats right away without having to rehearse! Just see how much he is enjoying! 😀
 photo 20150226_200929_zpsujsl2guk.jpg

Didn’t take many pictures because by the time I arrived, the parade was about to start~ Though we still waited a longggggg time before it’s our turn. Used the time to play Charades with Chii Hian and Pris and I can’t believe Chii Hian said Potong is a fishball brand!!! ROFL.

 photo 20150226_201320_zpspoa09tns.jpg

Never sick of our pretty float (:

 photo 20150226_233842_zpsqn0vbsj2.jpg

Finally, finally got what I have been wanting!!! ❤

 photo 20150226_223249_zpslhov4yo4.jpg

See you soon (:


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