PJJ’s Birthday!

I think I have advertised for the Korean banana milk so much that even though I still can’t get my lifetime sponsorship from Binggrae, my friends around me will always remember my share whenever they go to Korea!
 photo 20150416_091043_zpsg7cehyhn.jpg

The super bloated ramen lunch~ Regret having one bowl on my own! There’s so much MSG that I was feeling like a thirsty hippo the whole day…Zzzzzz.
 photo 20150417_130553_zps4tji7bdh.jpg

 photo 20150417_161235_zps3ixsldem.jpg

Director’s sweet treat! 😀

Celebrated PJJ’s birthday at 12-storey high in the midst of their stairs training! They were training for the upcoming Mt. Kinabalu trip and we attacked with a surprise, all planned by the birthday girl’s sweet fiancé!
 photo 20150417_200002_zpsdv2nwdzc.jpg

 photo 20150417_195718_zpsi8ucya4u.jpg

Cake’s ready!

Camped there for a long time and the poor partners-in-crime had to climb so many rounds with the birthday girl before it was finally time for the surprise! Hahaha!

 photo 20150417_201738_zps9f6rosmo.jpg


 photo 20150417_202127_zpseseln2xt.jpg

Pretty nice view there! (:

And then finally, the moment came!
 photo 20150417_202755_zpsbjl6lptf.jpg

The most unglam birthday surprise ever! Hahahahaha!
 photo 20150417_202900_zpshk28o1vr.jpg

And maybe also the most failed one because PJJ appeared right in front of us without any notice and the birthday candle was not even lit! LOL. These were taken during take 2~
 photo 20150417_202908_zpsgoiizmpl.jpg

 photo 20150417_203110_zpsly3jf4tv.jpg

Happy Birthday Pauline Jie Jie! 😀

 photo 20150417_203159_zpscmtyv53u.jpg

One of the many lovebirds in TH!

 photo IMG-20150418-WA0001_zpswnznkiy5.jpg

Back to stairs training! 😛

Received a surprise Facebook message from Edmund (my no.1 blog stalker fan) the moment I got home, asking if I wanna join them to Chi Hwei’s house. I was definitely taken aback, since the last time I saw all these primary schoolmates was probably more than 2 years ago? And it’s super impromptu! Hahaha!

But I still decided to be spontaneous since it’s really a rare occasion that I’m invited and also it’s a Friday night~ Met up with Edmund first and he immediately started clarifying that he doesn’t hate me and etc, asking if I feel awkward…LOL. I wasn’t awkward since I don’t like to hold grudges; I get angry fast but I forget things very fast too, so I really wasn’t awkward until he asked and was so busy explaining himself xD

Joined the rest at Chi Hwei’s house and it was nice seeing all the old friends, especially Momo! We played “I have never” and thank goodness it wasn’t as sensitive or awkward as I thought…hahaha! We were all busy gossiping about old schoolmates after that and because we were so busy and enthusiastic about it, a conflict broke out which resulted in a sour end to the night…sigh~

Coincidentally, a conflict broke out after the birthday celebration earlier on too, so I witnessed like 2 conflicts in a day, and both on a happy occasion. But the conflict actually made me see the other side of these old friends – the less playful but mature side of them. Seeing how Chi Hwei actually “counselled” Edmund actually surprised me with how much he has matured and changed from the impulsive beng-ish boy in class to a really tolerant person today (:

And I don’t regret going because I really enjoyed and was happy seeing all the familiar faces! Just hope the matter can be resolved over time because it was a really, really silly argument…hahaha!

JB trip on the next day and it was an extra happy one for me, because it was a promise finally fulfilled, and that meant a lot to me. Ate so much and shopped so much! 😀 But could have bought more if Lyn did not suan that I have to go in to every shop…tsk.


许留山 but mangoes were wayyyyyy below usual standard! 😦
Look how black they are!


Super yummy nacho cheese mash potato!
WHY SG KFC NO HAVE! #suckerfornachocheese

Then right after the dessert and mashed potato, we bought a crepe =X
It’s like everything we see we wanna eat!!! Hahaha! I should stop hanging out with glutton!

 photo IMG-20150419-WA0001_zpseutarrqq.jpg

Free cotton candy!!! Teeheeeeee~!

Shopped the whole Sutera Mall and someone spent 1-HOUR in the fitting room~ But happy that everyone bought something at the end of the day! 😀 Cause I will feel sad whenever I didn’t have any loots.


Finally it was dinner time!

 photo 20150418_203424_zps3tsjfwsq.jpg

One of the best Tom Yum soup I had!
Super duper nice!!!

 photo IMG-20150419-WA0008_zpsncvnmedz.jpg

Aren’t they cuteeeeee?!

 photo 20150419_000051_zps8plhbpjx.jpg

Chilling back in SG~

Had the second NDP practice and we already started discussing on formations~ Starting to feel the stress on top of the dance steps, but I am grateful for the guardian angel who at least saved me from hell days. I know there will always be someone watching over me, but as much as I am thankful for that, I also know that I will have to be on my own some day, or maybe from now onwards. Nevertheless, I will still try to be more of a help than burden to my attached group leader.
 photo IMG-20150419-WA0014_zpscm6xtre7.jpg
 photo IMG-20150419-WA0009_zpsabg6r7fd.jpg


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