Shopping Week! :D

This whole week was full of shopping, shopping and more shopping~! Not so much of me shopping but just accompanying to shop, and I didn’t mind because I love to shop even if it means window-shop! Hehe!

Went Queensway Shopping Centre to scout for new track shoes to replace my cui one and I thought I wouldn’t be able to find a pair at the end of the day, because they are all so expensive! And the frequency of me wearing them just doesn’t justify the price 😦

But I still managed to find something I like in the end! Though I wasn’t the one with the biggest 收获! Haha!

 photo 20150526_221935_zpsjfowglfj.jpg

Thank you!!! ❤

The must-have whenever I am there! Really love them and I couldn’t resist buying 10 this time! Eat till 爽爽~!Hehe!
 photo 20150526_194625_zpsknylxxjt.jpg

 photo 20150527_101003_zps8vosmofm.jpg

The once-in-a-while breakfast found at my doorstep ((:

 photo IMG-20150527-WA0001_zpstyqzyvhd.jpg

That cheeky day 😛

 photo 20150527_202733_zpsawbbg8bu.jpg

CHIJMES night!

It was supposedly a beautiful night – breezy outdoor environment, Wednesday’s 1-for-1 Martinis and Margarita, not the nicest food but at least something close to what I miss…

 photo 20150527_203326_zpsoevbuvoz.jpg


Mushroom flat-bread that is very much like my favourite spinach dip, but indeed a tad too salty…
 photo 20150527_203355_zpsgix4t8xb.jpg

Thursday lunch! First time trying the Tom Yum mui fan and despite being flooded with bitter gourd that I don’t usually like, I actually didn’t regret my decision at all! The gravy made even the bitter gourd nice that I don’t mind having it again the next time (:
 photo 20150528_143038_zpso0vsjcgl.jpg

Started another round with Zumba classes and the perk is that it’s just like 5 minutes away from my office! Seriously didn’t mind going there to shake a bit of fats off after work, moreover I had quite a fun and sweaty workout! Haha!

Lyn on the other hand was pretty much staring at others’ feet half the time, trying to catch the moves…LOL! I think I was like her when I first started, but after so many Zumba experience, I learned that the trick is to just keep moving – try to catch but don’t stop moving; be daring to move even in the wrong way! (:

Rushed off for the weekly NDP meeting after the class and I guess the stress from last week’s practice was still lingering around me~ So much that my teammates asked, “What are you doing ah??? I saw you keep writing and writing but writing what???” I was actually in my own world doing all kinds of preparation and trying all means to aid myself in finding my circle formation markers x.x

 photo IMG-20150529-WA0008_zpsy4blxw90.jpg

Stress written all over my face…hahaha!

 photo IMG-20150529-WA0010_zps9zvvrkd2.jpg

In my own world again!

 photo IMG-20150529-WA0011_zpsmxwlqfui.jpg

Finally out of my world! 😛

Had a super long weekend because apart from the 3 days break, S.H.Y was granted a day off on Friday! Super happy because it was finally my turn to go back early!!! Basically we had nothing much to do for the day and boss declared an early knock-off for us at like 12pm =O

Shopping time~!!!!! Hehe!
 photo 20150529_133328_zpsxu0idiq4.jpg

Asked Ally to give a normal face and she gave this! =_=”
 photo 20150529_133338_zpsntf9zhs5.jpg

Went on separate ways with the girls and rushed off for lunch! The rare lunch that I get to have this on a weekday! ((:
 photo 20150529_144853_zpsvuyex7vm.jpg

Then it was shopping at One KM but more of window-shopping and exploring the new mall~ Happy time passed fast again and it was time to bid farewell. Off for a simple Friday night but with a good durian dessert! 😀
 photo 20150529_191056_zpssbr07x9r.jpg


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