Birthday Celebrations! (Part 3)

Counting the number of celebrations I had is not because I wanted to show off or anything, after all I’m not someone who wanna have lots of friends, I just need a few true friends~ I wanna document them down just to remind myself how blessed I am (:

So 6th celebration was with Kai Bin & co over at Five & Dime! Last year I celebrated my birthday there as well with Shi Min but I didn’t mind going again because they have nice food and interior!
 photo IMG-20150316-WA0008_zpsnpvrqrrs.jpg

 photo 20150316_200814_zps4d0fn2wc.jpg

Smoked duck maki!
Quite special, I like it! (:

 photo 20150316_204509_zps6ne9gv5g.jpg

Combined celebration with Kai Bin again! 😀

 photo 20150316_204515_zpsxc4nbckr.jpg

Nice lemon cake; much nicer than it seems!

 photo 20150316_204521_zpsaygyziss.jpg

The must-have salted egg yolk molten cake! ❤

 photo IMG-20150316-WA0022_zpsz5wndd3v.jpg
 photo IMG-20150316-WA0018_zpsnkjic5pv.jpg

 photo 20150316_204604_zpsvgt8olky.jpg

Seriously can’t remember why I was pouting =/

So yea I started making my wish before Kai Bin…
 photo 20150316_204607_zpslptncb3n.jpg

Wishing together…
 photo 20150316_204609_zpsajhhbubv.jpg
 photo 20150316_204612_zps6a1kavgs.jpg

But when she was done, I wasn’t done yet as usual!!! LOL!
 photo 20150316_204617_zpsowk0baxq.jpg

Which reminds me of last year‘s celebration, the same thing happened except that she was posing to the camera while I was still wishing instead of looking at me! Hahahahaha!!! Sorry, I am always greedy with my wish 😛
 photo 20140318_211101_zps63c6e483.jpg

But my long wish caused some disaster this time and this is the screenshot of my epic reaction in the video! LOLOL. Seriously epic!
 photo IMG-20150316-WA0011_zpsxlshacwy.jpg

And it’s damn funny that Limin was constantly chanting in the background of the video asking us to quickly blow the candles, yet I was totally absorbed in my wish that I had a major shock when I saw the thing burning! ROFL!

Trying our best to put out the fire xD
 photo 20150316_204620_zpsfy6zlvrd.jpg

 photo 20150316_204645_zpsh4qgrqwv.jpg

Poor deco!

 photo IMG-20150316-WA0016_zpszqpdsqcs.jpg

Miss this!

 photo 20150316_210910_zpsvi9kefwy.jpg

Thank you girls for contributing to my trip!

Group pictures!
 photo IMG-20150316-WA0014_zpswvtbkpzq.jpg
 photo IMG-20150316-WA0013_zpsjirkveul.jpg

But not enough~ More selfies with my mighty selfie stick! 😀
 photo 20150316_205947_zpst4qyjq88.jpg
 photo 20150316_210009_zpssnlxgicb.jpg
 photo 20150316_210031_zpsdk4slout.jpg
 photo 20150316_210034_zps5d2ar3mc.jpg

 photo 20150318_100730_zpsamnrcdew.jpg

Soundly asleep! xD

 photo 20150318_124626_zpsvmglnisc.jpg

全家幅 with new members! Hehe!

Trying all ways for a candid shot 😛
 photo 20150318_130523_zps9vwmetf3.jpg
 photo 20150318_130906_zpsbcqm7h5b.jpg

 photo IMG_20150316_141124_zpsd0e2vp0a.jpg

Finally tried the hot stone rice!

 photo 20150317_2107031_zpsljp1ds1q.jpg

When heat pack collection came with a mini surprise!

 photo 20150317_210834_zpsrfq2krah.jpg

A 9th lil’ sweet thought ((:

 photo 20150318_135737_zpsrcfgkrr3.jpg

Finally tried the bibimbap too! ❤

Sweet token of appreciation from Thapa’s Sis! For helping her to deliver 5kg worth of stuff to Thapa! Hahaha!
 photo 20150318_190102_zpscku0wsso.jpg

 photo 20150318_203920_zpsipbt9a8m.jpg

Lady M treat from buddy as promised 😀

 photo 20150318_203857_zpsm3braib2.jpg

Finally had it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 photo 20150318_203844_zps2aswhyhq.jpg

New chocolate flavour!
Super nice too! OMG~ *drooling*

 photo 20150318_204107_zpsw7d8d5an.jpg

Eggs Royale; always my favourite!

A last farewell lunch before I leave~
 photo 20150319_144259_zpsrewitaf3.jpg
 photo 20150319_144043_zpstdyyf74w.jpg

Squeezing out the last bit of quality time; watching planes fly past the sea before it’s my turn to be up there~
 photo 20150319_211951_zpsn4j1j3od.jpg

 photo 20150320_173135_zps7ryyqu1l.jpg

10th and also the last celebration right before I fly

 photo 20150320_173149_zps1z0sdxjw.jpg

Thank you, my lovely colleagues ❤

Rushed off to the airport right after work and I really couldn’t wait to leave. Finally cleared Tiger Mum, which I had been heavily involved in because Ping was not around to take charge this time. I had to take over to do the transitions, AE graphics and all, everything that I pretty much suck in.

Not to mention that this was also the only drama so far that I was involved for 14 episodes’ edit/re-edit; that’s like more than half the drama! So it was really a long journey for this project and I really really felt a tremendous weight off my shoulders! It’s really time for me to take a break from these stressful 3 months without Ping. And like what J said, “去了那里就不要想这里的东西了”, which was exactly what I wanna do. To take a break from everything.


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