Labour Day with loveboy & Clique!

Ever since NDP practice started again, weekend has been alternating between Saturday MINDS and Sunday meeting + practice~ Could hardly find anytime to spend with le loveboy ever since I was back from my trip (yes, the one I haven’t had any time to blog about), except for the short lunch before practice on the first week. So thanks to the Labour Day, I finally had time to spend a whole day with him! 😀

A little fun while waiting for the restaurants to open up for lunch~ I remember I used to love driving these cars when I was a kid too! Boy-ish much, I know~

 photo 9722c547-a655-4585-b66c-07eaab61311e_zpscrgfkrrj.jpg

Chosen his white race car!

 photo 20150501_111541_zps69g4m31p.jpg

Off we go~

 photo 20150501_111452_zpswaab4ml9.jpg

Happy racer!

 photo 20150501_111512_zpsxlpqk8tt.jpg

“Horning” at others for no reason -_-“

 photo 20150501_111714_zpsn3iwlrik.jpg

Favourite pic of the day!

 photo 20150501_111707_zps2n87szgl.jpg

Having fun with the reverse button -__-“

 photo 20150501_111611_zpshxgyrt12.jpg

Like a pro~

Off to take the cable car after lunch! It’s been quite some time since I took it as well, if not for the family pass that Sis made for me (:
 photo 20150501_125941_zps5vx4zlqw.jpg

 photo 20150501_131247_zpsihwgxyy5.jpg

In the cable car!

 photo 20150501_131212_zpsslv8bgmq.jpg

With Papa & Mama!

 photo 20150501_131753_zpsihaxvub4.jpg

Pose #1

 photo 20150501_131758_zpsm2rfxhut.jpg

Pose #2

 photo 20150501_131759_zpsj1ubf11q.jpg

Pose #3

 photo 20150501_131329_zpsvk6lorf9.jpg

Amazed by the stationary cable car~

 photo 20150501_131327_zpspwbmpzdn.jpg

Enjoying his “ride”!

 photo 20150501_131816_zpsggasp9sf.jpg

The iconic face

Went to walk around Sentosa a bit and the naughty boy didn’t wanna let me take photo of him on purpose -_-”
 photo 20150501_132908_zpsx9pgjeca.jpg

 photo 20150501_132924_zpsapkk0nac.jpg


 photo 20150501_132833_zpsfmzyjgk0.jpg

With Mama!

 photo 20150501_132944_zpsjyh0dd4t.jpg

With Yiyi but why that face! Tsk~

 photo 20150501_132943_zpsktciwqtf.jpg

Cheeky boy!

Spent the night with Clique at Gui’s house because I had been wanting to gather everyone to share the chocolates, cookies and Moscato from Europe! And surprisingly, we had a super rare full attendance!!!!!! When was the last time that even happened??? I can’t recall~

 photo 20150501_213355_zpsdsvbvczt.jpg

Clique & alcohol somehow comes hand in hand =/

 photo 20150501_232747_zpscemhpwrw.jpg

The bottles we finished over games, plus some leftover Macallan and many bottles of other beer!

No one got drunk, surprisingly again…haha! Maybe we have all trained well by now? 😛

 photo IMG-20150501-WA0013_zpsaro6sm8z.jpg


 photo IMG-20150501-WA0012_zpsdayraez5.jpg

Photobomb-ed by Gui’s brother xD


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