The Last of CR!

The last week of combined rehearsal but also the first week with audience and first week we are doing ALL our formations! So as usual, recharging with a good brunch first! (:

 photo 20150704_105051_zpszivda1yd.jpg

My prata came in Pooh shape! xD

 photo 20150704_131930_zpsdgkrq2dl.jpg

Borrowing Lyn’s friend’s funny specs!

 photo 20150704_131932_zps9x1u1dzi.jpg

Do I look more studious now? HAHAHA.

Feeling nervous for our group but also in a 我无能为力 anymore mode because 该讲的 we have already said umpteen times, but there are just people who are plain stubborn or just really forgetful. I don’t know~ I don’t wanna know either. 讲了又不听,听了又不做,不做被骂又 complain…sigh~ Seriously 难做人!

 photo IMG-20150705-WA0015_zpsprrfgtuh.jpg

Caught in my 无奈 face~

But I do admit that apart from training, they are still nice people, at least most of them, and I actually wish I am more of a participant-friend with them than a leader @.@

I also wanna be friendly to them and be nice, 有说有笑,not having to shout or anything, but that’s only achievable if I am just a participant. With great power comes great responsibilities, and I am quite a perfectionist once I am down on the field or on stage, so I really have no choice sometimes.

But oh well~ At least I’m glad we are not being hated because I kept getting dragged around for photos! Hahaha! Just that I don’t know where all the pictures went and here are all I have (:

 photo FB_IMG_1436093277818_zpseeils28o.jpg

First week in costume!

 photo IMG-20150704-WA0005_zps3djvhscy.jpg

Only wore jacket because my pants weren’t ready!

 photo IMG-20150705-WA0014_zpswx2ehlho.jpg

The new Jurassic World!
Creative director: Eric -.-“

 photo FB_IMG_1436112586477_zpsdmelp2ot.jpg

So embarrassing posing so many times before we finally got it!

 photo 20150704_182645_zps6ho3aen7.jpg

The cute students in stick-man outfit!

 photo 20150704_174815_zpsc2a0oyal.jpg

Group 2 gearing up! (:

 photo 20150704_174827_zpspp2uclxo.jpg

Getting ready for CR3!

 photo 20150704_174909_zpsbdzwuaoc.jpg

One of the cheerful aunties! 😀

Spotted the addition of a new big prop for our item and it’s a BEE!!! Had a quick shot with it and that explains the messy hair D:
 photo IMG-20150704-WA0012_zpsvga85fpm.jpg

The sucky thing about being involved in NDP is that you can never get to watch the actual parade~ So this is the only chance we could catch some glimpses while waiting and snap some pictures!
 photo 20150704_185641_zpslx0mcymc.jpg
 photo 20150704_185723_zps2iux5kdr.jpg
 photo 20150704_185754_zpst5g5hoaw.jpg
 photo 20150704_185946_zpsawfxrdhq.jpg
 photo 20150704_185815_zpsxczqlaiw.jpg

 photo 20150704_191737_zpsoxp0el9v.jpg

Pretty sunset!

 photo IMG-20150705-WA0002_zps7voatmhc.jpg

With my beloved group right before the performance! 😀

I expected some hiccups for our performance especially the last tree part and indeed, we still didn’t make it on time~ But I thought we still did an okay job… In the end after seeing all the pictures from 老师 with all the red circled mistakes, it was quite depressing 😦 Actually it was more of gek sim, for all the hard work Eric and I put in…sigh~

Anyhow, the photo session continued after the show~!

 photo FB_IMG_1436093250297_zpsndcvijth.jpg

With my nice Muslim participants!

And my first supporter of the year – Abby, who is just back from UK! I thought I would have missed her since I missed her call, but thankfully she was stuck and I managed to run over in time for a picture! ❤
 photo IMG-20150704-WA0014_zpsdqh3k7l0.jpg

 photo 20150704_203705_zps7vxranbd.jpg

Annual sweaty selfie! xD

Trying to bring a smile to my mentor’s face because her face is always black after the show, and I can totally understand why…hahaha! I am always furious when I see mistakes during the performance too! Argh!
 photo 20150704_203710_zpskakw7a3j.jpg

With Mr Guardian Angel whose face is fairer than me for once! Hahaha! It has been shitty with all the new responsibilities and all but it could have been shittier, if not for him~ So I am thankful that at least I am learning ((:
 photo IMG_20150704_1_zpsdqmerszr.jpg

 photo FB_IMG_1436102447187_zpswog00vks.jpg

Trainers + leaders wefie!

 photo FB_IMG_1436102439842_zpszdjgfzxf.jpg

Group 2 group shot!

I kept telling Lyn that they added the bee because of me because I can’t think of any other reason why it’s linked to Singapore! LOL. Just continue to let me be honourable 😛
 photo 20150704_204806_zps4weemgmq.jpg

 photo 20150704_221610_zpswq1dfylf.jpg

Satisfying my llao llao craving after the show!

November 8 brunch with Chienny and Joanjoan to celebrate the latter’s birthday! 😀 Totally miss the salted egg yolk fries!!! But it seemed to taste better the previous time x.x
 photo IMG_20150705_135047_zpst4h3ns1x.jpg

 photo 20150705_135358_zpsbrlsyeo4.jpg

Eggs Ben ❤

Impromptu cafe exploration with Janelle and I’m proud to announce that there’s finally a cafe in AMK! Okay, I mean there’s finally one that is nearer to me 😛 Presenting to you – Cafe Mojito~!
 photo 20150705_215320_zpshnlj02c2.jpg

 photo 20150705_215250_zpsemefbuv6.jpg

Food + Companion = Happiness

 photo 20150705_202358_zpsofq5luse.jpg

Mushroom pizza!

 photo 20150705_201547_zpswszrsyts.jpg

Yummy mud pie!
Quite like Coffee Club’s!

I think they have really good desserts there so I’m looking forward to try all of them some day! xD


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