FOL Week!

Just realised FOL actually meant “Fuck Our Lives”, but not in my dictionary! Haha! It means Full Of Love here ((:

Was feeling so exhausted after the “Chingay marathon” + work that I hardly feel that the weekend even existed! And it doesn’t help that I woke up from a painful eye, again!

I mentioned that during the Batam trip trip, I had a pump in my right eye causing some pain which went on and off~ I thought it was gone for good but somehow it appeared again, but on the lower lid this time!

Decided to finally go see the doctor and it’s been so long since I last had someone accompanying me to the doctor! I have always dreaded going alone because somehow it just feels more scary x.x

Lunch while waiting for my turn! So many people having eye problem? Hmmmm. Anyway, was granted permission to eat curry and hence, I finally got the chance to try the yummy chicken rice with curry! Hehe!
 photo 20150302_121420_zpspsmdvc03.jpg

The diagnosis turned out to be an eye infection aka the legendary “bak zum”! The one that the old folks say you get when you peep at people in the toilet -_- I did not!!!

But of course I know that’s just a bullshit myth and the real cause is more of eye makeup being washed into the eye plus perhaps heatiness (luckily I already had my curry!! 😛 )~ Thank goodness it was nothing serious, although the doctor did mention that if it gets worse, I may have needed to go for an eye operation! >.<

Was given 1 day MC and then it was 7 hours of snuggling in bed~ Can’t believe it was 7 hours! Was it really 7 hours?? A day just passed by like that 😦
 photo 20150303_190543_zpsawefgzmg.jpg

I seriously can’t remember much of what happened for the rest of the week except that I was busy finishing up my round’s episodes before I could help out with Ally’s, since she was on leave~ And I thought I would finally be freed from this project once she’s back to take over, but who knows the EP requested for me to re-edit instead! –CRYYYYYYY!!!

Oh I think this was the week that I caught Fifty Shades of Grey too! Already wrote my review here, so shall not comment further~

Managed to go for a swim one of the days after work as well, and thank goodness my eyes did not get further infected by the extra-salty water! =X

Saturdate with second movie of the week and also the last on my wanna-watch list – Ah Boys to Frogmen!

It was quite funny; I enjoyed it, but all the hardcore advertising is such a turn-off!!! I mean I have never seen product placement being so hardcore seriously…Zzzzzz.

Dessert Bowl after that before heading to MINDS~! 😀 So long since I last been here! Cause it’s always full house so I always didn’t didn’t get to eat my favourite durian mousse!
 photo 20150307_144135_zpsswqwokfb.jpg

 photo 20150307_144150_zpspgt3joko.jpg


 photo 20150307_150653_zpssx9xexze.jpg

Miniature Mahjong!

 photo 20150307_150636_zpsipt2mc0j.jpg

Looks so real and detailed!

Finally back to project again after all the Chingay rehearsals and we taught the residents how to make medals this week! The usual dinner after that and then Mac for chit-chat; no card game this week because the owner was not present..haha!

With le new volunteer!
 photo 20150307_212116_zps8tr3xhy9.jpg

And then the topic of the night was probably this imitation of my Han Wei! Hahahahahaha! It all started with Jason commenting that Janelle looks like HW, so they got us to “reenact” this photo so as to put side by side for comparison. They even drew the heart on Janelle’s shirt so that it has the same pattern as HW’s! LOL!!!


Do you think they look like???? I think Janelle is too chubby and fair to be HW 😛 不像不像!

Cam-whore session with my mighty selfie stick! 😀
 photo 20150307_212206_zpszeslfeqo.jpg
 photo 20150307_212245_zpstli1kwiu.jpg

 photo 20150308_223235_zpsj6omcir2.jpg

Gifts from Europe!!!

Went Sis’s place for stayover because I had to babysit the babyyyyy the next day! Vic has got his bike rally so Sis needed someone to look after Isaac while she showers and etc~ I didn’t mind since that only means Yiyi & Isaac’s bonding time~! 😀
 photo 20150308_095033_zpskvhynrxd.jpg

Look who the camera caught for terrorising my phone!!! Hahaha!
 photo 20150308_095342_zpspdsj9nnb.jpg

Wefies wefies and more wefies! Isn’t his big face so adorable?! *pinch!!!*
 photo 20150308_095421_zpss8z2mprv.jpg
 photo 20150308_095426_zpst7dk2gka.jpg
 photo 20150308_095423_zpsju4gjd4j.jpg

Showing him the dual-cam function!
 photo 20150308_095744_zpsgktzuv9c.jpg

Then I got him to help me take a shot and this was what he took -_- And then he just 敷衍-ly said, “这个可以啦~ *passes me back the phone*
 photo 20150308_095829_zpsar3hibec.jpg

He actually knows how to take a proper photo because he has taken for Sis before! So I got him to try again and this was his shot! Haha! Not bad right~ Just that I’m looking damn cui with my naked face >.<
 photo 20150308_105442_zpstnpcmfwh.jpg

Favourite shot of the day! ❤
 photo 20150308_095537_zpsarrxxst6.jpg

Played Playdoh with him and I guess only Sis and I were really enjoying it! The boy was only interested in mixing different colours of plasticine and destroying our products! Hahaha!

Pororo by Sis and Piggy by me! I am really quite bad in Art and Craft, so I am proud of my piggy already! xD
 photo 20150308_115619_zpsj61qypzs.jpg

Started the brand-new week with my favourite eggplants!!!
 photo 20150309_135141_zpsbap7kizp.jpg

And finally satisfied my urge to sing with an impromptu K session! 😀
 photo 20150309_205035_zpsgts21fa5.jpg

Singing my heart out~~~ Super shiok feeling!
 photo 20150309_224252_zpshlam2lgg.jpg

Trying Tom Yum dry noodle for the first time; love it!!!
 photo 20150310_125514_zps5p0wev5e.jpg

Received this from one of the APs saying that it’s from my secret lover~ For a moment I thought it was her wedding invitation! But it’s not!!!
 photo 20150310_144058_zpsbvhesn30.jpg

It turned out to be someone else’ invitation card being recycled into this! I totally burst out laughing when I opened it! HAHAHAHA! And neither do I have to guess who is it from! Cause it’s the same person who used Han Wei’s photo as Christmas card!!! xD
 photo 20150310_144046_zpsfb2y5y3i.jpg

Despite it being amusing, I am really amazed by the effort that he even added flowers on it! So basically it’s pretty much like a handmade card! Hahaha! Though the flowers made it look a little inauspicious, 但很有心, and totally made my day! *thumbs up!*
 photo 20150310_144119_zps1zgxaghb.jpg


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