Mamemo’s Birthday!

It’s been some time since le loveboy came over and I’ve definitely missed him! Sis went to get cake for Mamemo’s birthday celebration so I had to babysit the big baby and we had a mischievous Sunday morning together!

We were playing with my phone camera again and the naughty boy refused to let me be in the shot D:
 photo 20150628_121336_zpsv7eiy3bw.jpg
 photo 20150628_121341_zpsautnbnav.jpg
 photo 20150628_121342_zpssuassu6g.jpg

The attack of the little monster!
 photo 20150628_1213460_zpspstroorx.jpg
 photo 20150628_121357_zpsxjpd7fqw.jpg
 photo 20150628_121359_zpsjsxnkg6q.jpg

He insisted on taking a shot of his mouth -_- I don’t know why~
 photo 20150628_121446_zpszixv80eb.jpg

I think he wanted to show the effect of him “biting” the camera, so I told him this is how you show the effect of a bite…hahaha!
 photo IMG_20150628_131754_zps8trozibl.jpg
 photo 20150628_121514_zps0aek48mg.jpg

And then he started telling me about lots of flies gathering at his window this morning…

Isaac: This morning the window got many many flies!

Me: Huh?! Flies??? Why got many flies?

Isaac: I don’t know… I bath already, why the flies still come? -gives sad face 😦 –

Me: Really got bath? I smell~ *sniff* Hmmm…very smelly, the flies came to bite the smelly baby!

Isaac: *walks away from me with grumpy face* 你讲骗话,I don’t like you.

LOLOLOLOL. This is the first time he said he doesn’t like me, ouch, but HAHAHAHAHA! So funny! He said it again when I disfigured his picture to this state xD

So now he’s gonna shoot me!
 photo 20150628_130651_zpsckdwhmej.jpg

 photo 20150628_130655_zpsc4qezt0w.jpg

Bang bang~!

As usual, the greedy boy couldn’t wait for the birthday cake so he finally woke 舅舅 for the celebration!
 photo 20150628_140039_zpslap2irui.jpg

 photo 20150628_140315_zps1zxrmq6a.jpg

Singing his 3-language birthday songs again! 😀

 photo 20150628_140323_zpsjajuviez.jpg

Super fat and cheeky smile! 😛

 photo 20150628_140329_zpsj5k4eju7.jpg
 photo 20150628_140356_zpstrsenkel.jpg
 photo 20150628_140401_zpsz0j9d05u.jpg

Making wish with 外婆~
 photo 20150628_140400_zpsoml7e3pd.jpg
 photo 20150628_140359_zps3t0kw5te.jpg
 photo 20150628_140410_zpss65ypaq1.jpg
 photo 20150628_140418_zpsgycwfnc5.jpg

Went over to Nad’s place after le loveboy left for his nap because she invited us over for homemade smoothie~!!! 😀
 photo 20150628_162146_zps1be06gwd.jpg

Every time she has a new gadget (e.g. waffle maker), which this time round it’s a ice blender, it tempts me to get one too! Hahaha! Cause the berries smoothie is so yummy!!! ❤

A pity I had to rush off as I have a durian date with Kai Bin & gang! It’s our very first time eating durian together and more importantly, it’s the first time Chii Hian is driving us!

I was still having migraine from the previous day so I was sleeping in the car most of the time but I still heard some of the funny conversations in the car like how bad Shuning gives direction from the GPS…hahaha! Her prompting duration is less than 3 seconds – “Ahhhh~ Turn left now!” xD
 photo 20150628_183400_zpshohaghbz.jpg

Thank goodness we still managed to reach Geylang safely, though we spent some time guiding Chii Hian through parallel parking. 3 licence holders (Limin, Chii Hian & I) but all suck at parking…LOL.
 photo 20150628_191326_zpsk9pkvtl5.jpg

Excitedly brought the girls to the same stall where Lyn and I ate that day because the durians were really worth it, and to my horror, they have doubled the price to 3 for $20 instead of $10!!! The ones that are 3 for $10 now are the really small ones that were selling for $2 each that day! Arghh! Totally 杀人放火!

I don’t know if it’s because it’s weekend that’s why the prices are increased, but it was definitely not worth the price. So we decided to walk down to see other stalls and eventually settled on one that is more reasonable~

The seeds are much bigger though, which means less flesh, but at least it’s still quite good, just not as shiok as that day 😦
 photo 20150628_194106_zpsrydrtdzh.jpg


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