Chingay 2015 Parade 2!

28 February 2015

The weekend was practically a marathon of Chingay, staycation and work! So exhausting that I didn’t even feel like it existed! But at least it was a good one ((:

Saturdate before Chingay! Yummy Portobello made with ❤
 photo 20150228_123736_zpsqzlpvwwx.jpg

 photo 20150228_122411_zpsbbplrmur.jpg

Eyes on you~

Someone’s first llao llao! Heehee! Thank goodness it was a positive review, if not I would have to finish the whole cup on my own! But thank you for satisfying my craving too (((:
 photo 20150228_133524_zpsocy0bc9x.jpg

Silliest joke of the day! xD
 photo 20150228_133124_zpsgw6wmwdz.jpg

“What’s that??? *pointing to the brown crumbs*”

“Caramelised cookies~*

“Oh… I thought is pork floss…”


Off to JAS to prepare for Chingay and I decided not to go so early since the girls were coming in late too~ But still managed to put on the annual face paint (and hand paint) that I didn’t have chance to for parade 1! 😀

Didn’t have time to rehearse and off we went to F1! But I really ain’t as worried this year about rehearsing, cause I pretty much know the steps once I hear the music…haha!

 photo IMG-20150228-WA0014_zpsgl01fddi.jpg

Ready for our final parade!!!

With my group this year! I couldn’t form my own group this year since we were lacking of 1 person, but these aunties and uncles whom I have known for years agreed to let us join them! (:
 photo IMG-20150301-WA0010_zpssbe5iu1v.jpg

Finally took the desired photo that Lyn wanted to take with Uncle Tan!
 photo 20150228_184843_zpskkgg848s.jpg

Same positions as 3 years ago! 😀

 photo 20150228_184709_zps7plgkoek.jpg

Nice shot with Uncle Tan!

 photo 20150228_184928_zpsgfisu1w2.jpg

AKA our lollipop Uncle! 😀

 photo 20150228_184958_zpswotgkgvo.jpg

With my most helpful assistant! Hahaha!

Skipped the dinner and went around with my selfie stick to cam-whore instead! It’s the last day and I hadn’t been taking enough pictures!!!
 photo 20150228_185539_zpsiligrynr.jpg

 photo 20150228_185358_zpsmfwmxzpe.jpg


 photo 20150228_191702_zpsmobjplpg.jpg

Selfie as requested by Mr Black! 😀

 photo 20150228_185505_zps62w8gppx.jpg

Wefie-ing and people around just joined in!

Just the 3 of us! (:
 photo 20150228_185433_zpsrmav9xnv.jpg
 photo 20150228_185452_zpswosiy264.jpg
 photo 20150228_185442_zps8w2gam9t.jpg
 photo 20150228_185450_zpsvcqjrcq9.jpg

With my teammates from last year! Surprised that most of them still recognise me and I was like, “Wah! You still remember me ah! =OOO
 photo 20150228_185627_zpszw0cq5jl.jpg

Finally found all my pretty dancers for a picture!!! Starting with Kelly first!

 photo 20150228_190045_zpschfxr6ti.jpg

Lyn’s face spells jealousy…ROFL

 photo 20150228_190051_zpshu36kddi.jpg

With the 2 NDP seniors!

 photo 20150228_190117_zps5yodxott.jpg

And my favourite Steven 老师!

 photo 20150228_190342_zpsf1ixzdbc.jpg

With the super busy sai kang warrior!

Did a prank on her last week by queuing up as one of the participants from her group to collect the flower prop from her… Everyone took and go, took and go, but when it came to my turn, I was like, “I don’t want this.” So she changed one for me without looking up, then I said the same. She changed it once again and I rejected again, then she finally looked up at me, glaring, ready to scold, until she realised it was me! LOLOL!

Found my 2 pretty ladies too! Had been looking for them for the past weeks!!! But each time I reached, they were already out for their show x.x
 photo 20150228_190616_zps7curx3sy.jpg

 photo 20150228_190531_zpsvbzcguwq.jpg

With the pretty siao char boh #1 – Jenny!!! ❤

With Auntie Pok whom I went Batam with (Anna’s mum)!
 photo 20150228_190826_zps55h5wtci.jpg

 photo 20150228_190954_zps3xx4w3bp.jpg

With the pretty siao char boh #2 – Anna!!! ❤

 photo 20150228_191429_zpsboltokzk.jpg

Surrounded by 3 pretty gardens! 😀

 photo 20150228_191957_zpsx47lig6o.jpg

With Karen!

 photo 20150228_192050_zpsxxhxgscr.jpg

A wefie together! Hehe!

 photo 20150228_191842_zpsfh89ehro.jpg

NDPeeps! ❤

 photo 20150228_192121_zpsj9khexqd.jpg

With BS 老师!!!

 photo 20150228_192852_zpstucanbxx.jpg

With Ah Eng auntie again! 😀

Really cam-whored so much that I kept hitting people with my selfie stick, because I didn’t wanna keep shortening it then extend again~ Hahaha!

 photo 20150228_194513_zpsjgs4o4kn.jpg

With Chii Hian!

 photo 20150228_194818_zpshixxiuui.jpg

With our float!

 photo 20150228_194904_zpstbw13ts5.jpg

With the vintage car!

My 2 partners for this year and it’s both their first year with JAS! (:
 photo 20150228_192940_zpsnak97vyi.jpg
 photo 20150228_194831_zpsx2f6lg4q.jpg

 photo 20150228_194559_zpsct5bbfzu.jpg

Flower girls!

 photo 20150228_194653_zpsdurpbt6i.jpg

With Mickey-san! 😀

And because he commented that I look the same in all the shots, we did this funny face shot! Hahaha!
 photo 20150228_194704_zpspwaomd1w.jpg

Almost missed the chance of taking with another of my favourite group leader – Lily!
 photo 20150228_1955430_zpszppx1rhe.jpg

 photo 20150228_195340_zpsjebb3ain.jpg

One last look at our pretty float!!

The parade went quite well but again, it didn’t feel like it’s our actual and final parade! No excitement from the past nor lump-in-throat feeling~ I just felt extremely tired and sleepy instead that I was napping at a corner before the show! Hahaha!

Managed to catch the pretty fireworks from not-the-best-view but still beautiful (:
 photo 20150228_215319_zpsozkq67wd.jpg
 photo 20150228_215320_zpsfmnqvhvx.jpg
 photo 20150228_215316_zpscpud1cyx.jpg
 photo 20150228_215333_zps5zmrkhkj.jpg
 photo 20150228_215352_zps3massipd.jpg
 photo 20150228_215353_zpsk2wmfvil.jpg
 photo 20150228_215355_zpsii0khu4o.jpg

Had our usual 庆功宴 after the show but because we have many more people this year, it was held at F1 itself instead of JAS ballroom~ I was hoping it will still be an awesome party like past years but it wasn’t 😦

We only got a bento set (which is not very nice) and lots of beer.No more buffet and feast like I told the girls! The hype was no longer there as well and we didn’t stay for long~
 photo 20150228_220243_zpsjbosiijw.jpg

A mandatory photo with my favourite Japanese friend before I go! Looking forward to seeing you again next year!!! ((:
 photo 20150228_222630_zpsnlc9qml3.jpg

Off to join the girls for staycation and it was another night of party! Seriously too old for this – as in partying for 2 consecutive nights, but I was still excited because it’s my first staycation!!! Finally one 😀


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