Birthday Celebrations! (Part 1)

I’m back I’m back!!! Have been really busy the whole of March with birthday celebrations and my trip! Finally here to clear up some overdue if not Miss Queen got nothing to read during her night shift…hahaha!!!

Since I have so many posts to clear, I shall 长话短说 and let my pictures speak my thousand words~ First celebration was with my favourite girls! ❤
 photo 20150310_225340_zpsx9xoukg9.jpg

We were playing Mahjong halfway when they surprised me with a cake! Haha!
 photo 20150310_225630_zpsm0hobxbh.jpg

 photo 20150310_230050_zpsalzmtz6l.jpg

Surrounded by mini tiles! xD

 photo C360_2015-03-10-23-19-13-892_zpsrltv3chv.jpg
 photo C360_2015-03-10-23-18-59-322_zpscpkdbvvc.jpg
 photo C360_2015-03-10-23-17-02-964_zps5rhrbueh.jpg

 photo 20150310_235647_zps1mtd4sgi.jpg

Pressie that I needed!!! ❤❤❤

With much LOVES~!
 photo C360_2015-03-10-23-16-42-254_zpsdunzov2m.jpg
 photo C360_2015-03-10-23-15-35-928_zps8xts4vdh.jpg

 photo 20150312_200504_zpsrnuaoebj.jpg

Second celebration with my 2 loves!

 photo 20150312_200357_zps75scbzjj.jpg
 photo 20150312_200604_zpssxh6vcav.jpg

Pissed face probably because someone kept trying to take photos of me -_-
 photo 20150312_200846_zpsts4nd2yx.jpg

 photo 20150312_200906_zps8n4pfwuy.jpg
 photo 20150312_201043_zps3z1dy9pl.jpg
 photo 20150312_201052_zps6g25cgsb.jpg

Couldn’t stop stealing bites from the Chocolate Origin cake before our food was served! Hahaha! Super nice pleaseeeeeee!!!

 photo 20150312_2041210_zpsknfiukvz.jpg

The same super nice mushroom pizza!!! ❤

And then second round at TCC to use up my 40% off member’s birthday privilege!
 photo 20150312_215141_zps4y0timun.jpg

 photo 20150312_215447_zpsnwrmpqov.jpg

Super yummy mushroom bites!!!!!!!!!

 photo 20150312_215714_zpseqqxprmd.jpg

Lava cake!

 photo 20150312_221530_zpsdfoq1q77.jpg

Mango cake but mangoes were black 😦

Third celebration was with Clique, another group of important people in my life ((:
 photo 20150313_201913_zpsww49sr8a.jpg

 photo 20150313_195734_LLS_zps5zxuesdw.jpg

Part of the $400+ dinner =X

Ended off with drinks and chats at WJ’s house! When was the last time we all gathered like this?
 photo 20150313_234006_zpskyjeeily.jpg

Feeling blessed and happy to have all these friends and important people still celebrating another year of birthday for me and with me. Thank you, everyone ((:


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