Om Nom NOm NOM~

The rare solo lunch day whereby I used it for shopping! And llao llao 😛 But it’s quite a mess to be holding that while you shop at the same time~ Nevertheless, it’s still the most convenient and yet filling lunch I can find! Haha!
 photo 20150727_132038_zps5ili8bl0.jpg

 photo 20150727_195739_zpsigryef3u.jpg

Happy Monday @ NOM 😀

 photo 20150727_195757_zpsyde8egwf.jpg

Yummy pasta!

 photo 20150727_195659_zpsevn2ak5r.jpg

Juicy Portobello mushroom!

Was contemplating between getting the back the same chocolate rainbow cake (which I love!!!) or trying the salted caramel one this time and I chose the latter in the end! Still nice but I think I’m also more of a chocolate person…hehe!
 photo 20150727_1954170_zpszefhkvgn.jpg

 photo 20150727_195317_zpshw71k1fj.jpg

Nevertheless, it always brings me rainbow (((((:

 photo 20150727_202300_zpsobbcxnbs.jpg

And rainbow macaron!!! 😀

 photo 20150727_223147_zpszb5y0wea.jpg

Ending with red prawn durian!
Thank you! ❤

 photo 20150728_141134_zps0ffszee0.jpg

Super hungry = Super sinful lunch!

 photo 20150728_141121_zpsr7fbeats.jpg

OMGGGGG~ Did I really eat this???

Still feeling full from lunch but I couldn’t resist finally trying out someone’s highly-raved O’bean! Indeed a happy week checking out new places 😀 Super full but super worth the bloated-ness because the soya kway chup is so unique and tasty!!!
 photo 20150728_195051_zpsi4ntnwuq.jpg

 photo 20150728_1950010_zpscccjk8fp.jpg

This ramen looks as sinful as my curry 😛

 photo 20150728_201746_zpshd1zusqc.jpg

The Tiramisu that caused my insomnia x.x
Super reactive to caffeine!

 photo 20150729_145140_zps2bj07zic.jpg

Bought my favourite ice-cream mochi to share with colleagues! Hehe!

 photo 20150729_145159_zpsdq3ek5kh.jpg

They look so cute inside~~~

Was given a choice to go to the west for long-craved fish bee hoon or to the east for shopping at the airport and the greedy me chose both! 😛 Who knows I was really granted that so it was journey from west to east! *blessed!* ❤

 photo 20150729_194815_zpss0luvkdp.jpg

Craving finally satisfied! Super super satisfied!!! (((:

 photo 20150730_140354_zps1jr0ttxh.jpg

Sinful lunch treat from EP~
My virgin try on scissors-cut curry rice!

 photo IMG_20150731_110059_zpsdhxac1xh.jpg

Atas chips from le AP!

 photo IMG_20150731_110246_zpswrrggiz9.jpg

So much loveeee! 😀
Miss all their noises already!

 photo 20150731_133609_zpss0ypcayq.jpg

Yummy “香椿” pasta for lunch!

Friday night was spent with le volunteers and we ended up in No.5~ Luckily we still managed to get a table because everywhere was so crowded! Hadn’t seen everyone for such a long time so had a good time catching up (:

Tried something new this time – Mango Martini and it’s niceeeeeee!
 photo 20150731_202605_zpswovoz0do.jpg

 photo IMG-20150731-WA0003_zpsw5jmjc8e.jpg


 photo 20150731_213810_zpsapqwk9ph.jpg

Tried another new drink – Midori Martini~
Way too bitter and strong for my liking!!! Haha!

 photo IMG-20150801-WA0004_zps1gnkw5es.jpg

Ending off with wefies! 😀

 photo IMG-20150801-WA0006_zps3g0ebnyu.jpg

Hope 大家一切顺顺利利~!

 photo IMG-20150801-WA0003_zpstxn2i0mm.jpg


 photo 20150801_091036_zpsw4j0ghsl.jpg

Aftermath in bag -.- As usual!


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