Trick Eye Museum (Part 1)!

Still haven’t gotten hold of the 500 over photos that we took, so I shall post what I have first! (:

Finally used the tickets that I bought months ago!
 photo 20150717_1322270_zpsw8grqarb.jpg

It was said that the estimated waiting time is 90 minutes but I think we got in within like 20 minutes? The queue moved pretty fast actually, it’s more of having to wait for your turn to take photos with the stuff that you want and facing with annoying people cutting your queue.

Speaking of that, there is something about this whole “we should let the kids go first” mentality that I just cannot accept. It’s not a rule of the museum, but that somehow seems to be the thinking of some parents. I don’t quite get this because to me, if your kids can have so much energy to be running around, I don’t see why they can’t have the energy to queue up and wait for their turns.

It’s all about upbringing to me, just because your kid can’t wait, doesn’t mean that he/she gets to go first. This is not about queuing for toilet and bladder control. This is about waiting for something that you want. Patience is a virtue, and even for people who have no patience like me, I freaking know how to queue up, period.

Now, let’s move on to the photo of the day~! Got Lyn to wear the OMG shirt that we bought in JB because I was planning to wear my CHILL shirt so it’ll be like “OMG!” “Chill~~~” you know you know?

But who knows her first photo in the museum turned out to be with this replica of her, wearing the same-colour shirt, same pants, and even same sneakers!!! Indeed OMG!!! xD
 photo 20150717_133836_zpsytosmodu.jpg

Trying to show the OMG words on her shirt but I think the first shot’s expression looks more OMG…hahaha!
 photo 20150717_133942_zpsxfem41xl.jpg

Oh and let me officially introduce Tiffy’s official closet boyfriend that is finally out of the closet! As in the
secret boyfriend” closet, not any other closet ah~ He was our photographer for the day! Sweet sweet shot! (:
 photo 20150717_134738_zpst4dif5j7.jpg

 photo 20150717_135339_zpshhmwbweu.jpg


 photo 20150717_134430_zps58xe8vzf.jpg

Because he said, “May I?” 😛

 photo 20150717_134501_zpstq6favkt.jpg

Something about this looks funny but I can’t figure what xD

Look me some effort to get onto this giant baby so I must take a few more shots!
 photo 20150717_135530_zpsvqzqchjj.jpg

 photo 20150717_135602_zpsndo8a2tb.jpg

Baby riding!

 photo 20150717_135542_zpsh4ov1pj6.jpg

Tare Panda~

 photo 20150717_140110_zpsauggjnzh.jpg

OMG she did it!

 photo 20150717_140200_zpsr6ddwem1.jpg

Picnic by the sea ❤

 photo 20150717_1404270_zps3fvgkzjz.jpg

Back in Paris! 😀

 photo 20150717_140411_zpss4mhosnf.jpg

Okay..I am really bad in posing =X

 photo 20150717_140613_zpsk9koz7q5.jpg

LOL at Tiffy’s face!

My failed Sadako version because there were too many people around and I was damn paiseh, so didn’t adjust my hair properly! Hahahahaha!
 photo 20150717_140755_zpsyhr2pxbc.jpg

 photo 20150717_140905_zpsismyyo4f.jpg

See no evil!
My original idea~

 photo 20150717_140922_zpsjufgienc.jpg

Touch no evil too? =O
The girls’ modified idea~

 photo 20150717_141741_zps4pkqsjec.jpg

Dolphin & Bee Show!

 photo 20150717_143102_zpsgzrmolrw.jpg

The zhao geng ballerina O.O

 photo 20150717_143431_zpsqa6qwgdl.jpg

The not-that-innocent girl’s idea xD

 photo 20150717_143529_zpsa8m8jxv2.jpg

The most graceful that I can be liao~

 photo 20150717_143601_zpsuzuksxvp.jpg

The “cartoon” version xD

 photo 20150717_151428_zpsqkykbjl6.jpg

Buying matchsticks from the 卖火柴的小女孩

 photo 20150717_150437_zpsc5ach9sp.jpg

Literally 发花痴

 photo 20150717_150501_zpsnwij63o9.jpg

Every girl’s weakness ((((:

 photo 20150717_143911_zpsxt800z4w.jpg

Keep calm and balance xD

 photo 20150717_153113_zpsfxya1uqu.jpg

With Big Bad Wolf! 😛

Overall I think it’s a nice cam-whore place so you need to like taking photos then you will enjoy the place~ They are other cooler stuff in there that I do not have photos of yet, but I think we had quite some fun thinking of nonsensical ideas for the shots! 😀


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