Adventure Cove!

Had a busy long weekend again that it passed once again as though it never happened x.x
I mean looking at the state of my room (which my mum calls it a warzone), I can hardly believe that there was even a weekend! Haha!

Woke up early on Saturday to start preparing the food for our picnic outing with the residents! I was part of the committee for this event and I was taking charge of the food~ So the morning was pretty much about cooking hotdogs and fish balls, then rushing down to collect the bee hoon and vegetable, before rushing down to Botanic Garden along with the birthday cakes!

I know I could have bought the hotdogs and fish balls off the shelf from the bee hoon stall to save the trouble but I think fried bee hoon is already quite an unhealthy lunch, so I really wanted less unhealthy-deep-fried-sausages and all for the residents. Though I agree that unhealthy food is usually nicer 😛

So it was indeed a busy-like-a-bee morning! Buzzing from place to place, agenda to agenda~ I couldn’t have done it alone without some help! I had like 1 big tray of bee hoon, 2 smaller trays of bee hoon and vegetable, 2 cakes (1 big & 1 small), around 4-5 containers of hotdogs and fish balls, so I really couldn’t be more appreciative of the spontaneous help! “Of course I will be available for you” ((:

The busy buzzing continued even when I reached, with my naughtiest resident shouting for me from afar and dragging me to play ball game with them when I was supposed to be preparing for their lunch!!! Hahaha! And then there’s still birthday celebration for all the Apr-Jun babies plus Mr Law, so this was the only picture I managed to take for the day~
 photo 20150530_113830_zpswt85qzl6.jpg

There was a bit of a chaos for lunch because the bus was arriving soon; the cake was melting; we had 1 more tray of bee hoon left because we couldn’t gauge what’s a good portion for everyone. Some residents wanted a second serving but the rule says no, yet there’s still bee hoon left to feed at least 15, so there was kinda a conflict of interest there.

Nevertheless, I guess it was still a successful outing since there weren’t any major hiccups! Always a joy to bring the residents out for some fresh air! (:

Did not go back with the rest as I had a lunch date waiting for 1.5 hour, and it came with a mini surprise again! Hehe! ❤ all these lil‘ surprises and ❤ the yummy mango cake! 😀
 photo 20150530_131826_zpsrgilyeo9.jpg

Back to the Japanese restaurant for lunch again! After the previous experience, I was scared to order anything too big so I opted for the safer option – Yakiudon, but it turned out as a huge plate too!!! OMG~
 photo 20150530_141916_zpsckozaexc.jpg

But at least it’s super yummy and appetising, and I had asked for it to be more spicy so it was quite shiok! Lately I just love to have all my food spicy! Partly also because I am not having pimples so I can afford to eat..hahaha!!! But I think the staff was really out to kill me! =OOOOOO
 photo 20150530_143918_zpssqnynbrc.jpg

Tried this new mochi in Bugis+ with Ping the previous day and I couldn’t resist buying it again! The Korean banana milk mochi is simply dopeeeeeee~
 photo 20150530_152253_zpsnbumhg0d.jpg

The bee got abandoned at the childcare centre again because the hive has got errand to run 😦 Took the chance to go for a good 1-hour massage!

Off to the west at night for more shopping~! Hehe! But first, gotta 补充体力!!! Geláre really has the most awesome waffle that it totally made my day! Super duper yummy! All thanks to Sis for giving me the voucher! 😀
 photo 20150530_201721_zpsusngglik.jpg

And someone got the 4th pair of shoe for the week, joining me in my octopus world soon! Whoever said Aries is the craziest shopper?!?! Hahaha! But at least mission was accomplished and I am happy whenever one gets a good bargain! (:

Back to the west again before the practice on Sunday because I did not get to explore the new mall – Big Box and it seemed like there were many goodies waiting for me! Hahaha! Indeed it was my turn to shop and shop and shop! xD

The giant lollis’ saga~
 photo 20150531_123057_zps7qkiudwu.jpg
 photo 20150531_123033_zpskxazmlun.jpg
 photo 20150531_122958_zpswjxiqot0.jpg
 photo 20150531_122942_zpshazmwk8q.jpg

 photo 20150531_132906_zpsbshwtng7.jpg

A good lunch before practice! (:

I think everything went quite well this week EXCEPT THE WEATHER! Argh! I was excited to quickly carry on with our formations after learning the new dance steps (which is damn fast again -.-) but it started raining shortly after we reached the parade square! Zzzzz!

So disappointed that we had to break early for dinner and also wasted some time in the hall just to brush up on our dance cause the weather was still not stable enough to go down 😦 But at least we managed to do a much better job when we finally hit the parade square!

I was also kinda able to find my circle markers after walking it through a few times before the practice…hehe! Hopefully my Group 2 maintains this standard and we can progress well for the remaining formations! 😀

Chilling out at Handlebar after a long day of hard work! I guess the noisy Margarita blender is really something everyone will remember about the place! Haha!
 photo 20150531_214317_zpst2b7lkw2.jpg

Mango Margarita which is pretty strong in my opinion and I don’t know why anyone can say it’s sour or there’s not enough alcohol in it! =O
 photo 20150531_214449_zpsmba4fgob.jpg

Round 2 – white wine! Because there aren’t much selections there, honestly. But I think it was a bad idea to mix Margarita with white wine and then some Martini as well x.x
 photo 20150531_223714_zpsglhewzxh.jpg

Finally had my virgin trip to Adventure Cove with the girls on Vesak Day~! Got Chii Hian to join us as well because we kanna pangseh-ed and we wanted even number for some of the rides! (:
 photo IMG-20150601-WA0010_zps1yn7fpl6.jpg

We only went in the afternoon because the lazy bee didn’t wanna get up early~ End up lockers were full, queues were all damn long and we basically spent 9/10 of the time queuing…Zzzzz! But I guess it will be the same even if we had went earlier because it was just damn crowded the whole day -.-”

I think I still prefer land rides like roller-coaster as compared to water rides. Cause roller-coaster is more of excitement while water rides are either just slides or it will be full of phobia~

Thought I could survive the snorkel now that I know how to swim but my phobia for anything above 1.2m deep is still there! So the moment I got into that deep tank full of fishes, I started panicking and struggling even though I had life jacket on!

I did manage to see the beautiful fishes for a few seconds but at the end of the day, I still couldn’t get pass this psychological phobia of mine so I opted for the easier option that the lifeguard offered, which is to go back, since I wasn’t confident of finishing the whole big round x.x

Overall experience hmmmm…I think it’s a bit overrated because the rides are more or less the same as Wild Wild Wet – same level of excitement and variety of rides. The queue was a major turnoff and the sun was really hot! Thank goodness I did not get any ugly tan lines or got toasted this time because I put on layers of sunblock! No regrets going but not a place that I would really yearnnnnnn to go back again~

We were one of the last few to leave the place because the queue for shower was freaking long as well and we were damn hangry by then! Finally off for our Korean dinner at Insadong Korea Town!!!
 photo IMG-20150601-WA0009_zps3ejdjys5.jpg

 photo IMG-20150601-WA0006_zpsgb7ftogi.jpg

Toppoki to share!

 photo 20150601_200859_zpsfaxehfwm.jpg

The super huge bowl of xiao long bao ramen x.x

The words only instilled more fear, not hurt.


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