PPGs’ Staycation @ Studio M!

28th February – 1st March 2015

So as I mentioned, I had a staycation with my girls right after the final Chingay parade; my very first staycation!!! 😀 Rushed down to Studio M to join them since they had been waiting the whole day for me!

We were definitely ready to party hard because look at the amount of alcohol contribution, for just the 4 of us! Hahahaha!
 photo 20150228_235735_zps0yenrmbv.jpg

We had a free upgrade for the room since it was part of Nad’s birthday privilege but it still look rather small than what we expected~ I wonder if there was really an upgrade and if there was, how small would the original room look! =O
 photo 20150301_003317_zpszzlhutr4.jpg

But I like the 2-storey concept whereby there’s a stairs leading to our bed on the second level! (:
 photo 20150301_115903_zpsrfepe7as.jpg
 photo 20150301_115921_zpsjxl18a84.jpg

The girls awaiting for me to start the party since I was the last to reach hence last to shower and etc! Haha!
 photo 20150301_003333_zpsz5j88w2p.jpg

Lots of junk food awaiting too! xD
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0042_zpsbybzid07.jpg

The Queen of Alcohol mixing our drinks for us!
 photo 20150301_023513_zpsv78gugeo.jpg

Decided to try lychee Choya since the Martini we had tasted weird, so we had lots of lychees left that were meant for our Lychee Martinis!
 photo 20150301_024049_zpsdrryu233.jpg

It was a night of drinks, snacks, ultra-spicy cuttlefish, Dai Dee & endless chit-chats about exes and who’s after who~ All the way till 4am and how I wish we could stay up all night long! But I was already feeling damn tired after a night of partying the previous night x.x

Furthermore, I had to work the next day! –CRYYYYY!!!– Really regretted for being so “siao on” and also 心软 for agreeing to help! Seriously didn’t know how I survived this exhausting weekend~

Finally it was bed time and it’s the first time in our 16 years that the 4 of us squeezed onto a bed together! ❤ But first, the mandatory bedtime photos first! Hehe!
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0036_zpsy0su0ecz.jpg
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0037_zpsoagnockw.jpg
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0035_zpsywgblulu.jpg
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0039_zps19rcwdxm.jpg
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0040_zpsanc6wyle.jpg
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0038_zpsp0qpnxym.jpg

Conclusion: Nadine is the best with bedtime photos expressions! Hahaha! So reluctant to wake up the next morning for check-out 😦 So so so reluctant to go for work too!!! But luckily I still had time for a brunch with the girls before going~

Last cam-whoring before check-out!
 photo 20150301_121748_zpsqeff5xfe.jpg
 photo 20150301_121641_zpsn1na2kal.jpg
 photo 20150301_121643_zpsc5zi3hj7.jpg
 photo 20150301_121817_zpsy66zwnux.jpg

 photo IMG-20150304-WA0041_zps3oosbi8b.jpg

PPGs ❤

Had brunch nearby at Spathe Public House, as recommended by hungrygowhere~ Nice place! But pretty pricey for a brunch… hmmmm.
 photo 20150301_125829_zpsvh72busw.jpg

 photo 20150301_124736_zpsoqljcmxv.jpg

More bottles???

Ordered one breakfast set to share, along with two waffles, one savory and one sweet! (:
 photo 20150301_125727_zps848s3lny.jpg
Some roast chicken waffle, which is not bad on its own! The waffle is kinda redundant since it gets soggy~
 photo IMG-20150304-WA0047_zpst2oxohvg.jpg

We were pretty excited to try the red velvet waffle because it just looks so aesthetically appetising! But it turned out way too sweet for our liking >.<
 photo 20150301_130243_zpsyhwoyh4n.jpg

Off for work and it was a continuous 7 hours of standing on the sales floor with 1 hour of dinner break in between! I actually wasn’t hungry but I still had something in Paris Baguette just so that I could have a seat!

Mad tireddddddd~ Ultra lack of sleep plus legs getting 酸 😦 Used to be able to stand for 11 hours full shift! But it’s the 人情 I have to return for all the staff-priced Braun Buffel wallets I had gotten from my cute ex-colleagues x.x

All 3 of them even gave me angbaos! Hehe! I used to work for them during poly days but they still remember me after so many years! This time round they really really needed help so I didn’t bear to reject~
 photo IMG_20150301_172601_zps6jeryzrv.jpg

Couldn’t wait to finish work and finally go home for a rest! It’s one day I appreciated even more the luxury of having someone to fetch you after a tiring day of work~ Seriously seriously thankful for it!!! It’s something I really appreciated and will never take for granted ((:


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