KBuffet with NDPeeps!

Last week of practice at Kranji Camp! Set off early to have a good good lunch before the fight is on! Happy that I be back to places where I used to frequent but don’t have that many chances to visit now (:
 photo 20150613_114106_zpssar9wyej.jpg

And finally had my 鱼翅拉面~! The previous time I wanted to eat, the uncle forgot to soak the “鱼翅”, but thankfully there was still left with 1 bowl for me this time!!! Hehe!
 photo 20150613_114140_zps8zgs3vgs.jpg

Off to another long-missed place – Phoenix Park! Used to dislike the place when I was working there, but now it feels good to be back~ Though it’s saddening that the old office ain’t there anymore, and doesn’t seem like there’s any bit of remnants left either 😦
 photo 20150613_123649_zps0omaqz7j.jpg

Anyway the real motive of revisiting this place is to explore this new cafe – Boufe! Apparently it’s a damn popular brunch place despite its inaccessibility, and it was full house…boohooo~ Full house usually means no dining in, but not gonna leave without trying one of these! 😀
 photo 20150613_122647_zpsxu6xkoc6.jpg

And the verdict is? Superbbbbbbbb! If the dessert alone is so good, I really can’t wait to try the brunch!!! Definitely gotta be back to dine inside the pretty cafe! ❤
 photo 20150613_123358_zpsz9jrildv.jpg

Still had some time and also some space in the stomach left :P, so visited one more long-missed place and tried another long-missed dessert – my 流氓冰~!!! Finally, finally, finally get to eat it again after more than a year! Teehee!
 photo 20150613_133139_zpsnrleh4uy.jpg

The weather over at Kranji camp wasn’t very good again but thankfully, the rain had stopped by the time we started the practice~ But we still had limited time to do our formations since it’s a combined rehearsal!

So every time we hit the parade square, we really just wanna grab every minute and start on our next formation right away. But we always have to wait for other groups to get ready and etc aka the SOP before we could start (which till date I can’t quite comprehend).

When we were finally ready to begin on our formation, this time we were told to do it group by group, beginning from the front row. That made us the last to be able to start! Eric couldn’t understand why too, and he was pretty eager and insistent on carrying on on our own, ignoring the instruction, since it really saves so much more time doing it at the same time than to take turns; not forgetting the fact that we are racing against time.

I wanted very much to do so too, but the last thing I really want is having that “Why didn’t you guys follow instructions given” thing backfired at us again, so I persuaded him to just wait till it’s our turn, and he reluctantly obliged too. But what really pissed me off was when it was finally our turn to do, we were being asked if we are done minutes after we just started! Because why? Time is running out! And was that our fault to begin with?!?!

I was so so so annoyed and somewhat regretted for stopping Eric in the first place. Deep in my mind I was thinking, “WTF?! We just started! How is it possible for us to be done?!” And I wish I could say that into that damn walkie-talkie.

So, so, so pissed! But I know I have to focus on finishing the formation first because that’s still the priority. And in the end 老师 had to come over to help us because suddenly the whole world is waiting for us instead. Haa! That just made us seem so inefficient because we could have done it on our own – we had everything planned, we just weren’t given the time to do so. ARGH. So damn pissed whenever our time is being compromised.

But putting that aside, I am glad that we managed to finish up to only 1 more formation left to do! 😀 Nevertheless, I think we are still behind schedule and need more practice to tidy up everything! Can’t wait to hit Padang~ It’s gonna be my first year there!

Had a fulfilling Sunday cooking lunch for le pig brother before heading out! Finally cooked my macaroni & cheese and Japanese curry (not in picture)! (:

And then in return, le pig brother really went to buy durianssssss that I bugged him to buy for me!!! Hehe! I am finally eating durian as well!!! It’s like I waited the whole year for this durian season to come and when it finally come and I don’t get to it, I feel so sad~ Haha!
 photo 20150614_142431_zpsf9jx2y7l.jpg

Emoji-digging with Ah Lyn before our K-session! I was actually digging for the ❤_❤ one but I couldn’t find it 😦
 photo IMG-20150614-WA0009_zps2ricnfig.jpg

 photo IMG-20150614-WA0012_zpszx13w501.jpg

Cheeky face!

 photo IMG-20150614-WA0010_zpswfchts56.jpg

“I love you~”

 photo IMG-20150614-WA0011_zps8qhdc5bi.jpg

“Sorry I don’t -.-”


My customised Coke from Ah Lyn!!! 😀

Off for our K-buffet with NDPeeps~! It’s been some time since I last sang with them and although it’s not the first time, I still feel kinda shyyyy singing in big group! Haha!
 photo 20150614_192404_zpsdv7jgpne.jpg
 photo IMG-20150615-WA0010_zpsfq6rpuji.jpg

What makes this K-session different is that it came with buffet, so even for people who don’t sing like Lyn, you still have something to do 😛
 photo 20150614_182051_zpsiyj5o4ql.jpg
 photo 20150614_182127_zpsczerrrfe.jpg
 photo 20150614_182108_zpsgktcscp4.jpg

It’s my first time going for the K-buffet because I am really not a fan of stuffing myself with food to make the money worth~ And in the end, we really ate so much that I was so, so, so full!!!
 photo IMG-20150615-WA0014_zpsh9r5kczi.jpg


Eating while singing!

 photo 20150614_203903_zps550n0wmx.jpg

Miss Organiser showing off her K-POP songs *clap clap!*

 photo 20150614_203949_zps8nfydruu.jpg

Super 深情 one! Hahaha!

Ending the Sunday night with group picsss! 😀 So glad to be bonding with them again because I haven’t got many chances to this year. Every practice I will be busy with discussions or formations, no longer have as much time to mingle with them, especially during all the waiting times whereby we used to sit together and chat~ But will try to do so!
 photo IMG-20150615-WA0012_zps5nsolcwk.jpg
 photo IMG-20150615-WA0011_zpsqruo5jck.jpg

 photo IMG-20150615-WA0013_zpskx453sy9.jpg

NDPeeps ❤

 photo 20150614_215751_zpsfpsb0hie.jpg

Enjoying the breeze and beautiful lighting (:


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