Selamat Hari Raya!

Spent the Sunday nua-ing at home and finally watching the SuckSeed DVD that my colleague lent me, before heading out for cycling with buddy! It was quite a lazy Sunday and actually I didn’t plan on cycling for long; I just wanted to cycle to the library to return my overdue book because I was too lazy to walk there. HAHAHA.

But buddy came up with the impromptu decision to cycle over to find the Hougang boy since he is most likely to be at home leading his #宅男 #foreveralone life 😛 I thought of the bus route to MINDS and figured that it’s not that far away, so I agreed~

Who knows buddy took me on this Buangkok route that took us like forever to reach Hougang! Zzzzzz. I was already exhausted halfway through, let alone having to cycle all the way back again later -.-”

The worst part is, there is seriously nothing in Hougang except Shrine! No cafes, no decent durians, nothing attractive at all…yawnz~ So it was really all for this bro that I haven’t seen for a longgggggg time!

Finally tried the banana McFlurry cause that was the only ice-cream I could find! First mouthful was good, the rest was more of chocolate syrup than banana ice-cream =/
 photo 20150712_182332_zpszxdkbptl.jpg

Had dinner and watched some Taiwanese variety shows together before cycling our way back to AMK~ Took the 74 bus route this time but because I was already drained of energy on the way there, all the little slopes back totally killed me. Why did I agree to cycle to Hougang?!

 photo 20150713_205225_zpsufx9unui.jpg

Geylang Serai Hari Raya bazaar again! 😀

Because it was the last week before Hari Raya and I couldn’t let the bazaar end without having my nice tutu kueh again xDDD
 photo 20150713_203840_zpsbfa1p19p.jpg

Thank you for fulfilling my crazy wish despite getting all sweaty due to the crowd (super crowded!) and heat ❤ ❤ ❤ Bought 20 of them because I don’t know where I can find them again! I mean the same stall with generous fillings! 谢谢你陪我疯 😀
 photo 20150713_205713_zps7uurf6kk.jpg

Back to Padang on Tuesday, not for extra training but for sai kang~ Because we are the sai kang warriors!
 photo 20150714_195839_zps4yy2fccz.jpg

Pasting markings to aid us in our various groups’ formations because the ones we pasted the previous time were coming off 😦
 photo 20150714_203210_zpswehfe0pp.jpg

We were pretty short-handed since it was a last-minute thing, so thankfully I had Steven 老师 to help me pull the string for my line formation, if not I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own!
 photo 20150714_212629_zpsksfhimlu.jpg

Really can’t stand the sight of some people watching us do work like we are meant to be slaves. If it’s not for the better of my group, I wouldn’t have bothered helping with all these. Anyhow, the rare empty night views~
 photo 20150714_213110_zps4gk5b4co.jpg
 photo 20150714_214211_zps4ncapk1q.jpg
 photo 20150714_213159_zpswhdcvzub.jpg

 photo 20150714_222539_zpssn68pivp.jpg

My reward for the hard work? 😛

 photo 20150715_124212_zpsqwm73kyc.jpg

Surprise rainbow cake again!!! ((((((((:
My first chocolate rainbow cake and it was awesome!

The long-awaited Blooie’s date because I was craving for the Portobello mushroom burger again…hehe! A pity there were so much cock-ups while preparing our other dish…Zzzzz.

Guess we should just get TWO burgers the next time, although even the burger came with onion that we requested not to have -.- I think part of service is to fulfill your customers’ request as much as possible, no?

 photo 20150715_200455_zpsv3onhoom.jpg

The good part of the night (:

But of course, the best part of a night is still snuggling in the best place on earth while welcoming the long weekend! ❤ It can be a really comfortable bed, it can be somewhere with an awesome view, or it can also simply be in the arms of someone you love to some~

Hari Raya holiday was spent in Trick Eye Museum, like finally, but we spammed so many photos that I am still awaiting for the remaining 90% of them…hahaha! So I shall save that post for another day 😛

Rushed down to the mysterious condo where we were invited for housewarming, because this time round we were invited for a BBQ session!
 photo 20150717_182645_zpsfzhzvdoz.jpg

 photo IMG-20150718-WA0005_zps0vlqzq3j.jpg

NDPeeps + Tiffy’s boyfriend~

I was feeling quite hungry by the time I reached so I was busy eating while feeding those that were hard at work in front of the electronic pits! Haha! Super busy okay~ I am usually not in front of the pit because I am not a fan of BBQ actually, so usually I eat little or eat raw =X

But this time round I ate more than usual because the otah was too spicy for everyone while I love it, so I ended up being the one clearing it -.- Furthermore there was just way too much food!!! So full after that that I couldn’t wait to dip into the pool~ Felt soooo sticky and oily too….yuck!

Photos while I was away swimming with Tiffy and her boyfriend~ Finally tried the long and chio pool and it definitely helped us to digest a little after a good swim! 😀
 photo IMG-20150718-WA0004_zpsx2ecmnrz.jpg
 photo IMG-20150718-WA0002_zpsmuct3250.jpg

 photo 20150717_222647_zpsrrwfhd8o.jpg

Enjoying the homemade Tiramisu by Tiffy after that!

 photo IMG-20150718-WA0006_zps7m0ewllr.jpg

Why choose to take group photo of our cui face only AFTER the swim….Zzzzzz


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