Jet Lag

As much as I was really happy to be back to work (yes, call me crazy, but that’s how much I love my job), it was an horrendous week suffering with a major jet lag!!! Tossing and turning, not being able to fall asleep, then waking up in the middle of the night wide awake after you have finally fallen asleep; seriously no joke. I was basically still living with a GMT+2 body clock, feeling mad sleepy in the day and energetic at ungodly hours…Zzzzz.

Attended the first NDP meeting of the year on my first jet lag day, because I will be helping out more than just performing this year~ I didn’t even have much appetite to dig on the buffet like everyone because I just felt like puking the whole day somehow -_- Apparently, nausea is indeed a symptom of jet lag! I was like the first to get full and all the girls at my table think I am weird, because they were still hungry despite 8275161927 rounds. FAINT~

So it was a night of eating > meeting. Or maybe it was meant for bonding. I do hope the few of us bond well and can work well together, because the last thing I really want is to get into any conflict. I agreed to help only because I can learn more, and the sense of achievement will also be greater knowing that I will be more involved this year.

 photo IMG-20150406-WA0009_zpsygnvga8t.jpg

The new AGLs

 photo 11095243_10153300670837664_5742056205563261839_n_zpsit2qszdo.jpg

Joining the 幕后英雄 aka 台下伟人

 photo IMG-20150406-WA0013_zpseij40ivf.jpg

Spot me!

Endless wefies even after we left and that was also when my selfie stick got spoiled! –CRY!!!!– 😦
 photo IMG-20150406-WA0005_zpsdvktuiqv.jpg
 photo 11149357_10153276304564587_1450557289866450217_n_zps7rdg7ypc.jpg
 photo IMG-20150406-WA0007_zpsx5grxlyk.jpg
 photo IMG-20150406-WA0004_zps6ge6jx6c.jpg
 photo IMG-20150406-WA0011_zpsllbtluhc.jpg

So, I was basically like a walking zombie the first 3 days when I was back, and it doesn’t help that I had director coming in for re-edit for our new drama! Yes! It’s supposed to be “NEW” drama because I thought we just wrapped for Tiger Mum?! So imagine my shock when I received the news that the directors are coming in the very same week when I was back.

I barely edited that drama because I was stuck with TM and by the time I was done, it was my trip so everything was done by my dear colleague instead. Tried explaining to the client that it would be better for my colleague to do the re-edit instead since she edited like 85% of the 8 episodes? But client didn’t seem to get it and insisted on sticking to me, so I had no choice but to take over~

Thank goodness the director is kinda nice and easygoing! The AP is also a good friend of buddy! But I was trying so hard to keep myself awake during the edits because it was time to sleep on my body clock… So the first week I was just trying to tire myself out with activities like cycling and swimming with Gui so that I can sleep at night!

Just nice this bestie of mine wanna get rid of his expanding belly, so I found myself a good exercising partner whom I can chat non-stop with and also work out! 😀 We rode all the way from Bishan Park to my favourite reservoir at Lower Pierce and it was mad tiring! Cause my bike is spoiled and I was riding all the way with a punctured tyre x.x
 photo 20150408_210943_zps1jlsrzbu.jpg

Quite scary as it was almost pitch dark inside! But had such a good HTHT along the way that we have not had for a long long time! Swam the next day and I was his motivator, because he told him not to give him any chance to rest…hahaha! I think he regretted saying that, because I am not lenient on such thing~ Which is good too because in a way I am motivating myself to keep swimming too! (:

Finally got my appetite and body clock back bit by bit and I couldn’t wait to try all the food that I miss!!! Seriously, I missed the local food so much because all I had was pasta, pizza and fast food in Europe 😦 So I had so much cravings when I was back!

 photo 20150410_125905_zpsxpiwpoo4.jpg

Craving #1!

 photo 20150414_134539_zpse4a1ff4a.jpg

Craving #2!

Craving #3 was my 雷茶饭 which I forgot to take a picture before I gobbled up and #4 was of course my prata!!! But it was cold and unappetising-looking, so no picture as well~

My favourite food during my trip was probably the gelato there but that doesn’t mean I am sick of the ice-cream here! Hahaha!

 photo IMG_20150410_211109_zpszqlhdpxe.jpg

Häagen-Dazs! ❤


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