Work hard, eat hard

Impromptu idea to visit the Geylang Serai pasar malam on Monday night! I had been wanting to go again ever since I went 4 years ago and I’m happy that I finally get to…hehe!

Bought like the nicest tutu kueh there and a pity I forgot to take pictures of the 10 of them! Hahaha! The coconut filling is so generous that I regret not getting another 5 (or 10)! 😛

Light dinner became a big bowl of laksa & a Lion’s Mane mushroom burger! =O
 photo 20150622_205357_zpsqe5pnq7l.jpg

Managed to go off early on Tuesday because I finished my work! But there was still additional practice over at Padang so I ended up spending that extra hour pasting markings on the ground to aid in our formations~

Did not have time for dinner as a result and by the time I was feeling hungry, there was no more dinner left! –CRY!– Usually I don’t need dinner but somehow I was feeling pretty hungry that day and my legs ended up going jelly when I was running the circle formation! Partly also because the circle has seriously become so big now because the markers are much further apart! >.<

 photo 20150623_213308_zpsqvr6tjbk.jpg

The Minions!

 photo 20150623_213316_zpswqltfixh.jpg


There was so much to accomplish in a night than I had expected and by the time we finished “tidying up” the last few formations, we were left with no time to do the very last formation again 😦 I thought we would be able to complete that!

But there were so many absentees from the past weeks that we have to find them the correct position so that wasted quite some time too. Could tell that 老师 was super stressed up too as he was scratching his bald head when we were running behind time~

Though disappointed that we are still not able to complete that one last formation, I’m glad that at least after all the touch-ups, the formations are neater now and everyone also has a clearer idea of where to stand.

SEA Games lanyard from a thoughtful participant! She saw me holding my pass every week (because I have to refer to my formations inside) and decided to bring a lanyard for me! ((:
 photo 20150624_090816_zpsogeuad4g.jpg

 photo 20150623_213255_zpsiyy0b1nr.jpg

The walkie-talkie that I feel awkward using -.-“

 photo 20150624_135453_zps3vne1sve.jpg

Nasi Lemak for lunch!
Kept me bloated the whole day =O

 photo 20150625_135617_zpsbhcaxuw8.jpg

The safest order (:

 photo 20150625_211439_zps31wu98yu.jpg

Geláre waffles after Zumba! 😀

Finally used up my vouchers that are expiring this month and they really really have good waffles!!!
 photo 20150625_211412_zpswjaqw5a2.jpg

 photo 20150625_220459_zpsahvxj1kp.jpg

Free giant macarons from Robert Timms!

 photo IMG-20150625-WA0023_zpsxjgvxhqj.jpg

Look how big it is!

 photo IMG-20150625-WA0025_zpsijie7bb4.jpg

It’s too big even for 2!

Ah Lyn’s sister came to watch our Zumba class and so we brought the cave girl out as well! Can’t believe that was her first Geláre! =O
 photo IMG-20150625-WA0018_zpsgyaq4lnq.jpg

We happened to buy the same shoe except that hers is kids’ size and it’s so mini and cute!!! Hahaha! I look like a BFG (Big Foot Giant) beside her~
 photo 20150625_222012_zpsv72g33cg.jpg

 photo IMG-20150625-WA0026_zpsob5jwbci.jpg

Wayyyyy too sweet for my liking >.<

Had an exhausting Friday night – both physically and mentally – and my heart almost wanna pound out. Sinful lunch after a night of Choya and snoring~!
 photo 20150627_124129_zpso7ne9qtq.jpg

I was so exhausted that I can really just sleep anywhere…Zzzzz. Decided to stay in the car to sleep while the others are doing the markers again and I could just go in when the official meeting starts, but who knows my phone was in silent mode and I missed all the messages!

Imagine my horror when I woke up to an empty field! I was like, “OMG~ Why no one informed me about the meeting???” But actually everyone did – my phone was spammed with messages but just that I was pigging out x.x

Woke up to a headache and I could hardly all the thousand and one changes…Zzzzz. Seriously hate all these changes even though I know it’s inevitable. It’s just that we have trained so hard and now because of all these changes, our efforts are futile and it’s also demoralising that we are left with almost no dance steps at all except for clapping and clicking! 😦

I was trying real hard to memorise all the changes so that the team can depend on me, but at the same time I was also too exhausted to~ Could hardly wanna move much or chup much once we reached Suntec, leaving everything to Eric because all I wanna do is to sit down and sleep!

Blessed that I’m always the first to cross the mind to share this energy food! Totally needed some sugar rush! ((:
 photo IMG-20150627-WA0004_zpse48w5yne.jpg

As expected, the changes caused everything to be a little messy because even we are still unsure of them, since we only know it hours ago~ But it was already better than I had expected, given the walking-zombie state I was in as well.

With my new friend who is Ah Lyn’s old friend and our new participant! 😀 I don’t know how my hair still managed to look quite neat but this photo definitely doesn’t justify how “dead” I was actually feeling…hahaha!
 photo IMG-20150627-WA0007_zpsgcqkihw1.jpg

The real sweaty me after the show! 😛
 photo 20150627_211246_zpstsn4c8qc.jpg

Rewarded ourselves with the new Starbucks orange crunch drink after an exhausting day! 😀 I don’t know why I had a sudden craving for it~ I think I just needed sugarrrrrrrrr!
 photo 20150627_220125_zpsstnah4ts.jpg

Back to my hideout for sleep! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


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