Craziest K with Colleagues!

I tried to avoid spicy food as much as possible when performance is nearing (for fear of pimples) but sometimes I just can’t resist my craving! I mean there are just some days that I die die wanna eat something spicy xD

 photo 20150706_140151_zpszz0cfqfo.jpg

Tom Yum mee sua! 😀

 photo 20150707_135037_zpsvgdfcnnx.jpg

Another failed day when I saw CURRY on the menu 😛

Drama project is coming to an end again as directors started coming in for re-edit~ We had to wreck our brains to think of where to bring them for lunch because everyone who had been here mentioned that there are a lot of good food here, but all these good food are ~_~ food to us by now…hahaha!

Brought them to this new western place – Collins in the end and it was my first time trying it too! My colleagues who have been there before recommended the place, so I gave it a shot on their limited edition award-winning salted egg yolk pork dish and it turned out to be a disappointment =/
 photo IMG_20150708_143919_zpsaixql99p.jpg

Looks good but tasted really okayyyyy only~ No salted egg yolk smell; serving was pretty small that I had to share an extra kids’ meal with Ping (which tasted so much better) and the ball-like thing at the side are like chewy flour ball that doesn’t blend into the dish at all x.x

I was so disappointed that my cute AP could tell too! Hahaha! Partly because I couldn’t stop complaining about it~ That’s why I don’t believe in spending such money on food that’s not worth the taste!

 photo 20150710_132215_zps3bjykohf.jpg

Yummy 擂茶饭 on the next day!
Cheap and good!!! 😛

Caught Magic Mike and I actually didn’t know what the show was about nor do I know that there was a prequel for it~ But I guess I didn’t mind catching for Channing Tatum and the dances!

It turned out that it was more than the usual Step Up kind of dance movie; it was more of strip clubs, dances with high sexual innuendos and lots and lots of lame stuff that the movie can do without! Hahaha! But I still enjoyed watching Tatum dance because he is seriously goodddddddd~!!!

 photo 20150710_192704_zpsjldcbirn.jpg

Giant bee spotted! 😀

Organised a K-session for le colleagues since I causally promised my new colleague that we would go for one and since we had wrapped so many projects but had not have a wrap party for such a longgggggg time!!!

It was supposed to be a private affair (for us only) because I guess we would be too shy to sing in front of the bosses~ But halfway while singing, le boss suddenly texted me and offered to pay for us as one of the many wrap parties he had owed us! (He knows about it because it’s in our calendar…hahaha!)

I had to start the ball rolling since everyone was busy with dinner and then the 2 game freaks got busy in their battle -_-”
 photo 20150710_201647_zpstvqqiasq.jpg

Luckily everyone started to warm up after singing one by one, or maybe, they didn’t even need to warm up – they just hadn’t shown their real side~
 photo 20150710_202733_zpsnneg3i1o.jpg

Maj the Peranakan attempted a Chinese song and it was quite funny, because she skipped like half the lyrics! On the other hand, Eve the angmoh impressed all of us with her various Chinese songs from duets to 五月天 songs to 死了都要爱!Hahaha!

The very rare day that the hot Mama gets to go out and have fun! 😛
 photo 20150710_203751_zpsduztrvvu.jpg

 photo 20150710_224633_zpsjbo09atb.jpg

Starting to get crazier~

 photo 20150710_213029_zpsdqvce5he.jpg

And crazier~

 photo 20150710_211722_zpsa8junggw.jpg

And crazier~!!!
(Written all over Eve’s face…LOL)

And that wasn’t the craziest yet. The craziest started when I inserted Britney’s Toxic and Eve was like, “Omg omg! We need to get ready!” Then she started doing all her stretching, like this…

 photo 2015-07-10 21.34.19_zpsljzaxaac.jpg


We had such a good laugh throughout the 2 crazy girls’ singings that I thought I would have abs the next day xDDDD

 photo 20150710_214359_zps1n1nkfio.jpg

Mr Wrecking Ball

Finally revealing the face of our newest addition! I had a good time bullying him these 4 months, making him my breakfast delivery boy…HAHAHA!
 photo 20150710_214404_zpsd8slshfi.jpg

 photo 20150710_224821_zps1tr435eu.jpg

S.H.Y again! 😀

 photo 20150710_224806_zpsrvobntzf.jpg

Ally’s ghostly face

 photo 20150710_2248060_zps1uflv11w.jpg

Ally’s going-to-爆笑 face…LOL

Cheers to a successful crazy night with le colleagues~!!!!!! It’s been really long since I laughed so much in a night…hahaha! Seriously entertained and definitely sing till very 爽 since it’s my second K-session of the week! 😛
 photo 20150710_225613_zpsr876qpmh.jpg

Hope we have more parties and fun to come! (((((:
 photo 20150710_225620_zpslgb3pflr.jpg


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