Mama’s Day & Vic’s Birthday!

Celebrated a belated Mother’s Day (for the very first time..haha!) and it was a simple lunch over at Dian Xiao Er before my practice (:
 photo 20150517_115324_zpshlzwjgr8.jpg

Just lunched there recently with Sis so we already know more or less what to order. The salted egg yolk fried lotus is a must-have!!!!!!
 photo 20150517_120020_zpscslybsay.jpg

 photo IMG_20150520_162909_zpsxsphg4v1.jpg

Shades Of The Day – Isaac’s funny shades! xD

Took the opportunity to celebrate Vic’s birthday in advance too since Isaac was “cravingggg for a birthday cake” again -_- Who actually craves for birthday cake?!?!
 photo 20150517_123411_zps5tmyefle.jpg

 photo 20150517_1235550_zpsss3elp70.jpg

外婆节快乐 😀

 photo 20150517_123456_zpsbzmvqw8j.jpg

Happy Birthday to Papa!

The mischievous boy was purposely making things difficult for me to take a proper photo again, so all the shots he’s either not looking into the camera when Sis is, or he’s looking in but Sis is not looking -_-”

So I had to like photoshop Sis’ head over to this and even for the picture of my mum and him! Hahaha! Thank god for Photoshop!
 photo 20150517_123738_zpsppllw7lv.jpg

 photo 20150517_123851_zpsvfjhl2mp.jpg

Singing the birthday song 😀

 photo 20150517_123854_zpsrpivt1vs.jpg

Making wish together! Hehe!

 photo 20150517_123901_zpskpwlahbd.jpg

“Ready to blow?”

 photo 20150517_123904_zpsfccakel9.jpg

Little one with big breath!

Then as usual, he was snatching with the birthday person to cut the cake -_-”
 photo 20150517_124053_zpsb4vl26bi.jpg
 photo 20150517_124044_zps23de3chj.jpg
 photo 20150517_124050_zpsvfntpah6.jpg

Went off for NDP practice and continued on our formations! But we are more prepared this time round because we had done our “homework” and with the individual formation papers that we have prepared for them, it also made things easier for them (:

So I had enough time to nag and nag at them to train them on when to move to what formations and etc, which is damn important to me. I am starting to like my Group 2 because at least they are quite cooperative, and I haven’t encountered any problematic or rude ones so far. *fingers crossed*

And despite my fierceness, which I can’t help it because sometimes I need to shout so that everyone can hear, and when I shout, I am naturally fierce (LOL), and sometimes it’s because I am in the midst of doing something important and I get interrupted by trivial questions, so my tone will be less patient, but they are still nice to me (:

One of them even offered to give me pen when I merely complained that I lost mine when I lent it to the participant the previous week…haha! I just hope they remain as cooperative and more importantly, patient because managing 90 people is not an easy task, let alone I have to remember my own formations and dance steps as well >.<

Thank goodness I have kidnapped Lyn over to my group and she’s able to help me remember my markers while I was busy watching over the group and didn’t have time to practise. So to reward her, I drove her for the very first time! Hahaha!

But only to Woodlands Waterfront again because that’s the easiest route 😛 Though someone was getting less patient this week because the thirst was taking over -.- Tskkkkk.

Had our mini picnic there with the Hong Kong goodies from Ah Lyn! 😀
 photo 20150517_215647_zpspaw8htvw.jpg

 photo 20150517_215940_zpsflvrm1bw.jpg

Indeed a classic dessert! ❤


So much goodies again!!! ((:


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