First NE Show 2015!

The weekly brunch before reporting for meeting + rehearsal~! Super hungry so was looking forward to it but a pity everything I wanted was not available 😦 Chose kway chup in the end and it was more satisfying than I had expected! FULL!!!
 photo 20150711_095116_zpstk0z41uj.jpg

Learned new dance steps again (yea in case you’re wondering why there are still new dance steps added when it’s already NE1, let’s just say it’s pretty normal~) and thankfully they are 80% the same as last year‘s dance, so there were still bits and pieces of memories, especially the Indian dance (:

But it’s not the case for everyone, so everything is still bound to be messy and with confusions going on~ That’s why I always hate last minute changes, though I know it’s inevitable…Zzzzz.

Did some practice before off we head to Suntec again! Went to look for Mr Owwwww after knowing that he would be there this week because the kids from his school are performing this year as well! 😀

The cool Vice-Principal then whipped out his phone to take a selfie with his former student (yours truly) and current students! Hahaha! The little kids were all in shock when he introduced me as his former student – first batch some more! xD
 photo 11745783_10152590224977824_7413894270633230213_n_zpsu0nefgvv.jpg

A ‘Before‘ selfie with the 长生不老 man! He seriously looks not much different from how he was when he stepped into our class on the first day -_-”
 photo 20150711_171031_zpsb32dd94s.jpg

And then another picture in full costume and face paint! 😀 Yes, I am finally fully geared up in the ugly costume~ It’s seriously getting worse each year!!! I miss my Eurasian costumeCRY!!!
 photo 20150711_182847_zpsvspk0tea.jpg

I hardly have time to take photos this year so I really have limited shots in my phone~ But all thanks to my cam-whore friends, I have all these photos to blog!!! Hahaha!
 photo IMG-20150712-WA0024_zps7wghejz9.jpg

I forgot why we were told to do this pose but it was supposed to be an act-cute shot but only I was doing it -.-”
 photo IMG-20150712-WA0022_zpspzciaung.jpg

 photo IMG-20150712-WA0019_zpsooaes8gt.jpg

Take 2!

 photo IMG-20150712-WA0017_zpsvbnyzojn.jpg

With Eric!

 photo 11698730_10203970031562403_4210626940506156154_n_zps5rutowpb.jpg

Mass group VS Core group!

Some of them who did not join last year were still struggling to catch the dance steps, so they ended up making me repeat 23873827120 times right before the show -_- At least I could see that they were really worried about the performance and keen to learn, so I didn’t mind showing them again and again~ Though it ate up like part of my energy for the performance cause I really repeated so many times! Hahaha!

 photo 11745554_10203377900888012_9092838750413052270_n_zpssj2qp6yi.jpg

2A group photo again~! 😀

 photo 20150711_191515_zps9ckdxcri.jpg

Before show!

 photo 20150711_202920_zpsfitwecki.jpg

After show!
Sweaty with faded ink on the nose x.x

Oh I had the ugly sling in front of me because we gotta carry the damn walkie-talkie to dance and it was way too heavy for the pants! Argh! Such a hindrance that I decided to heck care about it and focus on my performance for the following weeks! -.-”

Anyhow, the performance was still not as good as I had hoped~ There were still hiccups like big props coming into our way and etc. Our circle formation was still not circular enough and I am seriously on the verge of not knowing what to do anymore…Zzzzz.

With an auntie from my group! She was wearing a wig because she claimed that it makes the jacket hood stays on better~ I was so worried that her wig might drop halfway on the stage while she was running formations! xD
 photo IMG-20150712-WA0027_zpsuuti4mmq.jpg

 photo 11411607_927328457310557_4893739395558914616_o_zpscfcci5qf.jpg

Group 2 PEACE OUT!

 photo IMG-20150711-WA0012_zps1l8s5ov3.jpg

With NDPeeps!

 photo IMG-20150711-WA0011_zpsygh9dpkg.jpg

Missing of Mr Black because he was way too busy =/

 photo IMG-20150712-WA0000_zpsogafrkur.jpg

Busy clearing his queue system of various aunties! xD

 photo 11251267_10153558306712664_802114875356564791_n_zpsurmg0ivq.jpg

Lyn looks extra short here…LOL

 photo IMG-20150712-WA0013_zpsxlsb5lde.jpg

Finally our turn!!! 😛

 photo IMG-20150712-WA0014_zpsbmf1psyc.jpg

A rare but ugly selfie 😦

Ugly annual full-length shot too!!! –CRYYYYY!!!!
Because 时间紧迫 and everything had to be fast before the other aunties attack this Mr Popular x.x
 photo IMG-20150712-WA0016_zpsdxsloeqw.jpg

Even had to like literally snatch him from my group’s aunties to retake this selfie because the previous shot was not nice! You can imagine him being in the centre of our tug-O-war with me VS the aunties…LOL! Poor thing~ Sometimes it sucks to be too popular 😛
 photo IMG-20150712-WA0001_zpsta3pdd1h.jpg

 photo 20150711_202853_zpslx8ebki4.jpg

4 more shows!


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