Chingay 2015 Parade 1!

27 February 2015

Loading energy for the night! 😀 Thank you for satisfying my craving!!! Hehe!
 photo 20150227_134451_zpssb8ecmen.jpg

Didn’t have that much time to go around taking photos again because I did not take half-day nor go down to JAS this year before the parade~ Could only make use of the waiting time to take a few snapshots!

 photo 20150227_195752_zpsidatntvi.jpg

With my handphone security guard #1!

 photo 20150227_204205_zpskytg9kch.jpg

With Chii Hian!

 photo 20150227_203927_zpsqwfoy0cn.jpg

Didn’t get to do the face paint as well 😦

 photo 20150227_204059_zpsy5ymdkpv.jpg


 photo 20150227_204020_zpssmyrbge7.jpg


 photo 20150227_203909_zpsfluukuo5.jpg

Ready to go!

 photo 20150227_210500_zpsbkr5oehp.jpg

Moving off! 😀

Realised I haven’t commented much on our performance so far for the past 2 full-dress rehearsals~ I guess I have adopted the “Just have fun!” attitude by now, especially I am not standing in the first row this year! So I am less stressed up about making mistakes…haha! Not that I have made much mistakes actually; this year’s dance is pretty simple.

But I do feel that the audience somehow feels less 热情 with each passing years. Especially during the NE show, some students looked so “forced” to be there, some busy using their phones, looking all uninterested in the show. Of course there were some more enthusiastic schools cheering away for us too (:

Off to the River Angbao after the show which I had already planned to go while waiting, and Silvia and Jenelle happened to jio too! So they actually waited for me since like 7 or 8+ even though I already said I could only stay for a while! *几感动~*

 photo IMG-20150304-WA0015_zpsfzkmoljr.jpg

Hello 财神爷!

 photo 20150227_222221_zpsgmi7p4hh.jpg

With Silvia and the overexposed 财神爷!

The last time I’ve visited River Angbao was when I was still a kid, so it’s been at least a decade or two and I had been wanting to go again for the past few years! I always have the impression that it’s damn far away, but it was only the night before when I passed by then I realised 滨海湾 is actually where the floating platform is! xD
 photo 20150227_222405_zpsymii1yyw.jpg

This is home; this is where I belong every 9 August!
 photo 20150227_222303_zps9rzn4n0r.jpg

 photo 20150227_223052_zpsfv8gir9n.jpg

The beauty of Singapore

 photo 20150227_223140_zpslw5dhtpi.jpg

Group photo! 😀

 photo 20150227_222538_zpstcmtm94n.jpg

The 2 goatees of different generation~

 photo 20150227_222806_zpsdqwscbef.jpg

My snake!

One of my deepest impressions of the River Angbao is taking photo with my zodiac! This was taken probably when I was around 5-7, so it’s actually been 2 decades!!! #lookingdamntoot

Can’t believe I am back after 20 years! ((:
 photo 20150227_222735_zpstq2k5e2t.jpg

 photo 20150227_222926_zpsbzu6kfai.jpg

At our kampong!

Pretty tree! Had the urge to actually put on my matching costumes and take a picture with it! Hahaha!
 photo 20150227_223338_zpswofn2mt4.jpg

 photo 20150227_223448_zpsc49bfofx.jpg

My 2 nice volunteer friends! (:

 photo 20150227_223409_zpssz9bcnbz.jpg

With Silvia!

 photo 20150227_223527_zpstrbbqfpt.jpg

With Janelle!
(Just his nickname :P)

Then they brought me to this wishing well where there are 5 different bells, each representing a different wish. You have to throw to hit the respective bell for your wish to come true! Pretty interesting! I had never tried something like this before, but I was also not confident with my aiming skill at all D:
 photo 20150227_224325_zpspqa0qzmv.jpg

Tried so many times and ended up using all of Janelle’s coins but I only managed to hit the board of 心想事成 and not the bell 😦 But at least I hit the board, so still can make wish right! 即使知道愿望总是不会实现,但还是很尽心的许…hehe~
 photo IMG-20150305-WA0001_zpscvvkuk4a.jpg

Rushed off after a while because the night is still young and it’s party time~!!! Had been craving for my Peach Fruitini for the longest time! And definitely missed the place so much! ❤
 photo 20150228_000105_zpsbfcash8e.jpg

 photo 20150228_000520_zpsqywqyhqb.jpg

Fries + pizza + a hole
Sorry, was too hungry! xD


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