photo 20150602_101850_zpszh0uq3ld.jpg

Grape jellybeans from Aussie! 😀

 photo 20150602_102048_zpsbxtwnvyz.jpg


 photo 20150602_102240_zpsox8s2i8q.jpg

Enjoying the sweet treat from colleague~

Discovery of the week: Found an olive fried rice that is even nicer than the no.1 that I love the most!!!!!!!! Could hardly believe it and it feels like I am being disloyal to my all-time favourite place x.x
 photo 20150602_132904_zpsmrzo1jip.jpg

 photo 20150603_094907_zpsz6uuuwnv.jpg

Healthy breakfast~! (:

Thought we wouldn’t be needing a meeting this week but we still had one~ It’s really becoming an weekly affair D:

But it was a short one, just that we spent the remaining time gossiping about our interesting participants! Hahaha! Had such a good laugh upon hearing all the stories!!! I don’t know if I should feel lucky or bored that at least my group is quite normal and haven’t had any weirdos so far xD

 photo IMG-20150603-WA0009_zpsas9lsm7s.jpg

The ones that are REALLY working! >.>

 photo IMG-20150603-WA0011_zpsbkktofnt.jpg

Only left 2 MORE MONTHS TO SG50!!! 😦

Wanted to get my Swiss rolls for the upcoming house warming party so my colleagues braced through the sun with me and we had our lunch at a new Korean restaurant with pretty interior! (:
 photo 20150605_131426_zpstbsyninh.jpg

House party again~! That smile upon stepping into my room -_- Because I have been cleaning up the war zone bit by bit for the past few nights~ Really such big difference mehhhhhhh.

Finally tried the pretty Hoegaarden from Yinning! 😀
 photo 20150605_200622_zps66lb7okp.jpg

Another bottle along with chips and movie followed by “strip poker” -_- The expected yet unwanted noise kinda spoiled the night that I just wanna dig a hole and hide. But it was still a good night ❤

Brunched 4 hours later and I finally tried the $2 place! Finally it’s opened because NDP practice is now on Saturdays instead of Sundays~ But I was so hungry that I gobbled up the $2 curry rice before taking a picture D:

Had our first combined rehearsal with other group so time was extra precious, yet it rained again the moment we hit the parade square! Arghhhhhhh!!! 老天爷~ You gotta cooperate for the next few weeks to let us finish our formations!

Luckily we still managed to finish up 1 more formation later on and the rest of the evening was spent rehearsing through from entry to where we have stopped. Although the in-charge still thinks that we are not up to standard as compared to the other group, I am pretty proud of my group 2 already! (:

They were still cooperative and I did not spot any major mistake; just a few that are still lost at times, but I believe with more practice they can do it! Of course maybe because I was also busy dancing and rehearsing my own formation markers as well, so I did not have 100% attention to spot much mistakes…hehe. Nevertheless, good job, Group 2!!! 😀


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