Birthday Celebrations! (Part 2)

 photo 20150314_114936_zpswz2bh9mk.jpg

Saturdate before MINDS
Super yummy nasi lemak!!!

Lady luck was on our side and someone finally managed to try the kong bak pau that was sold out the previous time~
 photo 20150314_114025_zpscc3z2kvh.jpg

 photo 20150314_114739_zpsfmkcmstz.jpg

I am guilty of this; always.
I get irritated easily when I am hungry!

Off for MINDS Sports Day which was held at RP! First time being in the campus~
 photo 20150314_152234_zpsrhgcgdnh.jpg

After various sports games with the residents under the super hot sun!
 photo 20150314_152236_zps306ckepo.jpg

Went for a few more games around the campus before we gotta prepare for the final race! I was arrowed to run for the race this year but I didn’t mind since it’s a relay run, not like some marathon~ Furthermore it’s my first time in these 7 years to join them on their sports day, so it will be meaningful to race together with my cute residents! (:

It started drizzling so the relay race was held indoor instead, which is good because that means I can run barefoot without having to change to sports shoes! HAHAHA! Caught on candid camera with my ugly bare feet while briefing our resident on what to do later!
 photo IMG-20150317-WA0001_zpst0zp8nfh.jpg

I didn’t know we actually came in 2nd until I received the certificate! Proud of it already because it’s my first race ever! LOL. I mean I do like to do short-distance runs back in school but I have never really like joined a competition or a race before~

Cute Minion giving out the certificates because that’s the mascot for the Sports Day! 😀 A pity I did not get to take a picture with him!
 photo 20150314_174007_zpsrh5yvw1v.jpg
 photo 20150314_173931_zpsmcxskdze.jpg
 photo 20150314_173943_zps92bpradq.jpg

 photo 20150314_183336_zpsd9kmkxyi.jpg

Our certificates for the day!

 photo 20150314_183406_zpsmunmzios.jpg

Gold Standard (:

Usual dinner with the volunteers after a sweaty day and it was also March the 13th, which means PI DAY! You know like π? 3.14159265359? xD

 photo 20150314_205205_zps9kzt57sj.jpg

Pies treat from our 老大!!!

And guess what I’m doing?
 photo 20150314_211343_zpsbdkqv3d6.jpg

Fanning with the 老大’s money like a tai tai! LOL. I hope I didn’t get STOMP-ed doing that in the middle of McDonalds…hahaha!
 photo 20150314_211348_zpsdyhodtdn.jpg

And then a 4th celebration, with the volunteers (:
 photo IMG_20150314_222537_zps79zm2hee.jpg
 photo IMG-20150317-WA0006_zpstff1mgop.jpg

Haircut on the next day to save shampoo for my trip~
 photo 20150315_121143_zpsfsj6v1ke.jpg

The baby monster came over at night and I had my 5th celebration!

 photo 20150315_204705_zpsg22oqgw3.jpg

Helping to fix candle for Yiyi ((:

But as usual, his help came with a motive; it was the cake that he was always aiming for! Like maybe by dipping the candle onto the cake deep enough, he might get some cream on his hand for a starter -_- And if that doesn’t work, then just be fast enough to grab a cookie from the cake while everyone’s busy taking pictures! ROFL. Literally a cookie monster!!!!!!
 photo 20150315_205118_zpspi6wzj9l.jpg

Happy with his cookie in mouth!
 photo 20150315_205131_zpsbwo54pbq.jpg
 photo 20150315_205129_zpsbxrialwp.jpg
 photo 20150315_205315_zpskmp7k2xc.jpg
 photo 20150315_205316_zpsouatmfi6.jpg

Singing birthday song for me in the 3 languages (English, Mandarin & Malay) that he knows ❤
 photo 20150315_205342_zpsaf1kfwmb.jpg
 photo 20150315_205338_zpsmojfba65.jpg

Making wishes together (((:
 photo 20150315_205455_zpshzhnty62.jpg
 photo 20150315_205457_zpslcyz4dfk.jpg
 photo 20150315_205504_zpsh6q00s5f.jpg
 photo 20150315_205505_zpssgmmi6s0.jpg

Insisting on cutting others’ birthday cake as usual -_-”
 photo 20150315_205554_zpsb1lx0uik.jpg
 photo 20150315_205552_zpswe7r1rta.jpg
 photo 20150315_205607_zpsubcuelkz.jpg
 photo 20150315_205608_zpstztvduoy.jpg
 photo 20150315_205611_zpsndtjv4oz.jpg

Ending with a pissed off face again because he really couldn’t wait for the cake already!!! Hahaha!
 photo 20150315_205620_zps4wo9tiaz.jpg


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