HSBC Muddy Walk!

No project on the 23rd so we actually had a volunteers bonding session! It was initially a karaoke session but somehow it ended up as trekking, which I don’t mind too because I need some exercise!

Was disappointed for a moment when it was raining in the morning; thought it would be cancelled. Thank goodness the rain stopped, but it became a super wet and muddy walk =X
 photo 20150523_160306_zpsldvo9m47.jpg

It’s my second time doing the HSBC treetop walk this time, though we took a much shorter route by starting from Venus Drive instead of MacRitchie, since we only had limited time to trek~
 photo 20150523_162104_zpsihaue09v.jpg

 photo 20150523_161147_zpsz1yrompl.jpg

Puddles everywhere!

 photo 20150523_165516_zpstfyr4dpe.jpg

And muddy ground!

 photo 20150523_181133_zpsbwe3athv.jpg

Legs were full of mud splashed on…

 photo 20150523_170844_zpsjwz9pkpp.jpg

Rocky paths

More wet and rocky paths…
 photo 20150523_170839_zpsxqnihtrg.jpg
 photo 20150523_170841_zpsd6xb1opr.jpg

And as a result of all the rocky paths, the sole of my shoe started coming off! And we were not even halfway through the trek! Hahaha! Thank goodness I brought my slippers, but I still continued with this pair till it really gave way~
 photo 20150523_170717_zpstuy5pdfn.jpg

First resting point!
 photo IMG-20150523-WA0006_zpsbhypevjq.jpg

To take a group picture 😛
 photo IMG-20150525-WA0019_zpsyyaevfn4.jpg

Continuing with our journey!
 photo 20150523_161152_zpsy1zij2hl.jpg

Actually it wasn’t a tiring trek to me at all, cause I can really walk. But somehow our best sportsman – Mr Law was starting to feel tired and kept asking for breaks, on the pretext that he’s scared we the sheep might be tired, so he as the shepherd gotta make sure we rest well -_- Look who’s the one with a walking stick!
 photo 20150523_162056_zpstdrtfftl.jpg

Finally reached the treetop walk! 😀
 photo IMG-20150523-WA0009_zpslbhirxa7.jpg

Cam-whore time~!
 photo 20150523_162943_zpshevrjdve.jpg
 photo IMG-20150523-WA0014_zpsk1k24zbl.jpg
 photo IMG-20150523-WA0007_zps60dwphqg.jpg

 photo 20150523_162929_zpskqfpfao0.jpg

Second time on the shaky bridge! (:

 photo 20150523_163038_zpsuqvw4c96.jpg

High above the ground~

 photo 20150523_163121_zps3hniw4cv.jpg

Amongst the treetops!

 photo IMG-20150523-WA0017_zpsd5euga4h.jpg

Another of the 38264978 breaks that the shepherd asked for 😛

Since it was still early and we took quite a short time to reach the midpoint, we decided to explore the Jelutong tower~ My first time up there!
 photo IMG-20150525-WA0016_zpsfhyrhud9.jpg

 photo IMG-20150525-WA0017_zpsppp4umpv.jpg

The shagged shepherd! LOL!

 photo 20150523_171915_zpsdy47ksia.jpg

The only building view available from the top that is not blocked by trees~

 photo 20150523_171924_zpsg319svik.jpg

Other view – trees, trees and more trees!

 photo IMG-20150523-WA0020_zps4oettqzp.jpg

Group pic again! 😀

 photo IMG-20150525-WA0014_zpsmbu6noxt.jpg

Can see that Jenelle is extremely irritated to selfie with us…LOL

The journey back to Venus walk was nothing less than wet, muddy, rocky paths again~ But I still had a good time because we sweated a lot, so it was definitely a good exercise! Despite the dirt and all, it was worthwhile; I mean that’s what trekking is all about anyway (:
 photo IMG-20150525-WA0010_zpspv0lrymn.jpg

And at the end of the whole 2 hours plus trek, my 9-year old shoes finally gave way! Not only did both the frictional layers came off, the entire sole came off too! Hahaha! I guess it was really time to bid farewell x.x
 photo IMG_20150523_190827_zpsev33z2kd.jpg

Headed over to Thomson to meet the rest for dinner at Prata House! And the big-size murtabak is really BIGGG!
 photo 20150523_192830_zpspstducqp.jpg

 photo IMG-20150523-WA0010_zpsfsvnjeti.jpg

The expression tells everything…LOL

 photo IMG-20150525-WA0007_zpsu0evbnsf.jpg

A bigger group, a noisier night!

Moved off to Udders for dessert even though everyone was damn full~ Since it’s rare that they are in this area because it’s usually Kovan that we hang out, of course gotta let them explore the area a bit! 😀
 photo IMG-20150525-WA0006_zpsspwppitr.jpg
 photo IMG-20150523-WA0013_zpstvo8kfti.jpg

 photo IMG_20150523_201427_zps6j2n5dpv.jpg

Nice tattoo by Mr Law!


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