Memorable NE2 2015!

Was down with a bad cough but still trying to keep my energy level up high especially when it’s an important week! And a memorable one too (:

Was looking forward to the fish bee hoon that I haven’t had for a really long time but sadly, the stall was not opened yet! –CRY!!!– Super sad and had to make do with nasi lemak instead despite of the cough x.x
 photo 20150718_094009_zpssegptjhk.jpg

Dessert with le bear after the not-so-satisfying breakfast!!! 😀
 photo 20150718_105012_zpsyzuqhrgr.jpg

 photo 20150718_103336_zpsaw2irrkp.jpg

Brownie with ice-cream!

First piggyback in the middle of Grandstand mall, ignoring the eyes of the public for once ((((((:
Off for NDP and we had a hardcore practice under the super hot sun! Despite the new uneven tan lines (Zzzzzz) and sunburns on many, I think it was all worthwhile and we really need such training every week!

Was really touched when one of my group’s participants suddenly passed me a bottle of brand-new Chrysanthemum tea after knowing that I am not feeling well! I usually try not to 辜负 people’s 好意 so I accepted it in shock initially, despite already having a weekly bottle from Lyn (I am so well taken care of by everyone! ❤)… But after realising that she actually bought it for herself because of the hot weather and she’s giving it to me because I needed it more, I told her to keep it for herself because it was really hot and I don’t want my members to fall sick too!!! Really touched by her sweetness nevertheless ((:

And right after the sweaty formation practice, we headed into the auditorium to brush up dance steps – something which we need too! But because all the trainers were out training with the core group, Pris and I had to take on the stage to do the dance demo because there was no one else >.<

But I’ve said before that I only like to teach something when I am confident of it, so at least by now I know all the steps by heart and can confidently demo without being afraid of teaching the wrong things~ All I wanted was really for the better of the night!

After everyone’s drained of energy, we finally moved off to Suntec where we recharged and got ready for the night! It was an important night as I have mentioned because it’s the week we have all invited our friends/family to watch our 十年功!

After inviting so many friends for the past few years, this year is extra special for me because I finally get to invite these people whom I have been hoping to come watch me perform some day – family! Well, not the entire family, but good enough with my dearest Sis and family, especially my dearest dearest dearest loveboy!!! ❤

 photo IMG-20150718-WA0022_zpswnwez7mw.jpg

Uber chubby and cute shot sent by Sis! 😀

I mean for the past few years, Isaac was still a baby and all so it was quite impossible for Sis to come~ But finally the boy has grown up now and is able to enjoy the show so I really wanted them to come! Really thankful for the pair of extra tickets that made this possible! Thank you for always giving in your share to me to fulfill my wishes ❤❤❤

Had one extra ticket left since Sis + Vic + Isaac only makes up 3 persons so I didn’t know who to give to… But I do know a hardcore NDP fan who really wanna watch this year’s show, so I tried my luck and asked if she’s okay to go alone and she did! Hahaha! Thank you for coming, Miss 乌拉 😀
 photo IMG-20150718-WA0023_zpsjszauhbv.jpg

Despite bringing my selfie stick every week, I haven’t got the chance to use it at all because every week is so busy! Could only depend on people who came up to me for photos so I can have some pictures to share as well! Hehe.


With the only guy from my group (excluding Eric)!


With Carlo!

Carlo and I used to be closer, especially during that 2012 year, when I addressed him as my Eurasian prince~ But in the recent 1-2 years, I could feel that he had not been as friendly to me, probably because of someone’s backstabbing or just some misunderstandings.

I didn’t bother asking or refute, neither did I get as shallow as saying things back about the person behind his/her back because that’s the last thing I want – to get involve in all these meaningless stabbings over jealousy or fame or whatsoever. What matters more is I am being myself and I continue to do so. I don’t degrade myself just because of one person; I don’t see the need to defend senseless rumours as well.

I have real and true friends who care for me and that’s what more important, so I really didn’t bother at all about all these insignificant people (not referring to Carlo, but the ones guilty of saying things behind one’s back). Neither do I see the need to be affected. But I was really glad when Carlo came to me and asked me for a photo, I guess as long as you stay real, people can judge for themselves eventually (:

Anyhow, off to Padang to get ready for my performance and guess who I caught watching the army tanks driving past! Hehe! I was so afraid that I wouldn’t get to take a picture with him after the show (in case he throws a tantrum halfway), but luckily I managed to see him before the show when Sis brought him to the washroom! Grabbed the opportunity to snap a photo with him first! Thank goodness he was smiley~!
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0003_zps4fd82lzs.jpg

He couldn’t recognise me initially, or maybe he was scared off by my face paint (who wouldn’t! With such ugly face paint -.-), but after a while he was all cheeky again! Hehe! With my dearest family members! ❤

 photo IMG-20150719-WA0002_zpspzvl4w15.jpg

Naughty boy purposely pouting away as usual~

The show went pretty well and in my humble opinion, it’s a vast improvement from the past weeks, all thanks to the hardcore training in the afternoon! After our last formation, I was thinking in my mind that I think we did quite well this week and then it was all confirmed when 老师 gave a thumbs-up to everyone! 😀

Our hard work finally paid off! But of course there are still rooms for improvement and this is still not the ‘perfect standard‘ that I have been hoping for since the first year I joined PA~ I don’t know if we can ever achieve that, because like what 老师 said, we don’t have young students with plenty of energy, neither do we have cute little kids to tug on the audience’s heartstrings, but I still hope that some day, we will get there (:

Anyway, like every other year, we would be busy looking for our friends or family whom we have invited this week to take photos with us. This year is no different, except that I have an extra responsibility now, which is to take care of my group~ So I was stuck between going, which is in a way breaking the “rule“, or staying to fulfill my duty.

We couldn’t go far anyway, but thankfully Sis and Siew Eng managed to come over to the centre instead, so I managed to take a picture with them! 😀 But even that, I was stuck between role VS friendship, because Lyn’s sis was still stuck somewhere and I couldn’t leave her in the lurch without helping her take photos~ It’s kinda our annual tradition to help each other do so.

In the end, she didn’t manage to take any (because her sis was still stuck) and I was also “reprimanded” in a way for not setting a good example. Oh well~ When it comes to friendship (义气), it really becomes a tough choice. But like what Step Up Revolution taught us – “Sometimes, it’s good to break the rules.” 😛

With the cheeky monster! Just look at the cheeky face and you can imagine him going around poking his balloon sword at random strangers -_-|||
 photo IMG-20150718-WA0026_zpszlbozo3a.jpg

With Siew Siew as well! 😀 Really thankful for her hardcore support in agreeing to come alone!!! Thank you for all the Bangkok gifts as well! ❤
 photo IMG-20150718-WA0027_zpsypx1okkm.jpg

So thankful that they stayed till the end since 4pm despite of the hot sun and sweat! It took me some effort to make this come true and despite the initial hiccups and disappointment, I am glad that they managed to come eventually 😀
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0000_zpshwjyjt3o.jpg

A rare shot of the naughty one smiling so sweetly! Thank you for the wonderful memories! ((((:
 photo IMG-20150719-WA0008_zpsxflj3awi.jpg


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