NE3 2015 & Queen’s 26th!

The Saturday started a little differently and with a little more calories this week with the addition of a breakfast before the usual lunch! 😛 Then it was window-shopping at IKEA to let the yummy carrot cake digest a little before a yummy lunch! Hehe!

 photo 20150725_113933_zpszb1yns3r.jpg

In a cheesy mood again! (:

Off for NDP and this week, we didn’t practise as hard, probably for fear of participants’ complaints, time constraints and etc. We merely touched up on the last formation, did the finale changes, and that’s it. We didn’t even run through the whole performance once!

I just feel that practice makes perfect and it was evident in our last week‘s performance that all this is worthwhile! So I think there’s no way we should forgo such an important full-run. Once again, people who signed up for this should be prepared for this, period.

Got caught by Miss Full-Of-Props to pose for a photo in her shades when I was going to change =/


Errrr…I think I look better without? xD

Off to Suntec and there were so many last minute shit to handle that I hardly have time to have a bite! All the props distribution could have and should have done so way in advance before we moved off to Suntec but yet we had to do it so last minute!

Firstly, participants are everywhere by now, some in toilets, some taking photos here and there and it’s just difficult to get everyone to gather! Not like they have walkie-talkies??? Secondly, how the hell do we find all the tree trunk people when they are not even in their formation at this moment?! It’s not like we have photographic memory and we recognise who’s in the tree trunk and who makes up the branch. Lastly, even if we asked, I think it’s a well-known fact that they are just these handful of participants who cannot understand your question/instruction? Like they would raise their hands and then tell you, “I am the tree branch” when you have clearly and repeatedly asked for only the tree trunk to raise!!! That is the main reason why I think there are many things that should be done in a constraint area when we have everyone around and we can also give clearer instructions -.-”

Anyhow, not many pictures taken this week partly due to the busy bee flying around~ Only managed to take one before the show when I automatically went to press the camera mode on Kelly’s phone and demanded requested for a selfie! Hahaha!
 photo IMG-20150726-WA0005_zpsaselsyr8.jpg

As expected, the performance wasn’t as good as last week because we didn’t even run through in the afternoon. Knowing some of the participants, there are bound to be blur kings and queens roaming around like lost cats~ Meow.

Only managed to take 2 photos after the show too! D:
 photo IMG-20150726-WA0004_zpstw2sk2jj.jpg
 photo IMG-20150726-WA0000_zpsr9ddqcxa.jpg

And then one more back at Suntec when Ah Lyn finally managed to take a photo with her Ma, (biological) Kor & Jie! Haha!
 photo 11754447_10153463374846774_3783215622208333651_o_zps9lrui5c6.jpg

Supposed to be my virgin trip to Hard Rock this week but we didn’t manage to get a reservation so it was off to WineBos instead! Well, where ever that satisfies my alcohol crave 😛
 photo 20150725_224608_zpsnlcyz9tl.jpg

 photo 20150725_222546_zps6lg139mw.jpg

Sweetest and nicest red wine ever! Love it!

 photo 20150725_224630_zpsunbwvsno.jpg

Four cheese pizza! YUMS!!!

 photo 20150725_223637_zpsytiwzpfi.jpg

And 4 ambassadors of Converse xD
Still can’t believe they custom-made these pink Converse shoes for us this year!

June joined us after her durian feast because she’s leaving for Aussie again and I didn’t have time to meet her up before she leaves~ Okay, I admit that this was more of a drunk/high moment instead of a touching one…hahaha! I don’t think I have drunk a lot (only 2 bottles???) but somehow I was getting a bit high and also sleepy at the same time *_* How ironic.
 photo IMG-20150726-WA0006_zpsvjayhnxx.jpg

Was even down with a bad hangover the next day that I spent half the day rolling in bed and then rolling around the living room because I was supposed to be watching TV, but my head hurt so badly that all I wanted to do was to sleep the whole day off…hahaha!

Finally dragged myself out in the evening for Queen’s birthday! And finally tried Supply & Demand as well~ I think they have pretty good food there! Love the Morning After pizza, which we gobbled up, hence no photo x.x

 photo 20150726_190437_zpsstbq1mku.jpg

My sea bass!

Had a good time bonding with le Clique when the guys decided to try Roomraider, which is like the escape room game that I played with Kai Bin and gang! It’s all their first time playing except for TCC and me…haha!

Initially, TCC was still afraid that too many cooks will spoil the broth or that we would end up quarreling due to different opinions and all. But I think we ended up working quite well together and I also managed to solve a number of clues! 😀

The theme we chose was Prison Break and it was pretty fun! First we were split into 2 groups and we had to help each other get out of the locked rooms~ After which we would solve different clues together before we could free ourselves from the “cell“.

The clues are not that difficult in my opinion, even though we were only left with like 2 or 3 minutes by the time we escaped. The 45 minutes passed pretty fast somehow but still, we successfully accomplished our mission this time round, which I didn’t the previous time! Hehe!
 photo IMG-20150727-WA0000_zpstb2t77rd.jpg
 photo IMG-20150727-WA0002_zpsxcgk8txf.jpg

 photo IMG-20150727-WA0003_zpsneswxcwa.jpg

The guys just hate us -_-“

And because we have like 5 out of 7 of them on leave/afternoon shift  on the next day, the guys decided to go for a drinking session and we ended up in this uncle bar~ I was still “traumatised” by the hangover earlier in the day so I wasn’t in a drinking mood. How rare, I know…hahaha!

 photo 20150726_234201_zpse0gdmusv.jpg

Another one whom I had not seen for a long time~
Busy repairing MRT 😛


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