Spicy Breakfast!

 photo 20150724_095625_zpsvuw732j3.jpg

A brand new week after the long weekend! 落叶归根~

It’s been a noisy week in office because it’s the period whereby we have directors and APs in again! Gonna miss these noises once again soon and all the laughter they brought me (:

That’s my cute AP trying to describe to us how badly X and Y kissed in a scene with my Brown and Cony…hahahahaha!!!!
 photo 20150722_181153_zps5qgxoerr.jpg
 photo 20150722_181159_zps73bjwntk.jpg

Caught Ant-Man with the recommendation of fellow colleagues and I quite like it! I mean I didn’t really know who is Ant-Man but after watching it, I think it has pretty cool power of making himself become mini like ant, and that ants are rather cool! xD

 photo  20150722_134857_zps9e41is5w.jpg

Long-missed yam duck rice!

Swiss roll-craze day! Because coincidentally, both my AP and my director went to buy the Swiss rolls (without knowing that each other has bought) after this funny director kept hinting them to do so the previous day! Hahaha!
 photo 20150722_153452_zps0brcnvcf.jpg

You may have seen him on TV before yearsssss ago but yes, he’s one of the directors now and it’s our first time working with him. Gonna miss all his epic expressive descriptions and maybe his 毒舌 as well…hahaha! Seriously made us laugh till our stomachs cramped! xD

He even posed to my camera after knowing that I was secretly snapping him and then he asked, “这样笑我的脸有没有小一点?” HAHAHAHA!
 photo 20150722_153419_zpspelgbe0b.jpg

 photo IMG-20150722-WA0003_zps4ufhutyl.jpg

Swiss rolls party in the pantry~!!! 😀

 photo 20150722_203740_zps02th61s0.jpg

Exploring Changi Village! (:

 photo IMG_20150727_110908_zpsfkurbef3.jpg

Strawberry waffle with ice-screammmmmmm!!! ❤

 photo 20150723_114354_zpsv5dqrkvo.jpg

Ally’s OCD

 photo IMG-20150723-WA0012_zpswbh62whk.jpg

Breakfast for my AP and dear colleague!!! xD

Because both of them actually ate it the wrong way – they cooked it the soup way! FAINT!!! So they were like kinda happy to find out that each other was equally dumb…LOL.

Breakfast prepared by yours truly! 😛
 photo IMG-20150724-WA0004_zps3htdixev.jpg
 photo IMG-20150724-WA0006_zpsx4loa9ah.jpg
 photo IMG-20150724-WA0007_zpsg3n6rrgg.jpg

And then the challenge started~ They liked the noodle, but the spiciness started to kick in…
 photo 20150724_103244_zpsfjih3umm.jpg
 photo 20150724_103247_zps4onnxhaz.jpg

As a result, my cute AP started tearing! Hahahahaha! But she still loves it!
 photo 20150724_103159_zps1n1fmzyh.jpg

The egoistic colleague claimed that it’s not thatttt spicy, yet he wanted the milk that he specially prepared for this challenge, but we confiscated…LOL.
 photo 20150724_103219_zpsgfmmsomt.jpg

And as a result, Mr Sexy Lips + Miss Teary Eyes! xDDD
 photo IMG_20150724_104250_zpsd594ii85.jpg

Finally went all the way to get my Mao Shan Wang durian macarons and I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on them because I had been looking for durian macarons for the longest time!!!
 photo 20150724_162247_zps0biwlxkj.jpg

I didn’t know that Joy’s Baking has been selling it for the past 2-3 years until I saw it on Facebook recently~ YUMS!
 photo 20150724_162334_zpsamdrsa8j.jpg

The husband and wife shop owners were really friendly and helpful by the way! They even tried to help me Google for buses and shortest routes back to my office after knowing that it’s quite a walking distance away! Luckily I managed to find my way back (:

 photo 20150724_162413_zpsg6scgtmr.jpg

Looking yummy already! It’s a bit on the sweeter side though~

 photo 20150724_162402_zps9zgf4uif.jpg

Even Elvin wants it! xDDDD

Friday night was a reunion night for Trinity because I haven’t seen this idiot for the longest time!
 photo 20150724_214640_zpsku5yq7ud.jpg

A short K-session before Gui left for his gambling session while buddy and I came up with the impromptu decision to eat durian, since the famous Balestier stall is just nearby! Thank you buddy for the Mao Shan Wang treat! 😀
 photo IMG_20150726_221150_zpskrhg7vfl.jpg


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