Picnic with NDPeeps!

Drew up a perfect plan to celebrate Lyn’s birthday in advance since she has always been the most 有心 and 细心 friend ever~ It’s not any big fancy plan but just enough to fulfill her various wishes before she flies for her birthday trip! 😀

Tricked her for brunch at November 8 first, somewhere I promised her some time ago that I would bring her to!

 photo IMG-20150502-WA0019_zpsjywni5bi.jpg

The standard Flat White

 photo IMG-20150502-WA0017_zpsnh2kyxpy.jpg

Super addictive salted egg yolk fries!!!
Was craving ever since then!

After a long wait, we were finally served our yummy brunch! The standard is still the same as the previous time I visited! *thumbs up!*
 photo IMG-20150502-WA0018_zps9qrojiob.jpg

 photo 20150502_123837_zpsxfg2ccii.jpg


Next, managed to trick her down to Marina Barrage for kite-flying after brunch; okay, technically I did not trick her to go down because she already knows that we will be going to fly kite~ But she didn’t know that she would be ambushed by the rest who were already camping under the hot sun for her! 😛

Her “Eh!” reaction right after the tiring stairs-climbing was pretty funny…hahaha! And the ambush was definitely a success!!! Hehe!

 photo 20150502_141632_zpszltnb4fe.jpg


With poor Karen, who was the first to be roasted under the hot sun with Ronald~ But at least it didn’t rain! Thank god!!! I was so so so worried the whole week and when it rained in the morning, I got extra worried! Thought the session would fail but thankfully it did not! 😀
 photo 20150502_141608_zpsjluxdmf1.jpg

 photo IMG-20150502-WA0020_zpsujarbipp.jpg

The early birds!

 photo IMG-20150502-WA0023_zpsdtnhdxxp.jpg

With the birthday boy girl!

 photo 20150502_154214_zpsd3rcnael.jpg

Time to fly the kite! 😀

Flying the penguin after mastering from the great grand master~
 photo IMG-20150504-WA0000_zpsn67jcye7.jpg

 photo 20150502_153642_zpsmx7ysagg.jpg

With the red tomato!

 photo 20150502_153548_zpsynka8rjc.jpg

Chicken little xD

Penguin and Panda both flying happily in the sky! Hehe!
 photo 20150502_144014_zpsshjrprgy.jpg
 photo 20150502_152307_zpsus5wkchd.jpg

I have always wanted to organise a picnic session for the NDPeeps (I love picnics!) and I am glad that I finally did and at the same time, fulfilled the birthday girl’s kite-flying wish (:

Of course this couldn’t have been successful with the help of everyone!!! A pity we were all too full from brunch/lunch to eat much, so it was mainly kite-flying, frisbee, sleeping and chatting~ But I still hope everyone had some fun!


In the midst of cheeky act 😛

Took a really nice Polaroid shot for the cute couple! ((:
 photo IMG-20150504-WA0003_zps1unoeexr.jpg

 photo IMG-20150503-WA0001_zpszgdyeysn.jpg

Unexpectedly ugly face…hahahaha!

 photo IMG-20150504-WA0009_zpsedznggjo.jpg

Happy day! (((((:

 photo IMG-20150504-WA0012_zpszmptiaq0.jpg

NDPeeps <3!

Not much plan for the night so everyone dispersed for their individual plans while we ended it off by fulfilling the third wish of the birthday girl – Mahjong! I wanted to use whatever amount I have lost to her as her birthday present but I ended up winning the most!!! Un-un-un-un-unbelievable~~~~~~

I mean winning Mahjong is already a miracle for me, let alone being the main winner! Hahaha! Super proud of myself that I just had to take a picture of my winnings (though not much)! xD
 photo 20150502_234114_zpswwxbagwh.jpg

Late night supper – instant noodle, since we did not have our dinner…hahaha! Finally tried the super spicy Korean noodle that everyone raved about!
 photo 20150503_001155_zpshvu0sewe.jpg

 photo 20150503_001234_zps9vxkpgrx.jpg

Turning red xD

Hahahaha! It was indeed pretty spicy, but not the kind of spiciness that I had expected~ It’s more of burning-spicy, not shiok shiok spicy that makes you teary! But I think I can still finish a plate on my own cause I am a sucker for spicy food 😛

What spiciness does to us:
Her = Red tomato face
Me = Angelina Jolie’s lips x.x
 photo 20150503_001506_zpskw8ntkji.jpg


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