Blissssssssss! ❤ (Part 2)

Had a sinful start of the week with a good dinner at Original Sin! (:
Because Ah Lyn is finally going back to school, so to “celebrate” her last official day of freedom, we decided to re-enact and bring her down the memory lane for a dinner at this memorable place again! Too bad there wasn’t mushroom soup for a full re-enactment…hahaha!

 photo 20150629_204446_zpsnbdeas6a.jpg

Portobello mushroom!!!

 photo 20150629_203724_zpsjlmpeol2.jpg


 photo 20150629_204456_zps7dkr1alb.jpg

Mushroom pizza!

Super full but still wanna have some desserts! So off to d’ Good Cafe instead of 2am because the comfy sofa seats aren’t around anymore~

Overly-melted lava cake because we were trying to find a nice seat…LOL.
 photo 20150629_213444_zpsvez0bhjw.jpg

 photo 20150629_213458_zpskd9tjpxv.jpg

Signature triple cheesecake again!

 photo 20150629_220553_zpsvrtftmfa.jpg

Our nice swing seat! 😀

 photo 20150629_220537_zpsvugfaeuu.jpg

Super nice feeling to be swinging away while eating~

Had another extra practice after work and it was a super kan chiong spider one… There were changes from the last few formations onwards, hence all our homework for the last tree formation became of not much use =/

Could totally feel the tension, the stress, and the politics at its highest level. As much as I wanna help, I also know that not everyone will accept your help and it may backfire instead. So I chose to help by not causing any trouble instead, especially when it’s a serious race against time.

The students were going off in minutes and yet we were still in the midst of struggling to complete our last formation…
 photo 20150630_194610_zpsiuvmtrqe.jpg

Oh! I forgot to mention that this durian banged into my head during performance last week!!! I was happily dancing halfway and I suddenly felt a big bang on my head, causing me to scream out in pain and attracted much attention.

Then when I looked up, all I saw is this gigantic durian – one of our big props -_- Apparently they moved at the wrong timing, hence colliding with me. Thank goodness the sharp thorn didn’t cause a hole in my head!
 photo 20150630_195330_zps0ncaf3vq.jpg

Anyhow, tried to help when the tension is lesser afterwards, but still stressful because no homework was done beforehand for the part that I was helping out! Had to flip through my A3 papers on the spot and start finding all the markers for the tree branch but ended up forgetting one tree branch! I was like, “Eric! 我的一个树枝不见!” And everyone laughed at me D:

Luckily it didn’t take us too long to solve that and at the end of the stressful night, we managed to complete all our formations, like finally!!!!!! But the night was enough to make me dread working with human beings, because of all the communications + politics + usage of words + emotions and blah blah.

 photo 20150702_102739_zps1gavnmws.jpg

Hungry morning!!!

 photo IMG_20150703_170911_zpseu3xfctq.jpg

Awkward day~

Went for some shopping in the west again and although I did not get anything from the GSS (except 3 packets of green tea kit-kats ❤_❤), I received a sweet cute gift again! My first wind chime, and it’s the same fat bee as the cactus’ bee! Though it came with a white lie 😦
 photo 20150703_232750_zpsbidfhonk.jpg

Finally hit the pool again after a long hiatus and it always feels so good after a swim! Love that hungry feeling the most…hahaha! And I am glad that I went for that swim because I was meeting PPGs for a sinful late night – supperrrrrrr~! xD

It was a famous yong tau fu that Nadine and small eyes (her boyfriend) wanted to bring us to the other day but we were too full, so we finally arranged a day for it! The stall only opens after midnight and apparently, it is really, really famous!
 photo 20150703_003151_zpszw4okaya.jpg

The stall was not opened for business yet when we reached but there were already people sitting around, camping for it. Then the moment the stall lights on, everyone stood up together and rushed to the stall! Quite an epic scene, like gang fight…hahaha!
 photo 20150703_004902_zpsizlowxzl.jpg

 photo 20150703_004850_zps8xqj2wlj.jpg

Soon Li Yong Tou Foo~

 photo 20150703_011043_zps6gdqt6od.jpg

Finally got ours after some queuing!

 photo 20150703_011110_zpsbizgreaq.jpg

Doesn’t look that sinful at least 😛

 photo 20150703_011121_zpspbp616w7.jpg

The soup was indeed tasty!! -YUMS!-

Felt like we are in our early 20s again with such late night outing…hahaha! Wish we could have more time together, but a pity we have to work the next day 😦

 photo 20150703_171604_zpsvog8y9t2.jpg

Nad sharing another of her new-found love again! ❤

Friday night was spent Zumba-ing because Lyn had got class on Thursday~ Friday class was indeed more xiong than our usual, which is shiok, because I sweated so much! But I usually dislike having classes on Friday night because Fridays are meant for parties and outings~! Luckily my night wasn’t entirely burnt by just the Zumba class ((:

Explored a new cafe – Rainbow Cottage in Ang Mo Kio! Finally cafes are coming to our side!!!
 photo 20150703_213938_zpsehtqdus3.jpg

 photo 20150703_213910_zpsi7lhpbci.jpg

Cute interior (:

 photo 20150703_213903_zpsbh99fpsi.jpg

Spot the rainbow of Rainbow Cottage

 photo 20150703_212531_zpst2s9fiwu.jpg

The kids’ area

 photo 20150703_213523_zps7ojmtg3u.jpg

Love this pretty area too!

 photo 20150703_212701_zpsxmiptcsc.jpg

Waffle with strawberry shortcake ice-cream!

 photo 20150703_211515_zpscegvyr10.jpg

Couldn’t resist the beauty of this Paddlepop cheesecake!!! ❤

I kinda expected the cake to be all colouring but a normal cheesecake but I still wanna order it because I really, really love the colours! Haha! Anyway it was not bad for a cheesecake, and the waffle was crispy too (:

 photo 20150703_222531_zps3uiyx1tt.jpg

Ending the Friday night with a Mojito!

Missed out these pictures from our first week’s combined rehearsal! Taken while waiting~
 photo IMG-20150702-WA0013_zpsft7vlmmn.jpg
 photo IMG-20150702-WA0016_zpstpopiemp.jpg

With our balls!
 photo IMG-20150702-WA0020_zpsrkbgysge.jpg
 photo IMG-20150702-WA0022_zpsdogmaqwu.jpg

And the fight begins! 😛
 photo IMG-20150702-WA0026_zpsuunm2epe.jpg
 photo IMG-20150702-WA0021_zpsonwqtrmi.jpg


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