Winebos Night!

 photo IMG_20150508_093647_zpsgyiwcki6.jpg

Durian strudel ♡♡♡

Finally sang K together again and it was a night of emo songs~ Could feel all the negative sad ions floating around and eyes getting emotional along with the songs x.x

But drank up all emotions on Friday night with fellow volunteers over at Winebos! We had like so much wine because the prices are pretty reasonable and they even have this “buy 2 bottles get 1 free” promotion! Perfect for big groups like us! 😀

 photo 20150508_212811_zpsrtdses66.jpg

1 white (finished and thrown), 1 red and 1 Moscato!

 photo 20150508_212111_zpsfnebwui9.jpg

CHEERS~!!! 😀

With the 2 小妹s – Feng Zhu & Miss Piglet (she really looks like Piglet!!!)
 photo 20150508_224607_zpselvdjghh.jpg
 photo 20150508_2245410_zpsp4qu3i1f.jpg

Had lots of fun and laughter throughout the night and the alcohol basically made us crazier! We didn’t even need games! Hahaha! Another CHEERS shot~!
 photo IMG-20150508-WA0019_zpsfik0gltr.jpg

The 2 stressful ones who have been busy with the upcoming camp were 借酒消愁-ing xD
 photo 20150508_224648_zps5yq9t9op.jpg

 photo 20150508_224717_zpsxg7bwbac.jpg


 photo 20150508_224808_zpsfzvxvprv.jpg


Ordered another 3 bottles after Mr Mah joined and he was getting entertained by our high state by then -_- High, not drunk, I clarify! Okay, maybe 1 or 2 were gone at the end of the night, but the rest of us were more of caretakers~
 photo IMG-20150508-WA0015_zpsarikxfni.jpg

Celebrated the semi-drunk new TH chairperson’s birthday as well! 😀
 photo IMG-20150510-WA0014_zpsmi3xnzud.jpg

Finally 人到齐~ CHEERS shots again!!! xD
 photo IMG-20150508-WA0014_zpsgxzz6jdu.jpg

 photo IMG-20150508-WA0013_zpscibtkekw.jpg

Photobomb-ed by Jenelle -_-“

 photo 20150508_224511_zpsqsfzxud4.jpg

The scary snapper~

He snapped this super lian picture of me outside the washroom while I was taking care of Miss Piglet, who puked 38261873 times. So I was constantly talking to her and asking nonsensical questions just to make sure she doesn’t K.O inside…hahaha!
 photo IMG-20150512-WA0001_zpsp7dxpnmc.jpg

Nevertheless, this was probably one of the craziest nights we had and it’s good that we are serious when we need to be serious, but we can also have crazy fun together! Awesome bonding time! 😀 Group shots when we are at our highest, though it doesn’t show…hahaha!
 photo IMG-20150512-WA0010_zpst79cwxho.jpg
 photo IMG-20150512-WA0011_zpsteqfcyz5.jpg

Mad tired though and I totally cannot imagine waking up for next morning’s recce! KO-ed like once I hit my bed…Zzzzzz.


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